Don't forgive those who hurt you easily.
Don't forgive those who hurt you easily.
Forgive, there can be no bottom line!


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there is a saying like this: "you can apologize to me, but I can also choose not to forgive."

indeed, not all mistakes in this world can be forgiven.

not every "I'm sorry" can be changed back to "it doesn't matter".

you know, once some injuries are caused, it is too late to remedy them.

not all pain can be relieved

Mr. Lu Xun said:

"damage the teeth of others, but oppose revenge, and those who advocate tolerance should never get close to him."

it is sad to think that there is no real empathy in this world.

if you don't stick a needle into your body, you'll never know how uncomfortable it is.

the injury doesn't hurt my heart, and I never know how painful it is.

crosstalk master Guo Degang had such an experience.

but some disciples betrayed Guo Degang and left Deyun Society when it was difficult.

later, in an interview, when the host mentioned the matter and asked him if he had let it go, Guo Degang replied:

"this thing is with people for a lifetime. If you can't even remember this, you will live a miserable life. "

he added: "I can never forgive those who have hurt me."

some injuries are always deep pain in my heart, no matter how long time goes by, I can't let it go.

is like a nail nailed on a wall. If it is not pulled out, it will remain intact.

it's like dropping a drop of ink on a stack of white paper, which can't be solved by opening a piece of paper.

is like a mark on the body, not an understatement of "I'm sorry" will disappear.

time is easy to pass, but the harm is hard to forget. Hurt is hurt, and it never goes away.

easy forgiveness will only lead to boundless harm

some people say that forgiveness without a bottom line is the greatest evil.

if you think about it, it is true.

forgiving too easily is actually conniving at the wicked.

will eventually give himself more unscrupulous harm.

do you remember the heinous case of nanny arson?

the originally happy family had a kind and gentle wife, a successful husband and lively and lovely children, but the happy family was destroyed by a babysitter.

the babysitter made up lies to borrow money from the hostess on the grounds of buying a house. Not only that, she also stole valuables from her master's house and pawned them.

when she was found stealing for the first time, the hostess forgave her softly, not only did she not report to the police to dismiss her, but continued to use her.

but the babysitter did not repent and even intensified her efforts to steal more valuable belongings.

the host's repeated forgiveness failed to make the babysitter feel guilty.

on one occasion, she even set fire to her master's house, creating the illusion of a fire, hoping to make up for her merits and mistakes by putting out the fire and get another forgiveness.

however, it was such a farce that the three children and their mother were buried in a sea of fire, a good home, and the family was destroyed overnight.

so forgive, you can't have no bottom line!

Don't forget that to forgive others easily is to hurt yourself.

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No matter how much others have done to you, you can easily forgive. Who else will take you seriously?

most of the time, your repeated tolerance will only make them take you for granted and hurt you even more.

Don't forgive those who hurt you easily

in life, it is inevitable to hear words like this:

"you have to be grateful to those who have hurt you. They have made you strong and made you who you are today."

however, hurt is hurt, and the person who hurts you is full of malice.

how can someone who is really nice to you hurt you?

Why should you be grateful and forgive those who hurt you cruelly?

I have seen such a scene in TV series, and I am so impressed so far.

the mistress is a middle-aged woman who lost her husband, living alone with her son.

but in an accident, his son was killed by the wrong hand, and from then on, her life was drowsy and painful every day.

so she began to pray every day that she could forget the pain of losing her son.

friends also often persuade her to live to be open, learn to forgive, and not to indulge in pain.

but when she went to the prison to visit the man who killed her son, she heard him say to her guiltily, "I'm sorry."

the woman looked at his face and thought of her son, unable to say anything about forgiveness.

she said firmly: "Sorry, I will never forgive you in my life!"

Yes, to hurt is to hurt. Why should I forgive you if you apologize?

YesSome people, some hurt, simply do not deserve to be forgiven.

as the saying goes, "if an apology works, what do you need the police for?"

sometimes, no retaliation is the greatest tolerance.

likes a paragraph very much:

"Don't forgive those who hurt you easily. Because it is never the hurt that makes you grow, but your reflection and strength. "

so, in the face of past pain, there is no need to force yourself to let it go.

in the face of other people's apologies, there is no need to pretend to be magnanimous and choose to forgive.

not all mistakes can be remedied, and not all injuries deserve to be forgiven.

if you can't let it go without distractions, forget it. after all, the hurt won't go away because of your forgiveness.

all we can do is to always be kind and not to hurt others.



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