Don't hurt someone who is nice to you!
Don't hurt someone who is nice to you!
Cherish those who treat each other sincerely!

the writer said:

"in this world, if you meet one person who is really nice to you, there will be one less."


the fate of a person in this life is fleeting.

or the fleeting time of meeting each other, or the dependence of life and death after mutual affection.

there is no natural relationship between people, and there is no natural relationship.

only when you are as affectionate as the sea, will you promise each other affectionately; only when you really wait, will you give everything you have.

Don't easily hurt a person who is kind to you. You won't meet many of them in a lifetime.

even if this encounter will go through several twists and turns, it will always pass by gritting its teeth.

it is a rare blessing for someone to be kind to you. If you meet, cherish it!

No one should be nice to you

I have heard such a story.

A beggar crouched by the bridge and begged. A gentleman passed by and gave him 10 yuan. The beggar was very grateful for this.

to make the beggar even happier, the gentleman gave him 10 yuan every day when he passed by.

this has been going on for more than a year.

but one day, when the gentleman passed by, he only gave the beggar 5 yuan.

the beggar was puzzled, so he asked the gentleman why he had only 5 yuan today.

the gentleman said:

"my wife recently gave birth to a child and the family is under a heavy burden. We should try our best to reduce some expenses and consider the future of the child.


A gentleman thinks his explanation can be exchanged for the understanding of beggars.

unexpectedly, after hearing this, the beggar was furious and questioned the gentleman:

"you eat and dress so well every day, why did you cut back the 10 yuan you gave me? can't you save it somewhere else?"


the gentleman's accusation of the beggar is incomprehensible.

originally 10 yuan and 5 yuan were the kindness and kindness of gentlemen, and they didn't ask for anything in return, but they were taken for granted by beggars.

and the beggar forgot that the gentleman had no obligation to give him money from beginning to end.

as the old saying goes: it is the duty to help others, but it is the duty not to help.

I give you something, you take it, if I don't give it, you can't rob it.

We are all independent individuals, and no one has an obligation to be kind to you.

We have received a lot of love and tolerance since we were born.

the intention and care of parents, the companionship and support of partners, the friendship and help of friends.

but similarly, we are also facing more blows and injuries.

when you first enter the workplace, the unfamiliar way of communication and continuous work mistakes make you suffer from the cold shoulder of your colleagues and criticism from your boss again and again.

in order to start a business for the first time, I have to resist all kinds of unrecognized voices, family complaints, employee mistrust, and even the humiliation of strangers in order to kowtow to my dream, regardless of day and night.

not everyone should be nice to you. On the contrary, very few people take good care of you.

so you can't stick to yourself and dictate.

look back on the truth and learn to think of others in order to reap the kindness of others to you.

people in this life, stumble, to the end, always have to go through a thousand sails, survive the vicissitudes of life.

in these long years, someone has helped you, remember to be grateful, there is no one to help you, and do not complain.

after all, you live your own life, and there is no reason to criticize others for doing nothing to you. Only when you are strong can you not be trampled on.

if you are disappointed enough, you will leave

there is a topic on Zhihu: how to let go of a person completely?

one of the highly praised responses is: save enough disappointment and you will never look back.

I think so.

there is no one in this world who can't leave each other, but he doesn't hurt deeply enough, and you don't save enough disappointment.

one day, when you break through the south wall, you will be crowded with disappointment, and you will never look back.

the world will always regret when it comes to the unparalleled love between Zhang ailing and Hu Lan.

but who knows that this incomplete love is the disappointment and heartbreak of Zhang ailing so many times that she decided not to look back.

when love is strong, Zhang ailing and Hu Lancheng agree to be soul mates for life.

I thought that after this, the years would be quiet and the world would be stable.

at this time, Zhang ailing knew nothing about it.

later, Hu Lancheng returned to Zhang ailing and told her about it. Zhang ailing is very sad, but it is difficult to give up, because she is still hopelessly in love with Hu Lancheng and can only choose to forgive silently.

but the good times didn't last long. Not long after Hu Lancheng left Zhang ailing, he fell in love with Fan Hsiu-mei again. The two were called husband and wife, which was recognized as husband and wife in the eyes of their neighbors.

after Zhang ailing knew, she was discouraged, believed countless times, and was only full of disappointment. Finally, she hopelessly chose to leave.

later, Hu Lancheng received a breakup letter from Zhang ailing:

"I don't like you anymore, you don't like me anymore. I thought about this decision for a long time after a year and a half. At that time, I only thought about it for the sake of luck and did not want to add to your difficulties. Don't come to me, even if you write to me, I won't read it. "

this entangled love also came to an end after this letter.

just as the leaves don't turn yellow in one day, the story doesn't end at the beginning, and the heart doesn't get cold all at once.

but much more disappointed, the joy at the bottom of my heart slowly withered; more betrayed, the trust in you is exhausted.

just like in the movie forgive him 77 times, the heroine loves the male master deeply, but is hurt again and again.

she broke her heart 77 times, forgave 77 times, but did not get the man's sincere treatment, and finally resolutely turned away.

people are fragile, and feelings need to be rewarded.

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the one who treats you can't stand the hurt again and again, and the one who accompanies you will leave eventually.

Don't wait to leave, to catch; don't wait to lose, to cherish.

Life is long, only cherish, can live up to expectations, live up to the years.

he who is good to you is a gift from heaven

two days ago, I was moved by a group of 87-year-old daughters combing their 108-year-old mother's hair.

because the 108-year-old mother's hair is often scattered, the 87-year-old daughter combs her mother's hair several times a day.

and at this time, the mother would let her daughter comb her hair like a child.

this comb in a bundle, are all warm and beautiful, people do not envy.

after seeing this, netizens said one after another: the happiest thing is to have such a person to treat you for the rest of your life.

Life is in a hurry.

in this life, I have met a lot of people, but there are only a handful of people who are really good to you.

whether it is parents, children, partners or friends, those who can accompany you and treat each other sincerely is a gift from God and should be cherished.

it is a pity that there are too many things in life that are taken for granted, consumed sincerely, too many do not know how to cherish, and miss the years to be quiet.

as the saying goes, people often do not cherish three kinds of people, one is easy to get, one will never leave, and the other is the one who has always been good to you.

and these three kinds of people are the closest to you, the ones who love you the most, and those who stay with you the longest.

is also what you should cherish most.

if you miss a bus, you can wait for the next one, but you can't wait for the next one if you miss one.

it is luck that someone is kind to you, and it must be a blessing for someone to treat you all the time.

people who are good to you will quietly give you a hand when you are desperate, saying to you that "brothers share difficulties and blessings" without asking for anything in return.

people who are nice to you will give you a warm hug when you are sad, accompany you to go shopping, travel to relax, hike rock climbing, and do everything possible to make you happy.

people who are good to you will prepare a bowl of hot nutritious porridge for you when you are tired, prepare bowls and chopsticks for you, wash your clothes, let you be surrounded by warmth, and realize that someone at home will always be waiting for you to come back.

those who are kind to you must come with kindness to accompany you with warmth. Even if you don't care, please don't hurt at will, because TA never owes you.

Haruki Murakami said:

"you should remember the people who hold umbrellas for you in the heavy rain, those who help you block foreign things, people who hold you silently in the dark, people who make you laugh, people who chat with you all night, people who come to see you by car, people who have cried with you, people who accompany you in the hospital, people who always put you first."

these people, bring you a beam of light, illuminate your life, so that your life is no longer gray, from cloudy to sunny.

all the bitterness of life will pass with time, and those who are kind to you will come to you.

and all you have to do is to seize this hard-won fate and cherish those who treat each other sincerely!

encourage each other!


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