Don't love too much, don't stay up too late, don't think too much.
Don't love too much, don't stay up too late, don't think too much.
The rest of your life is long. May you fall in love with the years.

sow Lin Jinglang

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recently, a friend often complained to me: "Life and work are so tired. I don't know how to go on."

I didn't answer.

because I know that, in fact, everyone has already had the answer in their hearts, but they just don't have the courage to take that step.

nine times out of ten things in life are unsatisfactory, and the more you are at a loss, the more suffering you will suffer.

many things need to be tempered over time before we can get the answer.

and all we can do is to take every step of the present and live every day of the present.

Don't love too much for the rest of your life, don't stay up too late, and don't think too much. Time will give you the best answer.

Don't be too full of love, be kind to yourself

I have heard such a saying: "Don't love others more than yourself."

because in a relationship, the more you give, the more likely you are to get hurt.

but there are so many girls who are so devoted to love that they lose themselves and can't extricate themselves.

after she married her husband Guo Xiaodong, actress Cheng Lisa arranged all the time in her life around her husband.

every time her husband comes back from a trip, she will pick him up at the airport herself. Every time her husband comes home from filming, she will wait at home.

her husband does not allow her to wear short skirts, so she wears long skirts that mop the floor all day; she takes more than 100 injections regardless of her body when she wants to have a second child.

but later, in my wife's Romantic Journey, she told Xie Na, who had just had a baby, not to give up her career.

because Cheng Lisa has never acted again since she got married, and now, of course, no one will ask her to do a movie.

Cheng Lisa, who finished this sentence, looked lost and remorseful.

because she knew that she had lost herself in this time when she loved her husband with all her heart.

when the moon is full, it loses; when the water is full, it overflows. There are many things in life that go too far.

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if you just give blindly, in the end, you will not only lose yourself, but also difficult to get the respect of others.

at the beginning of his career, actor Tang Aster did not hesitate to give up everything and marry Cao Yunjin.

but not long after happiness, the two broke the news of divorce.

Cao Yunjin responded on his side: "since they got married, the man has been supporting the family, while the woman has no income."

because I marry you, I give up my job, because I love you, I have children for you, but in the end you say that I am not self-motivated and rely on you to support me.

Tang Aster was so enthusiastic that he was watered down at last.

later, she sent a long message:

"it is my personal wish to give up my career and devote myself to my family after marriage, and I have no regrets. But I found that blindly giving can not necessarily be exchanged for understanding, and excited love can not always be kept fresh. "

many people try their best to love others and look forward to their response.

but you love others so hard that you forget that you also need to be loved.

Bi Shumin said in "May you have a warm embrace with the world": "it is better to love yourself than to wait for others to love you."

to love others too much is to hurt yourself irresponsibly.

in a relationship, the most comfortable way to get along should be to love each other seven percent and love yourself three percent.

in this way, even a person can manage his own life well and live a full and happy life.

lucky to meet the right person, have the courage to hold your hand, and have a happy life.

having the ability to love yourself and the spare power to love others is just the right life.

Don't stay up too late, the rest of your life is short

some time ago, there was a joke on the Internet that "people who work during the day and stay up late at night", but in fact, this is not the norm for most people.

stay up late for a while, but it is health and life that are virtually overdrawn.

my best friend changed a job at the beginning of the year. Her work was already intense during the day, and she was reluctant to put down her cell phone after work at night, so she stayed up later and later.

some time ago, she felt an inexplicable throbbing pain in her heart. I tried to persuade her to have a good rest, but she didn't take it seriously. "I'm still young, no problem."

I thought it was just an episode, but when I heard from her again, it was the news that she fainted and was in hospital.

the doctor diagnosed that staying up late for a long time caused insufficient blood supply to the brain and would suddenly fall down.

the hospital is overcrowded, and the corridors are full of beds, not to mention the small beds that accompany them find it difficult to roll over.

looking at the vaguely white hair on the back of her parents' head and trying to communicate with the doctor in broken Putonghua, her best friend felt remorse.

but now think about what her parents will do if she really falls down.

We have heard the truth of going to bed early and getting up early, staying up late and hurting our bodies thousands of times, but we still try our best to ruin our bodies.

I think it's easier to get inspired by working late at night, so I won't stop until the wee hours of the morning.

always thinking that it only belongs to me in the dead of night, so I stay up the latest night with the most expensive hair tonic.

in the final analysis, an obsession with staying up late is a disease: you hate yourself for doing nothing today, and you don't have the courage to change who you are tomorrow.

But there is an old saying that makes sense. You never know which will come first, tomorrow or accident.

"when I was in my twenties, I felt that life was long. In fact, sometimes, life is very short. "

Don't overestimate your body's ability to bear, and don't underestimate the dangers of neglecting your health.

Don't wait until you are tired and want to go to bed early, but your body replies: "it's too late".

take a rest when you are tired, go to bed early when you have nothing to do, don't grit your teeth, and don't let your health overdraft.

sleep well and live with your heart so that you can find the beauty of the world in a dull life.

Don't think too much and be calm.

there is always no shortage of people around us who envy the happiness and happiness of others while complaining that fate is unfair to us.

do not realize that most of the troubles and worries are imagined by themselves.

Xiaoli is such a person.

when I found myself inexplicably swollen and sore, I began to worry about whether I had something wrong, what if I couldn't be cured, and then imagine a picture of the child being bullied by my stepmother.

my husband is slow to reply, so he feels that there is someone out there, and then thinks that if he can't fight for custody of his children in a divorce, he won't have a job.

when children fail to do well in the exam at the beginning, they feel that they will not even be admitted to college and that they will be looked down upon when they cannot find a job outside the society.

any little thing will continue to rehearse and grow in Xiaoli's heart, so it often makes the family jump.

but in fact, to dwell on anything that hasn't happened yet is to impose a burden on your mind.

an American psychologist once did such an experiment, asking the experimenter to write down the troubles expected in the next seven days and put them into the "annoyance box".

three weeks later, he opened the box and checked it with the experimenter one by one, and found that 90% of the troubles did not happen.

then he asked everyone to put the rest of the note back into the box and wait three weeks before finding a solution.

but it turns out that those troubles are no longer troubles.

I have read such a sentence: "wishful thinking without a real hammer is asking for trouble."

the troubles you think don't necessarily happen. Sometimes you think too much, but you don't know what you're afraid of.

if a person's life is doomed, then what should come will come. Struggle is futile and troubles are useless.

the more you think about it, you just put your troubles in advance and get your life out of balance.

as the saying goes, those who are willing are tired, but those who are unintentional don't care.

Don't think too much, life will not be so tired; keep an open mind, and the little things that don't matter will naturally leave you.

Don't worry about it. If you live well in the present, your life will be a little happier.

people don't want to be rich all their lives, but don't push themselves too hard.

if you love someone too hard, you will easily hurt yourself. When you stay up late, think about your body. Only by not worrying too much can you leave a way out and room for life.

Life is only when everything is relaxed and relaxed.

, the rest of your life is long. May you fall in love with the years.


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