Don't mess things up, don't mess with people (profound)
Don't mess things up, don't mess with people (profound)
The world is always wide.

Life is too short to be happy.

when people live in this world, they will inevitably encounter some unhappiness.

there are some things, such as fish bones stuck in the throat, can not spit out, can not swallow.

some people, like flies, are surrounded by flies, but they can neither quarrel nor scold.

in fact, life is a mess, and the more you dwell on bad people and things, the more complicated it will be.

not only can't figure it out, but also break your heart.

the cleverest way to live is not to mess things up and not to pester people.


if you encounter bad things, don't pester

it is often said that when a man lives a face and a tree lives a skin, he fights for breath.

in order to fight for this tone, many people in life always cling to something bad:

when I was trampled on the subway, I had to step back in hostility.

the vegetable market paid a few cents more for food, and wanted to fight on the spot.

after a little bit of leisure in the workplace, I always want to immediately argue who is right and who is wrong.


but life has a long way to go, how many bad things? No one can guarantee that it will always be plain sailing.

if you dwell on the so-called crap, you will only allow yourself to sink into it.

it can be said that the loss outweighs the gain after picking up sesame seeds and losing watermelons.

Ji Xianlin, a master of Sinology, has always been open-minded and happy all his life.

once, he and his good friend Zang Kejia went to a small restaurant for dinner.

sitting near them is a mother with a child.

in the middle of eating, the mother left the table, and the child took the opportunity to run around mischievously and accidentally tripped over a peanut.

out of kindness, Ji Xianlin got up and picked him up. Unexpectedly, when his mother came back, he blamed him indiscriminately:

"Why does an adult bully a child? If something happens to my son, I'm not done with you! "

the onlookers were angry, blaming the mother and explaining the whole story, so the mother had to go away without even saying an apology.

afterwards, Zang Kejia asked Ji Xianlin:

Why don't you argue with the other person and let her apologize to you when you encounter such a bad thing?

Ji Xianlin smiled and said:

"talking back to someone who scolds you is followed by endless arguments, which is a bad start."

Yes, just imagine:

if Ji Xianlin wants to dwell on this crap, he will argue with the mother about what is right and wrong.

it is conceivable that what awaits him will be a meaningless argument.

what if you let the other person apologize? What you waste is your time, and what you waste is your energy.

when you are unhappy, you might as well: smile, let it go, and forget it.

if you let go of the bad things in the world, it's not a big deal.

and if you become angrier and irritable the more you think about it, you will weave a web of darkness in the bottom of your heart.

it is not the bad thing that gets caught in the net in the end, but yourself.


meet bad people, ignore

have you heard that classic story?

once upon a time, there lived a turtle in the pond.

one year, when there was a severe drought, his residence dried up, and the tortoise had no choice but to change places to live.

he wanted to move to the south where the water and grass were lush, but the journey was too far for him to fly, so he asked two passing geese to take him away.

the wild goose found a strong branch and let the tortoise hold the middle, while the two of them were holding both ends of the branch.

before taking off, he told the tortoise not to speak, or all previous efforts would be wasted.

but when they flew, they were found by passers-by by the side of the road. Passers-by laughed loudly at the funny turtles and kept throwing stones at them.

the tortoise was so angry that he wanted to scold the man.

in fact, even if you don't want to admit it, there are a lot of such bad people in your life.

but if you choose to argue with him, then you will only hurt yourself.

as Lincoln said:

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"instead of arguing with the dog and being bitten by him, it is better to let him go first, otherwise even if he is killed, it will not cure the scar on which you have been bitten."

Yes, paying attention to bad people is like an argument by a dog. If you can't say something clearly, it doesn't make sense. On the contrary, it will get into trifles.

if there is, it is better to ignore it.

the famous poet Yu Guangzhong once encountered a protracted war of words.

some people chased him and abused him in the newspapers. The language was extremely ugly, but Yu Guangzhong ignored it.

the reporter went to him and asked him, "some people pick on you every day, but you never respond. Why?"

Yu Guangzhong replied:

"scolding me every day shows that he can't live without me, but I don't care, which proves that I can live without him."

such an understatement is full of master demeanor.

when you meet a bad person, the more you pay attention to him, the more energetic he is.The more you ignore it, he makes a fool of himself.

in fact, bad people live in mud. So why argue with each other and let yourself be dragged into the quagmire?

when you learn to ignore bad people, you will find that the breeze is slowly in front of you, and everything suddenly becomes clear.


it's expensive for the rest of my life. Be yourself

I saw an interview with Huang Bo before.

he says that when he is not famous, he can always encounter a mess of bad people and bad things.

some people play tricks behind their backs, while others brush their faces in the face.

but when he got better and better, he found that there were fewer bad people around him.

it seems that every face is filled with a smile, which makes people feel that the world is very beautiful.

in the final analysis, when you are on the third floor balcony, all you see is rubbish. Only when you are at the top of a tall building can you enjoy the scenery.

all you can see are higher-level friends and more meaningful things.

Life has only been around for a few decades, and our time is precious. Instead of wasting it on bad people and things, it is better to spend more on ourselves.

do what you want to do and love the person you want to love.

try your best to be a better self, then you will find that everything is broad, and bad things will be far away from you.

the world is always wide. Keep an open mind and time will prove it to you.

when you look back, the people and things that make you angry are just a gravel on the road of life.

they can't stop you from anything at all.

all you need is to put it down and stop pestering.

finally, I'll give you a poem:

if you have nothing to worry about, it is a good time in life.

I hope you can afford it and waste your time on something more worthwhile.