Don't overestimate the relationship, don't test the heart.
Don't overestimate the relationship, don't test the heart.
Living happily in this life is more important than anything else.

after decades of life, you will meet all kinds of people.

"giving you a bullet" reads: "some people are destined to be cancer in your life, while others just sneeze."

it is true that some people will take root in your life, while others will just do things hastily in your life.

how to get along with others is a lesson worth discussing all our lives.

but please remember: no matter how you get along, don't try to overestimate the relationship, and don't easily test the heart.

Don't overestimate the relationship between people

I have read a sentence in a book: "99% of the troubles in life come from overestimating how much others care about you."

I think the most embarrassing thing is to overestimate the relationship with others.

you think you are important in the hearts of others, but to others, you are dispensable.

you think you are a cinnabar mole in other people's hearts, but in fact you are just dandruff and disappear with a pat.

neighbor Hua Bo was very gregarious when he was young and spent most of his time with his "friends".

when something happens to "friends", Waber would rather give up his time with his wife and children and give him a hand.

later, Aunt Hua was found to have stomach cancer and needed radiotherapy, so she was in urgent need of a large sum of money.

Waber really felt powerless, so he asked his "good friends" who often had dinner together to borrow money, but he hit a brick wall everywhere.

some people say that it takes money for a wife to have a second child, some people say that their children need money to study abroad, and some people say that they need money to start a business. anyway, it can be summed up in two words: don't borrow.

in desperation, Warburg had to rely on the help of his parents-in-law to operate on his wife.

after that, Warburg was like a different person, devoting all his energy to his wife and children, and no longer had anything to do with those "good buddies" before him.

probably from the time they rejected Warburg for various reasons, Warburg understood that he overestimated those "Brotherhood".

in fact, whether it is friendship or love, do not overinterpret your status in the hearts of others, let alone overestimate your relationship with them.

not every "staggered preparation" can be exchanged for "treating each other with all your heart";

not every time you "confide in your heart", you can get "bosom friend".

not every "heart-to-heart" can win "deep affection".

instead of being lost, sad and uneasy, it is better to keep your heart to yourself and leave it to someone who deserves it.

the human heart is like the sun, don't look directly at the temptation

I have seen a movie called the Dark side.

there is a special "darkroom" in the villa where the man and woman live. Everything can be seen and heard outside in this darkroom, but nothing can be seen or heard outside the darkroom.

the hostess knew about the existence of the darkroom from the landlord and got the key to the darkroom, all of which the man did not know.

once, the hostess inadvertently saw an ambiguous text message from the man to the lesbian affair. In order to test her boyfriend's sincerity to her, she left a "farewell" video and hid in the darkroom to play "disappear".

when she just "disappeared", she was very pleased to see her boyfriend feel sorry for her. Excited, she accidentally dropped the key to the darkroom into the floor drain, and now the hostess's "fake disappearance" became "real disappearance".

the hostess watched her boyfriend decadent for her and felt sorry for her in the darkroom every day.

the hostess feels that she has found the love of her life, even if she does not go out in the darkroom for the rest of her life, it is worth it.

but before long, the man who did not want to be lonely brought his new girlfriend home, and the woman witnessed the whole process of their intimacy.

not to mention the development of the rest of the story, at this point in the plot, the result of the heroine's test of her boyfriend has come out.

the human heart is really a very complicated thing, it cannot stand looking directly at, nor can it stand temptation.

when you decide to test, you are doomed to lose the whole game.

the deeper you try, the colder your heart tends to be, because human nature is often more vulnerable than you think.

Taiwan writer Liu Yong once said:

"if you have both a cat and a fish, and the cat eats the fish, you should blame yourself as well as the cat. You raised the cat and the fish together."

not to test the hearts of the people, to leave room for others, but also to leave a way back for themselves.

the most important thing for people to get along with others is to know how to behave.

Sanmao said, "No matter how close your friends are, you can't miss them. If you think you are familiar, you will easily be isolated."

the relationship between people is wonderful. If you get too close, you will hurt. If you go too far, you will be alienated. Only when you are not far away can you be just right.

everyone is an independent individual, do not easily rely on others, hold a good balance, is the best yardstick of life.

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in the forest, more than a dozen hedgehogs were shivering with cold. They had to lean close to each other for warmth, but they quickly ran away because they could not stand each other's long thorns.

but it was so cold that they wanted to lean together again to keep warm, but the sting of leaning together forced them to separate again.

just do it over and over again.The little hedgehogs are constantly struggling between the pain of being frozen and being stung.

the same is true of people getting along with each other. When the degree of intimacy reaches an appropriate degree, don't go any further.

Franklin has a saying: "the fish stinks after three days, and the guests stay for three days."

No matter how well we know each other, we can't lose our sense of propriety. This is respect for others and the bottom line for being friends.

many people are like balloons filled with water in their life. As long as others gently poke them, they pour out all of themselves.

in fact, people who understand the sense of division will not easily confide their feelings to everyone.

because they know that their "secrets" are precious, and it is their responsibility to keep a proper balance with others.

not to mention some worries, which can only be told to those who understand.

the right way to get along is to keep a sense of proportion with people you know and a sense of distance from people you don't know.

whoever it is will only live for the rest of his life. Living happily in this life is more important than anything else.

the world is so big that your troubles are just a little dust in this world. Just let it go.

May we live up to our encounter, look down on ourselves, be relaxed to others, and enjoy a happy life for the rest of our lives.

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