Don't overestimate the relationship, don't test the hearts of the people.
Don't overestimate the relationship, don't test the hearts of the people.
Tolerate people without connivance, cherish love but not blindly.

the world, the world, is between people.

living in this world, what we can't avoid every day is to deal with people, with the familiar and with the unfamiliar.

if you experience more and see more people, you will gradually find out--

it is the heart that warms you the most, but it may also hurt you the most.

you think that if you sacrifice a little, the other person will see how sensible you are, but in fact he will only make more progress.

you think that if you give with all your heart, the other person will return it with equal sincerity, but in fact he will only take it for granted.

sometimes, the human heart is as invisible as the sun.

the more seriously you look, the more painful your heart will be; the more you expect, the greater your disappointment will be.

so, no matter who you get along with, never overestimate your relationship, let alone underestimate the coolness of people's hearts.

never overestimate relationships

there is always a moment in life that will suddenly make you realize that the fate between people is just a journey.

those happy moments, after all, can not escape a sentence: love is easy to fall, the heart is changeable.

there are some people who can turn around at any time for their own benefit if you give them all your heart and heart.

recently, "Golden years" has been a hit, and there is a plot that makes people have mixed tastes.

the heroine, Jiang Nansun, was born gracefully and is a young lady who is spoiled by thousands of people. However, her boyfriend Zhang Anren is from a mediocre family.

it's not right that the door is not in charge of the house. at first, the Nanson family did not approve of this relationship.

but Nansun has been arguing hard with her parents. She firmly believes that although Zhang Anren has no money now, he works hard and, more importantly,

No one can tolerate and spoil himself like him.

however, a family crisis exposed his boyfriend's true face.

because his father failed to invest in the stock market, the Nan Sun family went bankrupt, not only losing all their houses, but also leaving them heavily in debt and nowhere to live.

everyone discussed whether to move to the house where Nan Sun shared with his boyfriend and stay for a few days.

however, Zhang Anren, who has always been obedient to his girlfriend, is unwilling, and even puts forward the "three-point theory":

first of all, we really don't have a big place to live, and we can't accommodate so many people;

wedding dresses for pregnant brides proves not only sense of beauty, but also a charming silhouette. We have something absolutely perfect for any occasion in your life.

second, if the other party knows who we are at school, I'm afraid they will go to school and have a bad influence.

third, I think we should find a hotel first, so that our address will not be revealed to each other.

what I mean is that I don't want to get involved in this!

what is even more ridiculous is that this house was rented by Nan Sun's mother for her daughter's sake.

who would have thought this was a boyfriend who had been dating for many years?

through this incident, Nan Sun also understood a truth:

not all sincerity will not be disappointed, all "you think" is just "you think".

so never overestimate your relationship with anyone.

Love, friendship, or even affection, because we are lovers, we naturally expect from each other--

I hope my efforts will be rewarded; I hope that no matter what happens, I will be firmly supported.

but life often backfires.

Xixi in the world, people come and go, no one is irreplaceable.

A good relationship is to treat each other sincerely, so if the other party can't do it, I'm sorry.

never underestimate human nature

if two people get along with each other, we should not expect too much from others, then we should always be vigilant to ourselves and not pay blindly.

there is an effect in psychology called the Desi effect.

it originally said that a moderate reward can stimulate a person's motivation, but if the reward is too much, it will make people lose interest.

this effect also applies emotionally.

proper giving is a necessary nutrient to maintain a relationship.

but if you try your best to be good to a person, your efforts will become dispensable and be slaughtered.

Sister Zhang, a relative, deeply realized this.

she is a very economical person who is reluctant to spend money. She always clings to her husband when she has anything to buy. However, her decades-old habit has been completely thrown away because of her husband's words.

one day, she went shopping with her husband and passed a women's clothing store.

because clothes are the most expensive in the new season. Although Sister Zhang tried and liked both of them, she just couldn't handle the price.

after turning around, she left reluctantly.

but as soon as he walked out of the store, his silent husband suddenly said proudly:

"I knew you wouldn't want to buy it. I knew it was a wasted trip today."

it must be the countless times in the past that "don't want to buy" and "don't buy", so that the other party has the righteousness of today.

at that moment, Sister Zhang said with mixed feelings: "who am I saving money for?"

unexpectedly, the other party said coldly, "I didn't ask you to save it!"

I thought that "sacrificing myself for others" would be moved and understood by each other, but I didn't expect it to be complacent and sarcastic.

this short story looks a little sad, but it also shows the complexity of human nature, even in intimate relationships


the more you give in, the more others will take an inch; the more you give, the more others will thinkScripture and righteousness.

this is naked human nature.

as the saying goes, the thinnest feelings are the coolest than the hearts of the people.

Love is not only to learn to give, but also to learn to take appropriately.

the feelings in this world are never pure sincerity for sincerity. Besides sincerity, it needs a little bit of wisdom and effort.

I have always felt that a good relationship is like dancing. If you take a step back, the other person will go further, come and go, and affection will last forever.

Love and hate are random, let bygones be bygones

in the long years, our lives will meet a lot of people, some fate is deep, some fate is shallow, most of the time is their own forced can not come.

however, no matter who we associate with, we should always adhere to one principle:

learn to be vague about small things;

stick to the bottom line in principle.

the human heart cannot be studied deeply, and the deeper it is, the deeper the disappointment will be. if there is nothing wrong with things, then don't worry about it and learn to be vague.

as Huang Lei said:

"because as soon as you know it, you become harsh and care, which is very troublesome."

A stable and long-term relationship depends on mutual attraction and mutual appreciation.

if you can't be kind to yourself, no matter how much you pay or sacrifice, you can't get the other person's sincerity. In the end, you are the only one who is disappointed and hurt.

if you find that you have met the wrong person, you might as well let love and hate be random and let bygones be bygones.

it is normal for people to come and go in spring, summer, autumn and winter.

A long life, may we be tolerant and unindulgent to others, cherish love but not blind. Do not overestimate the relationship, do not despise yourself, do not cling to, do not rely on, broad sea and sky, live freely.