"Don't overestimate your relationship with anyone."
"Don't overestimate your relationship with anyone."
Instead of clinging to the past, it is better to let yourself go and live a good life in the present.

I have seen a topic on Weibo, which means

# how does it fade between people #


some people say they haven't been in touch for a long time, while others say they have different ideas after knowing each other for a long time.

the most gripping sentence is:

never blushed, never had heart to heart, separated from each other, painless.

that's the way life is.

some people are like worms in your stomach that can't be driven away, while others are like a sneeze and disappear.

in the emotional balance, the more you give, the easier it is to be out of balance. Once you tilt, you lose the whole game.

instead of being afraid of indifference and alienation after deep acquaintance, it is better to look down on all relationships. This is the best posture for a mature person to walk in the world.


Love is too deep to last long, but wisdom will hurt

Jin Yong had such a line in "Book and Sword, Grace and Revenge", which impressed him deeply:

"deep affection is not longevity, strong extreme is humiliating, modest gentleman, gentle and moist as jade."

means that a person who is too smart will hurt himself, and a relationship that is too addicted and persistent will not last long.

I can't understand what I like at first, but I'm already one of them.

those who attach too much importance to their feelings will hurt themselves in the end.

there is a story that goes like this:

An and B work together, and over time they become good friends.

the company sends out an egg every day. A because he doesn't like eggs, he will give them to him every time

B who eats eggs.

two years later, the relationship between the two has been very good, and such a gift has become a matter of course.

one day, A suddenly wanted to taste the eggs himself, so he didn't give them to B.

A thought an egg

it's just that a friend will understand himself, but unexpectedly B lost his temper with him.

B felt that the egg should have been his own, and A was too selfish to have it by force.

An overestimated his friendship with each other and finally parted ways because of an egg.

in the final analysis, the relationship between people is very fragile, it may be a trivial matter worth mentioning, maybe it is an unintentional remark, one second a hot friend, the next a cold stranger.

therefore, it makes sense to say, "drink no more than six percent drunk, eat no more than seven percent full, lover no more than eight percent full."

although the eyes can't penetrate the hearts of the people, time can.

Wang Xiaobo said:

Our collection of 8th grade prom dresses is designed to make you look ravishing. Our collections come in a variety of sublime materials.

"when people are young, they feel that there are people everywhere, and other people's business is your business. It is not until middle age that they feel

there is nothing in the world but family. "

I think so.

the friends who used to chat all night will go farther and farther in time, but the lovers who used to help each other have become the most familiar


in fact, whether it is friendship or love, people can not escape the cold strangers.

when you are alone in the long and lonely days, you will not know how to be a man. Don't take others too seriously, and don't underestimate yourself.

in one's lifetime, it is a blessing to meet a few bosom friends, but more often pass by.

if you want to have a good life, the most lasting and stable relationship is that it doesn't matter.


Don't overestimate relationships, don't underestimate people

there is a term in psychology called the spotlight effect.

means that people care too much about things related to themselves and think that other people's eyes are focused on them.

however, the truth is that no one cares about yourself as much as you do.

Ying Ruocheng, a famous performing artist, shared a story about himself:

Ying Ruocheng grew up in a large family, and dozens of people sat in a large restaurant every time they had dinner.

once he had a whim and decided to play a joke on everyone, hiding himself in the cupboard in the dining room and imagining the big

the panic when the family can't find themselves.

however, everyone usually leaves after having enough to eat and drink, and no one notices his absence at all, even the relationship

close relatives and friends.

hungry and depressed, he went out of the cupboard like eggplant beaten with frost and ate some leftovers.

since then, Ying Ruocheng has told herself: never overestimate your relationship with anyone, or you will

was greatly disappointed.

I don't know if you have ever had such a moment:

carefully posted a moments, waiting for everyone to like and comment, but received very few responses;

I had a quarrel with my lover and slammed out the door. I thought the other person would ask for it, but I turned back and found that there was no one behind me.

Sha Yi also lamented in a program:

"one night I looked through my phone and found that no one had sent me a message except the one my son sent me.

I used to think that I was very important, but in fact, everyone is not that important in the hearts of others. "

there will always be a moment in life that makes you suddenly realize:

people who have nothing to do with you have nothing to do with you at any time.

there is a saying on the Internet: what you hold in your hand is a cup.If you let go, it's a piece of glass.

come to think of it, that's really the case between people!

looks solid on the outside, but it has disintegrated on the inside.

it takes pains to understand that the hearts of the people are not old, and to know wishful thinking only when they are truly disappointed.

it is easy to change, but the heart of the old person is changeable. There is no one in this world who is inseparable from each other. Two people can be bosom friends and become strangers in the twinkling of an eye.

what people fear most is that they overestimate their position in the hearts of others.

so don't live too much for others, you don't have that large audience at all.


love and hate at will

what is the most comfortable state between people?

Zhou Guoping said a very reasonable sentence:

"for interpersonal relationships, I have gradually summed up a principle, that is, mutual respect and closeness."

fate comes, cherish it, fate goes, and gently let go.

if everything goes with fate, it is a free person in the world.

A sufferer confided his thoughts to the monk.

the monk said, "there is nothing that cannot be put down."

the monk asked him to hold a teacup and pour hot water into it until the water overflowed. The sufferer was burned and let go of his hand immediately.

the monk said: "there is nothing in this world that cannot be let go. If it hurts, you will naturally let it go."

some people and things fade slowly, and some feelings and fate can not be retained. Don't understand after falling and breaking your head again and again: some people can be expected, but can not be relied on.

it's like there's a fire in everyone's heart, and passers-by only see smoke.

these people are just passers-by in your life, come and go in a hurry, you don't have to pay from the bottom of your heart.

after all, no relationship can be maintained unilaterally. If you vote for it, and I will return it with Qiongyao, you can always think good.

in the second half of life, remember to be light, put down what you can't let go, and let the impassable past have a long life, so you have to save some energy for later people.

Ridge deep is often surrounded by dragons, while Wu Gao has its own Phoenix habitat.

instead of clinging to the past, it is better to let go of your present life.

the happiness of life lies not in how many things you see clearly, but in how many things you despise.

from now on, stop obsessing about your relationship with anyone, and live a life of comfort without surprise or disgrace.

the stars are bright, everything is bright, this long and interesting life, you deserve it!