Don't take yourself too seriously.
Don't take yourself too seriously.
As a man, don't take yourself too seriously.

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the novelist Adam Meizner once said:

Don't take yourself too seriously. Things can be done well without you.

this sentence reminds us: as a man, don't take yourself too seriously.

the earth will turn as usual without anyone, the sun, moon and stars will not change according to whether a person exists or not, and all things in the world will not stop growing because of one person's will.

when people are alive, the greatest stupidity is to take themselves too seriously, indulge in their own dreams, supercilious and pretentious.

you're not that important at all

there is a Spanish proverb: self-knowledge is the rarest knowledge.

shallow-minded people also have a shallow understanding of themselves, and once the outside world has a little positive evaluation of themselves, they will overestimate their importance.

but in fact, others praise you, you are a beautiful cup, others let go, you are glass scum, do not overestimate your status in the hearts of others.

Churchill accepted an invitation from the BBC BBC to give a live speech, and there was something wrong with his chauffeured car on the way.

there happened to be a taxi passing by, so he quickly stopped and asked the driver to take him to BBC.

on hearing this, Churchill thought that he was so important in the hearts of others, so he took out five pounds and handed it to the driver to take him there.

the driver immediately took the money and said, "get in the car and I'll take you there."

Churchill was impressed by this: don't take yourself too seriously, you may not even be worth five pounds.

there is a German proverb: only among the crowd can you know yourself.

everyone in the world has their own troubles and their own lives. Don't think that everyone will focus on you.

to be a man, no matter how many things you have and what position you are in, you must remember not to overestimate your importance.

No one is irreplaceable

the ancient Greek philosopher Tracy has a famous saying: the most difficult thing in life is to know yourself.

one can be confident, but not arrogant; one can be arrogant, but never arrogant.

the most terrible thing about being a man is that you can't see yourself clearly. You overestimate your influence on your surroundings. You can't see the mountains beyond the mountains and the people outside.

the famous conductor and composer Walter Damrosch became an orchestra conductor in his twenties.

when he is young and frivolous, he thinks he is so talented that no one can replace his position as commander.

once during a band rehearsal, he found that he had left his baton at home, so he ordered someone to pick it up.

the secretary heard and said, "never mind, just borrow one from the rest of the band."

Walter Damrosch was puzzled and thought, who else would carry the baton but me.

so he turned around and asked the others, "who can lend me a baton?"

at this time, the cellist, the principal violinist and the pianist each pulled out a baton and handed it to him.

he suddenly woke up and realized that his position in the band was not irreplaceable.

when he is complacent about his achievements, everyone around him is quietly trying to take his place.

in the future, whenever he has made achievements, he will see three batons shaking in front of his eyes, reminding him not to relax.

writer Lessing said: "most of our pride is based on our ignorance."


No one is irreplaceable. Those who think too highly of themselves and think that they cannot operate without their own team will often find that the team can function well without him.

not taking yourself too seriously is a kind of self-cultivation, a kind of demeanor, a kind of realm.

avoid complacency and remain humble

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Deng Tuo, a famous contemporary historian, once said:

the more incompetent he is, the more pretentious he is.


the more mature the wheat ear, the lower the head, and the more empty the head, the higher the head is held high.

to be a man, you must always be humble and study with an open mind in order to make progress and achieve a better self.

when opera guru Mei Lanfang once performed on the stage, there was a cheer at the bottom.

suddenly I heard an old man criticize loudly: "what kind of celebrity is this? even if you play with a sword, you dare to take the stage!"

when everyone saw this, they advised Mei Lanfang: "an old man is talking nonsense, don't take it to heart."

Mei Lanfang took the matter to heart and asked people to inquire about the old man's residence.

after finding the old man, he respectfully went to visit and asked him for advice:

"Old man, you criticized me well that day, but I was really not good at learning, so I came to you for advice.


the old man said, "you are a celebrity. I dare not give advice."

Mei Lanfang bowed again and said, "the younger generation has little talent and learning, and they are bent on carrying forward the quintessence of Chinese culture. I hope to get your advice."

the old man refused many times, but could not stand Mei Lanfang's repeated requests, and finally agreed to give advice.

so Mei Lanfang studied attentively with the old man, and her skills were better than before.Break through.

there is a saying in disciple's Proverbs advocating propriety and concession: if there is a bit of humility, there will be a part of benefit; if there is a part of reserve, there will be a bit of frustration.

people with real strength are often low-key and modest, hidden, no matter how great achievements they have made, they never think highly of themselves and are conceited and complacent.

being a man, having a modest state of mind and maintaining a humble posture is a kind of open-minded and leisurely wisdom.

Shakespeare once said: a proud man always destroys himself in pride.

in dealing with the world, no matter when and where, you should maintain a state of humility, don't think too highly of yourself and take yourself too seriously.

only in this way can we know how to keep learning, improve ourselves, and face the ups and downs of life more confidently.


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