Easygoing is the quality, low profile is self-cultivation, conscience is the bottom line.
Easygoing is the quality, low profile is self-cultivation, conscience is the bottom line.
You can't be ashamed of heaven and earth and your conscience.

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easygoing, is a kind of quality, a kind of culture, a kind of mentality.

easygoing is the detachment when indifferent to fame and wealth, the well-being after going through the sea, and the calmness in the storm.

but easygoing is by no means unprincipled.

an easy-going person, first of all a wise man, who has a wise insight into the world;

an easygoing person is a modest person. He always understands the truth that "a foot is short and an inch has its strength".

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an easy-going person is a magnanimous person. When friction occurs between people, on the basis of adhering to principles, he can treat each other with humility.

an easygoing person is a person without greed. He can control his secular desires very well.

keeping a low profile shows a modest and prudent attitude and does not show off.

keep a low profile is to hide your ability not to show up.

he is reserved and open-minded, has a grateful heart, knows how to appreciate others, and treats others with humility and courtesy.

do not think arrogantly, do not rely on talents and things, take the initiative to suffer losses, ignore fame, gain and loss, and often measure the mistakes of others with tolerance.

humility is a kind of wisdom and the golden rule of dealing with others. People who know humility will be respected and respected by the world.

"there are rules of conduct". Being a man is no exception. Dealing with personnel with peace of mind is also in line with objective requirements, because a low-key talent is the key to success.

take the initiative to suffer losses, the mountains do not turn around, maybe there will be opportunities for cooperation in the future, and come together again.

if a person refuses to suffer losses everywhere, he must want to take advantage everywhere, so he is delusional and arrogant.

and once a person has an arrogant situation, it will inevitably infringe upon the interests of others, so there will be disputes, besieged on all sides, how can there be invincible?

Virtue, wisdom and self-cultivation are our capital in dealing with the world.

cheering for his opponent is a strategy. If he can keep a low profile and applaud his opponent, he will certainly succeed in life and work.

take a step back and put up with the calm for a while.

there is nothing wrong with blaming others for their mistakes, but being able to tolerate others with a broad mind will make the world more wonderful.

conscience is the bottom line.

when the heart is kind, you can't lose your conscience without losing anything.

otherwise, if you lose this "bottom line", you will inevitably send yourself into a "black hole" of failure.

Mencius said: "admiration is worthy of heaven, and does not bow to the earth."

means to tell us that one cannot be ashamed of heaven and earth and one's own conscience, and that one must be open and aboveboard with a clear conscience.