Emotional stability is the best way for a person to keep in good health.
Emotional stability is the best way for a person to keep in good health.
Don't let the bad mood drive away the good mood.

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on the African prairie, there is a kind of vampire bat that lives on the blood of animals, and the Mustang is their target.

but many Mustangs, which are running very fast, can't help with this kind of bat.

Zoologists have found that the amount of blood sucked by vampire bats is not enough to kill the Mustang. The real cause of Mustang death lies in its own rage.

it turns out that after being bitten, most Mustangs rush to get rid of bats and keep running, often tired to death in the end.

while sighing, I suddenly realized that

isn't the Mustang's attitude towards bats the way we look when we are in trouble?

if you ignore it and survive the ups and downs, leave at most a few small bags, and even the small bags will fade away over a long period of time.

if exasperated, "bat in Life" will not only make you black and blue, but also kill you.

the Yellow Emperor's Internal Classic says: "people have five internal organs, change five qi, and give birth to joy, anger, sorrow, sorrow, worry and fear."

most of the time, the reason why people are in bad shape has something to do with emotion.

if you are in a bad mood, no matter how many skin care products you use, you can't keep your young appearance; no matter how good your health products are, you can't keep your body healthy.

Don't let a bad mood drive away a good mood

emotional Revolution says: "emotional illness is more terrible than physical illness."

I think so.

do you still remember Ma Sichun, the Golden Horse Award queen with a bright smile like SpongeBob?

on a variety show, she admitted that she had been taking mood-control drugs for a long time, which tend to make her body fat.

at first, the guest said, "then don't eat it." but Ma Sichun's next words were particularly distressing:

"you have to take it. You need to take medicine to control your mood."

when she is in the worst mood, she feels helpless, her legs get weak, and she gasps only a few steps from the bed to the door.

in order to control her emotions, she had to rely on drugs and gained 8 jin in 3 days.

Ma Sichun smiled helplessly and said, "it's better to be fat than to be fat."

emotion is a kind of energy for the body. when you encounter something unhappy, the positive energy in the heart decreases, and the negative emotions come in.

and once you are led by negative emotions, how can you see the sunny day ahead?

Lin Daiyu in A Dream of Red Mansions is like this.

born sentimental, she always thinks sadly when things happen, loses her temper, is jealous, and is depressed. It is normal for her to end up depressed.

it is only natural for people to have seven emotions and six desires, happy, angry, sad, angry and infatuated.

but if you allow emotions to run rampant, you will only end up in depression and malaise.

as Hideki Wada says in his book:

"it's normal for people to have emotions, but if they can't control them, they can only be reduced to emotional animals."

Destiny is fair to everyone. When people are alive, everyone will go through a trough more or less.

but the really smart people all know that the trough at this time is not the peak at that time.

No matter whether we are sad or happy, we should regard it as a normal phenomenon, take it calmly and face it calmly.

because the body is like the notepad of our mind, which is full of all the sad or happy memories and stories of the past.

when you encounter happy things, your heart is open, and the whole person will be in a good situation.

and when sadness occupies the valleys of the heart, the whole heart is closed, and sooner or later it will become obsessed.

only by freeing yourself from a bad mood and letting go of your glass heart can you have long-term complacency and happiness.

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stable mood,

is the best health care

the biggest enemy we encounter on the road of life is not birth, old age, sickness and death, not poverty, but a bad mood.

to keep in good health, you must first learn to control your emotions.

there is such a "foodie grandmother" on Douyin that it is difficult for her peers to hold steady chopsticks, but she has a good appetite that young people admire.

the 99-year-old likes to eat spicy food, snacks and drink soju. She is either eating or thinking about something to eat every day.

her granddaughter took her to get a manicure, learn to dance, play games, learn to make up, and apply facial masks. She doesn't refuse anything.

although Grandma foodie is nearly 100 years old and has silver hair, she still looks Hale and hearty.

when others asked her about the secret of longevity, she said, "State of mind determines everything." There are some things that can't be solved by one meal, then have two meals to solve them. "

even the granddaughter says that grandma is broad-hearted and never gets angry overnight. Like a child, she is simple and pure, innocent and free.

"people are in high spirits when they are happy, and they doze off a lot when they are bored." that's probably what I'm talking about.

many people are in a good mood when they encounter happy things, and even the whole person looks radiant.

but once you encounter grievances, sadness, and stress, you will pile up negative emotions in the body, and in the long run, the body will be overwhelmed.

when emotions break out, reason disappears and words and deeds get out of control, hurting not only others but also themselves.

Life is not what you want. If you cling to it, your mind will be depressed and thousands of roads will be difficult to communicate with each other.

and often think about one or two, do not think about eight or nine, everything will be all right.

A lot of things that cause us mood swings are trivial in retrospect.

learn to reconcile with unpleasant emotions and try to keep yourself in a relaxed and pleasant living environment, which is the best way to maintain good health!

Control your emotions,

to control your life

the ancients used to say, "depressed in the heart."

the realm of life is, in the final analysis, the realm of the soul.

if you relax your mind, lighten your grudges, and be confused, you will have a bright future in life.

those who have to argue between right and wrong about everything, and they will only get hurt in the end.

when you find it difficult to control your emotions, you might as well try the following methods.

take a deep breath and give yourself a 30-second cooling-off period

when people are angry, their brain will go blank. Not only will their IQ go back to zero, but their emotions are also difficult to control.

taking a deep breath can help us calm down our anger and relieve some negative emotions.

the brain buys a certain amount of time to think so that people don't do impulsive things.

change facial expressions and smile more

when you are in a bad mood, your face will suddenly change, or your brows will be clenched, or your eyes will be frowned.

when the body receives such a signal, it will build high walls on all sides to keep no one close.

so, even if you are in a bad mood, you should learn to imply that it is really not worth it to make yourself look sad.

think more about the worst that could happen

the ancients used to say, "fish with all your might". It means you can't just focus on the present, regardless of the consequences.

when a person does things too impulsively, things are not only unsolved, but are very likely to get worse.

think more about the worst-case scenario, and it won't hurt to give yourself a way back.

do what you are interested in and divert your attention

when I am in a bad mood, I feel that the whole world is gray.

try to keep yourself busy at this time, divert your attention, and don't always think about sad things.

when you put your heart and soul into what you are interested in, the troubles of the previous moment are forgotten.

go for a walk and have a heart-to-heart talk with reliable friends

when you are in a bad mood, most people like to stay in their room and be sad and melancholy alone.

at this time, call one or two reliable friends and go out for a break and have a drink. If your eyes see a bigger place, your heart will open up with it.

most of the time, the so-called life is dark, maybe it is that I didn't get on the bus that day, and I lost my attendance award for a month of hard work.

when you come back from a busy day outside, you still have a lot of housework waiting for you to clean up, while your husband "Ge You" lies on the sofa.

after a week of extra work, the boss is either not satisfied here or there.

sometimes, even trivial things can be unpleasant.

but as Master Zhao Puchu said:

"when the sun rises in the East China Sea and sets in the west mountain, there is a day of sorrow and a day of joy." If you don't get into a corner when something happens, you will feel comfortable and your heart will be at ease. "

since I missed yesterday's flower, how can I miss this pot of tea today!

if you can, it's better to have more time to be happy than to be trapped in complaints and anger.

We come into this world to love lovely people, enjoy pleasant sights, eat delicious food and listen to sweet songs.

Don't spoil the whole pear because of a small scar.