Empty (depth good text)
Empty (depth good text)
Leaving a "blank" for life is the magnanimity and wisdom of life.

there are books


I have read such a paragraph:

"when we were young, we faced the world and couldn't wait to create and fill it."

with colorful and full colors, with gorgeous and sincere strokes, tell the world, tell yourself:

I've been in love, I've been here, I've been successful.

however, in front of the canvas of life, none of us is a painter who can spread colors at will. "

Life needs a certain degree, and if you are too full, it will lead to disaster.

emptiness is a necessary debugging of life; emptiness is an indispensable excess of tension and relaxation; emptiness is also a lubricant for physical and mental maintenance.

it is only when you get older that you understand that leaving a "blank" for life is the magnanimity and wisdom of life.

empty, stealing leisure from busy time

I have heard such a story from a colleague.

there was a young company manager who had been seeing a psychiatrist for months because of high nervous tension, but his condition did not improve.

at night, after swallowing sleeping pills, he still clung to his laptop and made incoherent phone calls to control his foreign business, his palms sweaty.

A friend advised him to learn to steal from his busy schedule, to find a less useful trivia every day, and to focus on it wholeheartedly and think of nothing else.

he said with a wry smile:

"if you can't finish what is useful in your own enterprise, how can you consider doing something useless?"

my friend thinks that maybe this is the problem. His business is all important. Even playing ball is psychological warfare in the workplace, not to mention lunch and evening entertainment.

A friend asked him if there was a desk plant in the company, and if so, he might as well set aside 15 minutes every day to take good care of it.

in addition to watering, you can also buy some white sand to cover the soil surface.

prepare a small clean cloth and wipe the leaves carefully.

he said to his friend:

"if you do this, people will think I'm crazy.


A friend told him that there was a rich businessman in the United States who would temporarily put aside his work and take a piece of cloth from the drawer to nail buttons whenever he found himself in a high degree of tension.

there are more tricks these days. The rich businessman sharpens pencils, makes origami, takes pictures outside the window, and even sketches his subordinates.

his friend's words moved him, so he began to squeeze out his spare time, trying to do some chores that had nothing to do with business, such as growing flowers, climbing mountains, reading leisure books, and so on.

slowly, his nerves were relieved, and he finally realized the beautiful feeling of calmness.

in real life, many people have a kind of habitual thinking, always like to ask whether it is useful:

"what's the use of reading poetry? can it be eaten as a meal?"

"what's the use of practicing calligraphy? can you sell it for money?"

"what's the use of fishing? can you expand your network?"

Liang Wendao has a good saying:

"read some useless books, do some useless things, and spend some useless time in order to reserve an opportunity to surpass yourself beyond everything you know. Some great changes in life come from these moments."

it is true that if the spring is too tight, it will break, and if you are too busy, you will "die".

steal your spare time and do things that seem "useless" in order to catch your breath, take your time, rest your feet, save energy, and travel light.

stealing leisure from busy time, what is stolen is not only leisure, but also a kind of interest, a kind of relaxation, a kind of Enron, but also a way to live up to one's own life.

if straining in leisure means planning in advance, then stealing leisure in a busy time is a great wisdom in life.

empty, is to learn to exercise restraint

Wang Yangming said: "when we work hard, we only want to decrease every day, not to increase with each passing day." To reduce one's desire is to regain one's sense, how light, free and easy it is! "

people's energy is always limited, life should not be too crowded, everything should give themselves some space.

if you don't know how to restrain your desires and want everything, you will get nothing.

have read such a story.

as the company gets bigger and bigger, Edward is exposed to more and more business:

he found shipbuilding profitable, so he set up a shipyard;

he thought the wine-making industry was also very good, so he set up another brewing company.

when Edward slowly became the richest man in Claremont Ferrand, problems began to arise--

he has endless things to deal with every day, endless decisions every day, and he is exhausted every day.

but a few years later, all the businesses, including the tire company, began to lose money, and Edward wondered very much.

one day, Edward visited a vineyard and saw farmers picking and dumping some green grapes in baskets. He asked sadly:

"there seems to be nothing wrong with these grapes, so why pick them and throw them away?"

Farmers explained:

"if some grapes are not removed, all grapes will compete for nutrients from each other, while picking some grapes will save more nutrients for other grapes, and other grapes will grow bigger and better."

Edward chewed their words over and over again, and gradually realized a truth:

Do you want to bring out an elegant look in our dazzling cheap bohemian wedding dresses? Take a moment in this catalogue and realize you are lucky.

"isn't it the same as I manage the company? I always thought that the more business I won, the more successful I was. In fact, I was distracting myself. As a result, I couldn't do a single thing well. "

Today, the company's tire business has covered more than 200 countries and regions around the world, and Michelin Tire is also known as "the leader of global tire technology".

I like a sentence in the poem "Man's Life" very much:

"there is not enough time in life to accomplish everything, and there is not enough space to accommodate every desire."

if desire is compared to the throttle of a car, then abstinence is equivalent to the brake of a car. if a car has only the throttle and no brake, the result is likely to be a car crash.

only by living in moderation can we live a higher and happier life.

empty, know how to clear zeros

after the return plane landed, the players of the Brazilian team walked down gloomily one by one, and they didn't even want to talk to the fans who came to pick them up.

at this time, an old man suddenly appeared in the crowd, holding up an eye-catching banner that read "that's all".

the moment they saw this, many players were surprised, and then they were relieved and felt a rare relief.

four years later, Brazil made it all the way to win the World Cup.

fans greeted at the airport sang and danced, banners of welcome and praise could be seen everywhere, and the scene was bustling.

the captain of the Brazilian team watched carefully and found that the "but so" banner appeared again.

he was so puzzled that he went straight to the old man and asked:

"when we failed, you held this banner; we succeeded, you still held this banner, do you have any special meaning?"

the old man said:

"for life, that's all.

there is no pain or elation, such as defeat and victory.


the captain of the Brazilian team thought for a long time and said to the old man:

"can you leave this banner for us as a souvenir?"

the old man agreed that the "no more than that" banner is now hanging in the most conspicuous place in the Brazilian team's honor gallery.

this story reminds me of a sentence Bai Yansong once said:

"learn to return to zero, so that the bad does not affect the future, and the good does not confuse the present.


it is inevitable that there will be successes and failures in one's life. How to face prosperity and adversity tests one's mentality and wisdom.

in good times, only by "returning to zero" at the right time can you guard against arrogance and rashness, neither sleep on honor, nor memorize success as a "burden".

in times of adversity, have the courage to "return to zero" so that you will not give up and never recover, but will be able to start from scratch and make a comeback.

those who blindly fall into the sufferings of the past and are unable to extricate themselves are pitiful, and those who blindly revel in past successes and do not want to make progress is pathetic.

good and bad things will become a thing of the past. Learn to let go and be good at clearing zeros, so that life will not lose its way.

emptiness is the highest state of life

Laozi said in Daojing:

"Thirty spokes are one hub, but when they are gone, they are useful for cars." If you think of it as an instrument, when it has nothing, it is of use. Chisel the door for a room, but when it has nothing, it has the use of a room. Therefore, it is beneficial to have it, but it is useful to do nothing. "

the main idea of this passage is

Thirty spokes come together on a hub, and it is precisely because the middle is empty that it has the function of wheels.

mixing clay to make utensils, it is precisely because the middle is empty, so it has the function of utensils;

cut out the doors and windows and build a house. It is precisely because the middle is empty that it has the function of a house.

"you" brings convenience to people, but "nothing" has the greatest effect.

the wisdom of sages is enlightening and enlightening.

things are valuable because of emptiness, and people become smart because of emptiness.

some people say:

"the human heart is like a pocket. It is called the mind when there is less, the heart when there is more, and the scheme when there is more, and it is often called the mind."

stealing leisure from busy time, controlling desires and being good at clearing zeros are all wonderful ways to make the spirit "empty".

if a bird's wings are tied with gold, he cannot soar freely; if his spiritual space is too full, he cannot be truly free.

the word "empty" contains the wisdom of life and makes people have a long aftertaste.

understand the word "empty" and live with spirit.

encourage each other.

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