Every man who can accompany you to the old age has this sign.
Every man who can accompany you to the old age has this sign.
Spend the rest of your life with someone who loves you.

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Life is in a hurry.

I have met a lot of people in this life, but very few people really treat you.

not all people will dig their hearts out to you, and not all feelings can grow old together.

those who really love you will know that you are warm and cold, understand your joys and sorrows, care about your feelings, and are willing to accompany you through spring, summer, autumn and winter.

the rest of my life is not long. Be sure to be with someone who knows how to love you.

Love is a kind of heartache

people always ask, what is love?

in the past, we said that the sea is dry and the rocks are broken until we die; now we say one room, two people, three meals, four seasons.

in the final analysis, love is not the so-called sweet talk and vows of love, but still has to fall in those actions that are really good to you.

once read an interview report.

my wife found the tumor during the physical examination, but fortunately, the condition did not worsen and she underwent the operation in time.

but unsatisfactorily, the wife left the sequelae of the operation, and her legs were always sore in overcast and rainy weather.

the husband felt sorry for his wife and ran all over the hospital.

later, I got an idea from an old traditional Chinese medicine doctor.

the old Chinese medicine doctor said: "find several acupoints, according to this technique, often massage your wife's legs, the pain can be alleviated."

so the husband went to the old doctor of traditional Chinese medicine every day to learn massage from him until he was completely proficient.

then get up early every day and massage my wife for half an hour before she gets up.

before going to bed at night, he will bring water to his wife to soak her feet, and then continue to massage her feet.

in this way, it never stopped and persisted for more than 30 years.

during the interview, the reporter could not help asking, "how did you persist in so many years?" That's amazing! "

the husband smiled calmly and said, "it's not about whether I insist on it. I just love my wife when her legs hurt. I always want to relieve her pain and share the pain."

in this simple sentence, there is no I love you, there is no so-called sweet words, but it reveals the husband's deep love for his wife between the lines.

from the former wife to the old woman now, the difference in a word is the oath of her husband's life.

there are always people who say that sweet talk can not tell the truth from the false, gentle romance can not see through the heart, how to identify that he loves me?

in fact, love is very simple, do not need the gift of luxury cars, do not need to pay attention to the tricks, sincerely care, is the definition of true love.

those who love you deserve to cherish

there is a saying: "when everyone cares about whether you fly high or not, only those who love you care about whether you are tired or not."

in the eyes of those who care about you, when your world is cloudy, his world will rain cats and dogs; when your world is sunny, his world will be sunny.

such people may not have so much sweetness, and there are no tricks that can be easily used to move your heart.

but he can understand your emotions, love your sadness, and satisfy your joy. This is the fate worth cherishing for a lifetime.

my friend Xiao Qiao works in Shanghai. He is so busy and tired that he doesn't have time to fall in love at all.

some time ago, relatives in her hometown introduced her to a boy with a good appearance and a stable job, so Xiao Qiao tried to get along.

but the two sides talked on Wechat for nearly a month, but failed to have a spark.

Xiao Qiao always felt unable to communicate with each other, so their relationship stopped at the last Wechat message.

then, Xiao Qiao's project at hand went wrong one after another, and he was extremely busy.

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what is even more "it never rains but it pours" is that the landlord wants to take back the house Xiao Qiao rented temporarily and ask her to move out as soon as possible.

Xiao Qiao not only had to find a house quickly, but also had to deal with difficult work. The stomach trouble that he had not committed for many years was so urgent that he had a relapse.

that day, Xiao Qiao was carrying moving luggage in one hand and rubbing his vaguely sore stomach in the other.

just at this time, the blind date called.

Xiao Qiao just wanted to hang up with a few pleasantries, but at the moment he picked up the phone, he could not help choking and sobbed and gave a general account of the latest events.

after hearing this, the boy said nothing, so he asked Xiao Qiao's address and said, "wait for me. I'll be right there."

when the boy arrived, he arranged her luggage, took her out to dinner, bought her stomach medicine, and told her to take it on time every day.

not only that, the boys also helped Xiao Qiao analyze the problems at work in detail based on his own experience.

Xiao Qiao said, "you know, when I watched him comfort me while helping me analyze the appearance of my work, I felt less difficult and much more at ease."

some people come into your life all of a sudden, bring a beam of light to your dark life and save you from the abyss.

he may look dull and dull, he may not know sweet words, but he is sad about your sadness, distressing your pain, reassuring you with actions and relaxing you with companionship.

as Tu Lei said:

"if one person really loves another, there will be a lot of worry in his heart." Afraid that the other party is hungry, that the other side is cold, that the other party is unhappy, and that she is in trouble. "

True love is probably like this. There is a person who is not related to you, but always thinks of you and misses you all the time.I care about you.

will rush to your company downstairs on a sudden rainy day and hold up a reassuring and warm umbrella for you;

will tuck you in when you are not feeling well, and carefully boil a pot of nutritious porridge to nourish the stomach.


in front of such people, you don't need to hide your fragility, let alone pretend to be strong.

just be the most authentic self, he will support you silently behind, give you to rely on, accompany you to the old age.

if you encounter it, you must cherish it!

spend the rest of your life with someone who loves you

I saw a little test on the network some time ago.

the girl called her boyfriend and said, "I saw a piece of news when I first took my medicine."

the boyfriend didn't react for a moment and asked, "what's the news?"

the girl immediately said angrily, "you don't love me at all. You don't even ask me why I take medicine. Is it uncomfortable?"

the boyfriend then realized that he was speechless for a moment.

they all say that women's hearts, sea needles, you can't guess at all.

come to think of it, this hidden test is just the hope that the girl wants to be loved.

because these instant reactions without thinking are proof of being loved.

if you look at the love that falls apart in life, it is nothing more than that you want his heartache, but he has played a joke on you.

it's like a cloudy and rainy day. You say, "I have a stomachache, but I still insist on working all day." I thought I could get his comfort and concern, but he said, "shit, you are so good!"

what really defeats a relationship is never the lack of money or distance, but the care and heartache that you never get.

We are long past the age of listening to love, who would want to spend a lifetime with people who don't care about themselves?

the person who blames you for doing too much and bothering you never cares whether you are tired or ill.

the person who blames you for doing nothing and dishevelling all day will never understand your hard work and share half a point for you.

the person who blames you for not taking good care of the baby and letting the child bump against it will never pick up the crying baby at night to put him to sleep and put you to sleep.


those who do not cherish you, do not retain, those who do not love you, turn around and leave!

A good relationship is to find someone who loves you, accompany you, guard you, give you warmth and strength, and make you strong.

the rest of your life is not long. May you find someone who "stands with you at dusk and asks you if your porridge is warm", stay together, cherish each other, look back on the dim lights, and hold hands side by side.

finally, share this passage of Venus with you:

when my daughter grows up, I will tell her that if a man loves you to squeeze the bus, complains that you don't eat on time, always reminds you to drink less and hurt your health, tells you to be safe when you get home from work on cloudy and rainy days, and sends funny text messages to coax you when you are sick. Please ignore him.

you want to be with the person who is willing to drive you, accompany you when you get sick, take you to dinner, pick you up after work, and tell you, "quit your stupid job and come home with me."

encourage each other!