Everyone in your life shows up for a reason.
Everyone in your life shows up for a reason.
Be grateful for all the warm encounters in your life.


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as the ancients said, "when karma meets, you still suffer the consequences."

everything in the world is cause and effect.

the cause you planted in the past is the fruit you will receive in the future.

the same is true of the encounter between people, which seems to be accidental, but in fact it is inevitable.

in this life, the people who appear in your life are all for a reason.

whoever you meet is doomed

the Buddhist sutra says, "if you meet once in a short time in this life, how many incense and fire in your previous life?"

the encounter between people is the unfinished cause and effect of the previous life.

there is such a story in the Buddhist sutras:

one day, a mouse died on the side of the road and was exposed to the sun.

at this time, a businessman was passing by. When he saw this, he hated to cover his nose and left. Another scholar came and felt compassion, so he buried it on the spot.

the businessman was later reincarnated as Ananda, a disciple of the Buddha.

one day Ananda met an old woman and was angrily scolded by the old woman for no reason and did not even give him saliva.

the Buddha asked Shariputra to apologize to the old man. Unexpectedly, the old man was overjoyed at the sight of him and offered offerings.

Ananda was very puzzled, and the Buddha said:

"this old woman is the mouse of the past, and the scholar is now Shariputra.

because your thoughts of good and evil have given rise to different karma, old women will treat you differently. "

everything in the world is to meet.

as Sakyamuni said, "in a person's life, whoever meets someone has cause and effect."

the reason is to gather, and the people you should meet are bound to meet; if the fate is gone, it will be scattered, and those who are forced to stay will not be able to stay.

the Huayan Sutra tells us: "all fruits start from cause."

every time we meet in life, it is doomed.

every encounter, to put it bluntly, is nothing but a reunion after a long separation.

Life goes through both ups and downs, it is a blessing to meet.

be grateful for all the warm encounters in my life

the book says: "No matter who you meet in this life, you should be the one in your life."

in this world, there is no meeting for no reason. Every time we meet, it will bring us something.

those who love you bring you warmth; those who hate you teach you to be brave.

hurt, can make people grow; frustration, can make people strong.

everything that happens in your life enriches your life.

A man tied an iron ring on an elm tree to tie his own cattle.

as time went on, the iron circle became deeper and deeper, leaving a deep scar on the skin of the tree.

one year, a plant disease infected trees dozens of kilometers around, and none of them survived.

but only this elm with an iron ring survived.

what on earth is going on?

it turned out that it was the iron ring that had scarred the elm that saved the elm.

because of the iron in the iron ring, it suppresses the infection of bacteria.

this tree still exists and is full of vigor and vitality.

even if a tree is like this, let alone a man?

in life, even injuries can become nutrients and make life more resolute.

in this world, there is no appearance for no reason. All the people who appear in your life have deep karma.

someone gives you a scar, but it is also your armor for the future.

so, if you've ever been hurt, please accept it.

because all karma is spiritual practice.

it is not easy to meet each other in this life, and it is even more blessed to meet someone who can bring you something.

whoever it is, he is an important person in your life.

cherish every encounter in life and accept every experience in life.

all the experiences of life are the meaning of our moving forward.

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be grateful for all the warm encounters in my life.

I have heard such a saying: "it is only after looking back 500 times in a previous life that we pass by in this life."

meeting in life is actually predestined.



, thank everyone who appears in our lives, and be grateful for all the encounters in our lives.



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