Few (good in depth)
Few (good in depth)
The best state of life is actually widowed and not alone.


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someone once asked the master sculptor Rodin, "what is art?"

Rodin replied, "subtract the excess."

to be a man, you have to do subtraction.

as the old saying goes, "few words nourish spirit, few sights nourish hearing, and few acquire nourishment."

the avenue is as simple as it is, and its complexity is in the hearts of the people.

scarcity is the best way to practice and the best way to live for the rest of life.

mindlessness is a reduction of mental burden

Li Ruzhen, a novelist in the Qing Dynasty, wrote about more than 30 interesting countries in Mirror Flowers:

among them, there is a country of worry that impressed me very much.

many people dare not sleep because they are always worried that "if they don't wake up, they will lose their lives."


so the people there have been worrying about sleeping day and night since they were born, and there is no happy day.

due to chronic lack of sleep, coupled with excessive worry, the life expectancy of people who worry is also very short.

isn't the stupid-looking Boyan a microcosm of many people in life?

many people are unhappy, not because life is too hard, but because they think too much.

always look before and after, and make simple things complicated, and troubles follow.

I wonder if you have ever had a bug called Yuanyu.

this kind of bug carries it on its back every time it encounters something while crawling.

so on and on until he is crushed to death by the weight on his back.

if you think too much, you will become a bug who only knows how to bear a heavy load, and there is no happiness to speak of.

as the saying goes: those who have the heart are tired, but those who don't care don't care.

Don't think about what you can't think about, and don't worry about what hasn't happened.

Life is a passer-by, so there is no need for thousands of knots.

as the ancients said, "Dust in the eye is narrow in the three worlds, but there is nothing in the heart and a wide bed."

only by thinking less can we live in the present, laugh at our gains and losses, and spend the rest of our lives chic.

few words are powerful in the heart

writer Jia Pingwa spoke very little when he was young because he didn't speak Mandarin well.

originally, he has always been self-abased by this weakness and has tried to practice Putonghua many times.

but a chance experience changed his mind.

that day, he was walking along the road with some stuttering friends when he came across a tourist who also stuttered and asked for directions.

he can't answer if he can't speak Putonghua, but his friends who can speak are equally silent.

then he asked his friend why, and he smiled and explained:

"people stutter, too. If I answer, that person will think I'm imitating and teasing him."

it turns out that knowing how to be silent at the right time is more valuable than being eloquent.

his friend's words untied his heart and brought great inspiration, and he said even less since then.

later, others regretted that he had missed a lot of opportunities because of his lack of words.

however, he felt that he was silent. On the contrary, he allowed himself to avoid a lot of right and wrong and increased a lot of wisdom.

in his view, every silence is a process of getting rid of impetuosity and self-cultivation.

realize carefully that this is true. Life is a silent practice.

when young, people often envy those who are eloquent and eloquent.

it was only at a certain age that I found that the most powerful thing in the world was silence.

the more you talk, the easier it is to get into unnecessary verbal disputes and expend your energy.

the more mature people are, the more they know how to turn their lives into mute mode.

I very much agree with a saying: "only those who keep their mouth shut can keep their brains as jade and their hearts as new."

when you are less expressive and gradually change from a speaker to a listener.

you will find that your heart is calm, and such people are often powerful.

widowed body is the return of the soul

have read such a sentence:

"Life is a lonely journey.


it's hard to be yourself in the hustle and bustle, and it's hard to find a bosom friend in pushing the cup.

solitude is the practice of our whole life; only by being alone can we enjoy true freedom.

cartoon master Cai Zhizhong has no watch, no business card, no mobile phone all his life.

except for rest, almost all leisure time is spent on reading and writing.

the unbearable solitude of ordinary people is, in his view, a kind of enjoyment:

"there is nothing happier than to spend the whole period of time doing what you want to do the most."

for him, the time spent alone is a great enrichment to the soul.

Haruki Murakami once wrote about his daily routine in his book:

"I don't get bored talking to anyone, running or writing articles.

compared with many people, I prefer to read or listen to music quietly. "

the freedom to choose solitude is not solitude for him, but a kind of liberation from the inside out.

as written in the book"when there is endless noise around us, we need a place to live in our hearts."

Let him follow in the footsteps of others, always stay awake, listen to his own heart, and ask nothing.

Let him come and go, always maintain a freedom, settle his soul, and accumulate strength.

the best state of life is actually widowed but not alone.

lack of desire is the purification of the soul

not long ago, I watched the selection of Beijing Opera actress Wang Meiyu

visit, deeply moved by one of her words:

"for every penny of desire restrained, a man approaches an inch of wisdom."

known as "Xiao Meng Xiaodong", she almost won the Beijing Opera Award before the age of 20.

with a profit of 8,000 yuan, he can spend 5,000 yuan to buy clothes, shoes and glasses.

with the expansion of material desire, there is also appetite, because of uncontrolled eating and drinking, she quickly gained more than ten jin.

later, a sentence from her teacher Liu Zengfu woke her up:

"Don't sing for a living, so that your singing will be expensive and not cramped. Without material desire, what is left is the desire for Beijing Opera itself. "

since then, she has developed the habit of becoming a vegetarian and seldom buys more than 68 clothes online.

Today's boss Yu, taking advantage of the east wind of the Internet, has promoted Beijing Opera to more and more young people.

she is more popular than ever, but she keeps her distance from fame and wealth more soberly:

"people's desires are endless, red when they are popular, and rich when they are rich.

I still think that the best state of a person is to be indifferent to fame and wealth. "

maybe everyone goes through two stages in his life:

when I haven't seen the world, I always want to have everything.

but the more you experience, the more you can understand the phrase "the greatest taste in the world is Qinghuan".

you begin to understand that external false fame and material things do not bring true happiness.

if we pursue these things too much, people will become trapped animals in cages and lose more important things.

as Chen Kun wrote in his book:

"what is the essence of life? Each of us is an ordinary person.

when you take away all your personal belongings, such as fame and wealth, the one you can't take away is the real you. "

whether it is fame or profit, it is all in the blink of an eye. Life is not brought, death is not taken away.

in the final analysis, what people live in this life is plain and simple, and all they pursue is peace and quiet.

I very much agree with the saying: "if you live a lifetime, if you have everything, you will know everything."

A person's whole life is a process of turning complexity into simplicity.

the power of "widowhood" makes people live more soberly and have a better quality of life.

selfless thinking is a kind of wisdom;

silence is a kind of sobriety; widowhood is a kind of freedom; scarcity of desire is a kind of realm.

only by reading the word "few" can we make the complex life return to simplicity and the impetuous mentality back to indifference.

only by achieving the word "widowed" can we be the most authentic self in this noisy era.



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