Find your own position (depth good text)
Find your own position (depth good text)
The best state of life is to recognize yourself and keep your heart.





in this world, some people work hard all their lives and still accomplish nothing.

is that you can't recognize your position.

either overestimate one's own ability, high vision and low skill lead to mediocrity;

either belittle your own strength too much and be timid and lead to inaction.

do not overestimate yourself, it is a realm

George Bernard Shaw said a sentence:

"Human beings always overestimate the value of what they do not have."

people are like this, always feel that they can do anything, always think that they are very important, always think that others can not do without me …...

little do you know that fish will die if they leave the water, and the fish will be clear if the water leaves them.

the greatest stupidity of being a man is to overestimate yourself.

A friend told such a story.

Old classmate A

was originally a staff member of a local unit, but he was always free because of his simple work.

so he attributed this leisure to his strong ability, so he was able to work well.

with this "self-confidence", he proudly started the road of "stall entrepreneurship", thinking that depending on his own strength, he would make a lot of money.

who knows, only three days later, he gave up.

"I thought it was easy to do business. I just bought something and bought it low and sold high, but when I did it, I found that I completely overestimated my ability.

those vendors at other people's stalls are very observant. They can see which customers have a strong desire to buy, and who are hesitant but can still win with hard work. I can't. I can't tell my goals from potential customers at all. "

to be a man, you can never overestimate yourself.

Buffett, the god of stock, said: "only when the tide recedes, will you know who has been swimming naked."

the truth will come out one day about how capable a person is and how talented he is.

if you take yourself too seriously, you will only hurt the most; if you praise yourself too high, you will often fall worse.

only by seeing clearly your true level and putting yourself in the right position can you walk more steadily.

after all, when you can look at yourself, you can see who you really are and the world.

Don't look down on yourself, it's a kind of wisdom

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I don't know if you have ever had such an experience:

obviously know how to do this problem, but choose to bow silently for fear of being said to be in the limelight.

when the company runs for excellent employees at the end of the year, you always recommend others and never dare to recommend yourself.

some people praise that you can match and have good taste, but you immediately shake your head and deny it, saying that you are just wearing it casually.

unconsciously, he let himself feel inferior and trapped his life.

always feel that he is not good enough, so he always denies himself; he always thinks that he is not strong enough; so he is afraid to try everything.

Franklin said a sentence:

"the biggest reason for a person's failure is that he lacks sufficient confidence in his ability, and even thinks that he is bound to fail."

the only way is to try to get rid of inferiority and be a person who believes in yourself.

just like Sanmao's experience when he comforted his fans.

then more and more inferiority, more and more unhappy.

later, in her reply, Sanmao comforted her like this:

"if I were you, the first thing I would do is to increase my expectations and self-esteem, sweep away the string of inferiority complex words from my life, and never despise myself."

because my own life is getting richer bit by bit, it's too late to enjoy myself, and I still think so much. "

I think so.

everyone is unique in life, so there is no need to belittle your own existence for the sake of the opinions of others.

only when you think highly of yourself can you get applause from others on the stage of life.

otherwise, you won't even dare to take the stage, how can you talk about dressing up?

it is said in the TV series "the third-rate Road":

"just because he despises me doesn't mean that I will really become small, as long as I don't underestimate myself."

being a man and not belittling yourself is the greatest respect for life.

find the right position, and you win

Laozi has a saying in Daojing: "he who knows others is wise, and he who knows himself is wise."

the most important thing for a person to see himself clearly!

Guo Degang once talked about such a thing in the program.

when Yue Yunpeng became popular many years ago, there was an endless stream of crew looking for him to film.

as his fame grows, Yue Yunpeng's heart becomes more and more inflated and becomes a little impetuous.

at this time, Guo Degang found Yue Yunpeng and poured cold water on him:

"Why do I want you to film? is it because you can act? You can, or you can't.

but you have to remember that you are talking about crosstalk. People come to you not because you are so good at acting, but because you talk about crosstalk in Deyun Society. You still have some wrist, and you use you to add color to their show.

there are so many actors who specialize in film and television acting in China Opera and Nortel, they don't have a job, so why look for you? Is it because of your excellent acting skills? No, no! When you were selling noodles at the fried sauce noodle restaurant, why didn't they ask you to shoot? Do you really think you are Mr. Yue and Uncle Yue? "

this lesson woke Yue Yunpeng up instantly, and from then on he focused on crosstalk and devoted himself to learning skills.

it is with a solid foundation that we have a later star path.

thus it can be seen that it is easy to succeed by recognizing one's own strength and then working hard.

so don't think of luck as a talent, don't think of a platform as a skill.

keeping a clear understanding of yourself all the time is the prerequisite for success.

the best state of life is to recognize yourself and keep your heart.

as the ancients said, "if you have talent but slow nature, you must be a great talent, wise and gentle, and you are great wisdom."

in this life, only by putting oneself in the right position and with humility can one be stable and far away.