For the rest of my life, be a layman, simple and happy
For the rest of my life, be a layman, simple and happy
Life is not simple. Try to live it simply.

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New year old, cherish yourself

time, let a childish person, become mature, let a cheerful person, become silent.

once I was good to everyone. I didn't know how to refuse, and my heart was so soft. Often take care of others, wronged themselves.

Life, if you care too much about others, you will easily lose yourself.

the most important thing in a person's life is to take good care of the people who give birth to you and educate the people who give birth to you. As for others, you should know how to give up, let go and let go.

you take care of others in everything. It's time to learn to take care of yourself.

when you meet the flowers you like, buy them for yourself. When you see beautiful clothes, you put them on beautifully.

the new year old, you should be a new look, clean and refreshing.

smile brightly in the sun, become your own light, shine your own way, and warm the hearts of others.

be a layman, be simple and happy

see a paragraph saying:

"the world is in a panic, but it's just a few taels of silver. Unfortunately, this broken silver can solve the melancholy in the world, make parents healthy and protect the growth of their young children, but it also breaks the thoughts of childhood, allowing teenagers to catch the vicissitudes of life and bend

the backbone. "

Life is hard, but you have to be sweet.

in this world, everyone has his own place, those who stand at the top of the mountain may not be happy, and those who sit on the grass may not be sad.

in the desert, you can still plant your own roses and chase your own kites. In the silent years, the management of life is impressive.

people will grow up unhurriedly in the years.

I used to cry when I met something, then put up with it, and finally laugh, because when I was relieved, I had nothing to fear.

Walking in the troubled world, with too many desires, people's waist is bent, greed is too much, and people's emotions are trapped.

Life is not easy. Try to live it simply.

for the rest of my life, I will be a layman, eating meat and laughing loudly.

Don't think about what you can't think of, and let it go if you can't get it.

when it's time to work hard, make good money, and when it's time to rest, enjoy it.

May the days to come be clean, looking up and meeting tenderness, not pleasing others, not mistreating yourself, simple and happy.

, be a vulgar, upright, magnanimous, breeze with bright moon, walk slowly.




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