For the rest of your life, marry the one who makes you a child.
For the rest of your life, marry the one who makes you a child.
​ may you be loved, understood and spoiled.

an uncle

look at Douyin

when you browse to a video:

the father bought a bear doll for his daughter as a gift for International Children's Day.

the daughter was very happy, but as soon as she looked up, she saw a bigger doll hidden behind her father.

she said with a small mouth, "Dad, I want that big doll."

I thought the father would agree to his daughter's request, but I saw him hand the doll to his wife:

"Honey, this is a holiday gift for mom." And you see, your bear doll was also carefully chosen by your father. "

the little girl curled her lips lovingly and replied, "I knew my father was the most biased. Sure enough, my mother was the child of our family."

there are more than 100,000 likes at the bottom of this video.

what is a good love like?

Bonnie Bernie revealed the truth of love in her Love Letters:

"Honey, I've strayed from the subject again." However, with you, I can digress at will, because I am your spoiled child. "

thousands of the world, the vast sea of people, meet the people who like you, or you like people, in fact, are not rare.

it's hard to meet someone who is willing to "spoil you like a child" with a lifetime of action.

some people say:

"people must gradually mature, see this flashy world more clearly, see the disguised truth clearly, see the hidden falsehood clearly, and many of the things they originally believed will no longer believe."

time forces us to grow up and face the storms in our lives.

but if you meet the person who spoils you as a child, you will feel that maturity is not that important.

Mu Mu is the most "generous" of my friends. She is always very independent and never wants to bother others what she can do by herself.

until there was a little get-together, she came with her new boyfriend.

the hot pot we had together that night, her boyfriend sat on the side, rinsed the food in the hot pot with boiling water before putting it on her plate, and whispered to her:

"you forget that you have chronic pharyngitis and you should feel uncomfortable eating a spicy throat."

then silently, she changed her bowl full of pepper for a clean one.

I was a little surprised at the blush on my face, but then I thought:

No girl in the world is born mature and strong. She only wants to be soft when she is aware of the possibility of being favored.

now they have been married for almost two years.

whenever Mu Mu talks about her husband, she is still sweet as if she had eaten candied fruit: "he spoils me too much, and now I am really more and more like a child."

before getting married, she could change the light bulb in her home when the light bulb was broken, and she could change the toilet by herself when the toilet was clogged. She could also go home alone with a bucket of water and travel to a strange country.

but after meeting her husband, she felt that she had become hypocritical. No matter what happened, her first thought was to find him.

this state of being spoiled is actually just a response to that heart-piercing remark:

it took me more than 20 years to turn myself into an adult. I never thought that because of you, I would become a child again.

maybe you used to be independent and strong, but in front of those who spoil you, you can be that coquettish and wayward little girl without scruples.

it is often said that the best love for a person is to spoil her into a child.

because children's world is the simplest, there is no trouble, do not understand sadness; they are also very easy to be satisfied, a candy, a toy, can become happy.

in the variety show "his wife's Romantic Journey", Zhang Jie asked the guests traveling with his wife in a letter:

she likes to get lost, so please take her by the arm and pay attention to the traffic;

she likes to lose her papers, so please keep your passport for her.

the little sister who lives with her should pay attention to her necklaces and earrings when throwing toilet paper. Don't throw them away together, of course, in case she throws yours away together.


many netizens laughed and said that this is exactly how I take care of my children.

but in Zhang Jie's eyes, he spoils his wife as if he were a child.

when Xie Na was pregnant, Zhang Jie would tell her stories every night in order to coax her to sleep.

even if you are separated from a different place, you have to coax her by phone, and even hang up the phone to make sure that she is really asleep. I just worry that the busy tone of hanging up will wake her up when she has just fallen asleep.

it is precisely because of Zhang Jie's wholehearted protection and love that Xie Na has always retained her childish side in the noisy adult world.

Su Qin said:

"A person who loves you will always remember you in his heart. A person loves you very much and will connive at you everywhere at ordinary times." Only those who regard you as more important than themselves will spoil you. "

people who are willing to spoil you as a child will laugh and play with you, just to protect your childishness and to dig for the sweetness of life with you.

he will remember what he said casually, will care about your mood, and will remember the little habits in your life.

in front of him, you don't have to pretend, let alone be brave, you can drop all your defenses and go back to what you were like when you were a child.

have seen such a piece of news on the Internet:

the boy who sent snow is a programmer from an Internet company in Shenzhen.

Nowhere else you can find such a magnificent wedding dresses for older women. If you have any questions, our fantastic customer service is ready for you.

it turns out that his girlfriend has lived in the south since she was a child. She has never seen snow and wants to feel it for once.

so he chose to send snow thousands of miles and proposed to his girlfriend of eight years.

perhaps for many people, this approach is time-consuming and childish.

but when his girlfriend opened the freezer and saw the melting snowman and the diamond ring, she was only full of emotion.

Girls understand that during the eight years of falling in love, their boyfriends have been spoiling her as a child in this way.

I remember that there was a question on Zhihu: "what is the experience of meeting someone who is willing to spoil you as a child?"


someone replied:

maybe every day is Valentine's Day.

used to be afraid of traveling alone, but now he won't worry at all, because he is a navigation and bodyguard;

when I walk, he always lets me walk on the inside of the road, even if I close my eyes.

he remembers every word I say, and every day with him is romantic;


in our long life, we will meet a lot of people, some people will teach you to be mature, some people will teach you to be independent, but the luckiest thing is to meet someone who makes you a child again.

May every girl be strong and alone, but lucky enough to be loved and spoiled.

May there be someone who holds you in the palm of his hand, so as not to startle you, to avoid suffering, to spare you from nowhere, and to still have a branch to rely on.

Please marry the one who makes you a child for the rest of your life.

A book, no matter how busy it is, never forget to recharge it.