Forget the age and live happily!
Forget the age and live happily!
Try to live a good life, cherish your feelings, and try to be kind to yourself.

Uncle Wu Ming


time, will you stop because of your melancholy heart?


will the years come to a standstill because of your exhaustion?


will life give in because you are unhappy?


No matter how you face life, time is still easy to grow old.

since that's the case, why not live happily?

in fact, people have energy, when you are happy to face life, when you are optimistic to face setbacks, when you are confident in facing the road ahead, then your appearance will affect the people around you.

those who love you will love you more, and those who appreciate you will appreciate you more.

people always say that people who love to laugh will not have too bad luck. Because the world is a mirror, ploughing positive energy, naturally there is positive energy feedback.

in this life, youth is getting farther and farther away from us, but we also become mature.

along the way, we lose our childish mentality, but we also become wise because of it.

after being hurt, we savor the pain of scars, but we are also stronger because of it;

the vicissitudes of age is our appearance, which can not change our state of mind.

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if you face life optimistically, life will smile at us; if you face the road ahead strongly, the road will be smoother and smoother.

forget your age and live happily. No matter how your life is, you can't give up easily. No matter how you feel, you can't lose your enthusiasm.

the abundance of life lies not in how much pain we suffer, but in how we draw strength, how to turn losses into profits, and how to live happily.

remember, no one else is qualified to stop you from being happy, only yourself!

some people, if they don't take it seriously, they can't hurt you; if they don't worry about some things, their hearts won't be heavy.

A day is less than a day, and a year of life is less than a year. Only when you are happy can you live up to the years and yourself.

forget the age, the troubles and the dross.

Don't be reluctant to give up what is bad, stay in the past and don't think about it.

what lies ahead won't happen just because you've worked so hard, and it won't hurt you because you're depressed.

everyone has his own way to go, every journey is experience, and every day has a harvest!

take the road under your feet, don't think about what you don't have, if you don't think about it, you won't be upset. If you smile on your face, you will be young.

the so-called time invincible beauty, isn't it true that beauty cherishes the years?

Flowers and plants are withered and yellow in spring and autumn every year, but life comes only once. We have no afterlife, we can only live this life to our heart's content, not the next life!

try to live a good life, cherish your feelings and be kind to yourself.

what happens when you get old?

want to do, want to love, even if the result is not satisfactory, at least we have no regrets.

Flowers blooming in a greenhouse is the same as blooming on a cliff. It doesn't matter whether anyone appreciates it or not. What matters is whether we can be ourselves confidently.

cultivate yourself deeply, discipline yourself, and live a happy life. In fact, age is just a number.