From WeChat red packet, you can see whether a man loves you or not.
From WeChat red packet, you can see whether a man loves you or not.
May you get a lot of red packets and sincerity.

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Today is thirty years old.

at this time of year, there is always one topic: red packets.

some people say, whether a man loves you or not, just look at WeChat red packet.

some people think that it doesn't matter if you don't have money, just be nice to me.

indeed, everyone has his own set of criteria for judging love.

but it is undeniable that the most important thing in a relationship is to talk about money.

Red envelopes are just appearances, and the feelings revealed in them are the key points.

you know, people only pay special attention to what they like, so WeChat red packet can also know whether a person loves you or not.

WeChat red packet, determines your place in his heart

there is a saying that those who are willing to spend money on you do not necessarily love you, but those who refuse to spend money on you will not love you.

it makes a lot of sense.

when men treat love, they really don't have so much shyness. If they like it, they will show their intention. No, they just don't like it.

A blogger on Zhihu shared his blind date story:

A friend introduced himself to a young man, a big man of 180, with handsome eyebrows, and his first impression was quite good.

after a detailed chat, the girl knew that the boy worked in a foreign company, was still a small leader in the company, and had a decent economic base.

after getting along with each other for a period of time, they decided to have a romantic relationship with each other.

A few months later, it coincided with Qixi Festival. Her boyfriend was on a business trip, and the girl took the initiative to send each other 99 yuan red envelopes meaning "for a long time."

my boyfriend also understood it and sent out three "5.20" red envelopes in succession, accompanied by a sentence, "you know my heart."

her friend also asked her what surprise her boyfriend had prepared for Valentine's Day, and the girl's embarrassed smile passed carelessly.

she recalls that the appointments these days are usually invited once by the other party and once by herself.

when she saw something suitable for a boy, she placed an order directly, and the other party asked her if she wanted it or not, and never surprised her voluntarily.

this Valentine's Day, she didn't think there would be hundreds or thousands of red envelopes, but she was stupefied when she saw that it was 5.2yuan.

the girl is not short of money, nor is she vain. She just suddenly understands:

an adult man with a decent career and financial ability is only willing to give out a red packet of 5.02 yuan during the holidays, which is really not very attentive to her.

for women, handing out red envelopes is a man's attitude.

what girls care about is never that WeChat red packet is too young, but through WeChat red packet, she can see her weight in the heart of her partner.

Zhang ailing once said:

"I am glad to spend his money. Women do not like to spend men's money, women express their love by spending men's money. "

WeChat red packet represents not only a cold string of numbers, but also a man's attitude towards you.

the person who is willing to give you red envelopes is not because of too much money, nor because he is stupid, but at that moment, he thinks you are more important than money.

if a man is fussy about sending WeChat red packet, how generous can he be expected to be to you in the future?

people who really love you may not say many words that love you, but they will do many things that love you with practical actions.

because I love you, I want to give you the best!

the man who really loves you will not be stingy in giving you red envelopes

there was a screen-scanning post on the Internet:

would you like to marry a man who has a hundred yuan to spend on you, or a man who has a thousand to spend a hundred yuan on you?

one of the answers is:

"there is no right or wrong choice, but the former will be very difficult for you to meet again."

on careful reflection, this is indeed the case.

how much a man loves you has something to do with his attitude of spending money on you.

if he doesn't like you so much, every extra penny spent on you will be a pity.

and the man who is really good to you will not think that you want too much, but will only be afraid that you will not give enough.

there was a popular video on Douyin:

the man came home from a part-time job, took out his wife's favorite fruit from his arms, and then gave his wife a wad of money with a smile on his face.

this man may not be a rich man and does not earn much, but he will work hard for his lover and try his best to give his lover a better life.

as Venus said, "if a person says he likes you, please wait until he takes care of you."

there are many forms of love in this world. Some people simply and rudely use "red envelopes" to make a sound, while others are delicate and considerate and express them in action.

although you can't judge the other person's mind by WeChat red packet alone, it really reflects a person's love for you.

the man who really loves you is not only able to say moving words, but also can't stand the slightest grievance in terms of "money".

Zhang Zhilin and Yuan Yongyi participated in a variety show together. In the program, Zhang Zhilin was asked by the program group: "if you had only 24 hours left in your life, what would you say to Yuan Yongyi?"

Zhang Zhilin said affectionately to the camera, "Yuan Yongyi, if I really leave one day, will you have enough money?" If you have said enough, then I will feel at ease. "

spending money may not be the only way to express love, but it is the most direct way.

A person who is willing to spend money for you is willing to pay for you.The man who talks to you about money must be in love with you.

Don't think it's too vulgar to talk about money in love. Remember what Sanmao said:

"Love is not easy to Tian Chang Di Jiu (Eternal Dumpling) if it is not implemented in real life such as dressing, eating, counting money and sleeping."

the person who gives you red envelopes does not necessarily love you, but the man who really loves you will not be stingy in giving you red envelopes!

Adult love is transferring money and marrying you

on Weibo, there was an article about "talking about getting married and secretly buying a house by mortgage".

the woman and her boyfriend have been in love for three years, and they are going to get married and buy a house together. They agree to pay half of the down payment and write their names on the book.

did not expect that her boyfriend secretly mortgaged and bought a house behind her back. The down payment was cobbled together by the man's family, and the house was registered in the boyfriend's personal name.

the girl felt that she had been deceived and went to question the boy, but the answer was: it is more convenient to go through the formalities this way.

her boyfriend's parents also pretended to be well-intentioned, saying that it was unkind to let the woman buy a house and could not let her marry and suffer.

the two sides were deadlocked for a long time, and the wedding was postponed.

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what is even more surprising is that after the holidays and anniversaries, my boyfriend not only spent a lot of money on the excuse of buying a house, there was no need to fix those foolish red envelopes, but also wanted girls to bear all the decoration and appliance expenses.

in a fit of anger, the girl broke off her engagement.

the emotional world of adults always seems to weigh the pros and cons.

they will say a lot of things that love you, but they will do nothing to love you.

the man who really loves you will give you money and heart without reservation, and will never let you compromise on money.

money may not be a prerequisite for starting a relationship, but it must be the basis for going forward.

No matter how passionate love is, it will eventually return to such little things as firewood, rice, oil and salt. Sweet words do not have enough to eat, and vows of love and love are too ethereal.

feeling that money is vulgar only means that you do not love approachable enough.

for women, there are some things I can afford by myself, but the meaning of what you offer is different after all.

what I buy for myself is independence and satisfaction, and what you buy for me is doting and happiness.

and WeChat red packet seems to be a trivial matter, but what is hidden behind it is other people's thoughts about you.

good love is real, not only insipid, but also pay attention to material giving.

, in the new year, may you be full of red packets and sincerity, be spoiled by loved ones in the palm of your hand, and be happy every day.