Good marriages are all "acting".
Good marriages are all "acting".
Marriage needs some love "show", only for the one who loves you and the one you love.

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Bafari Knicks said: "Marriage is a book, the first chapter is about poems, and the rest is plain prose."

but it happens that someone can turn a dull life into a poem.

during the long years of marriage, many people have asked themselves, "how on earth can we keep the marriage sweet?"

in fact, good marriages are all "acting".

No matter how busy and tired you are, don't forget the ceremony

once read a piece of news about an octogenarian couple in Henan Province. They have been married for 65 years and have always been very affectionate.

the reporter went to visit to know the secret of their long marriage.

it turns out that they have been giving each other a hug every day since 2011.

the reporter asked them, "what's it like to hug every day?"

the old man said, "I think hugging can increase the relationship between us." I didn't do much of this when I was young, and now it's time to make up this lesson. "

hugging is a very simple action, but many couples haven't done it for a long time.

I can often see some readers leave messages saying that life is busy and anxious, the relationship between husband and wife is dull, and the family is in a bad mood to do these boring things.

but I think it's just the opposite.

the more you want to go on for a long time, the more you need such physical and spiritual comfort.

cousin Zhou Zhou has an agreement with her husband that she must take 5 minutes to hug before going to bed every day. By the way, tell me about today's mood.

as long as two people are together, it will be carried out.

even if they quarrel with each other that day and are so tired that they don't want to move or blow up when they are bored, they still have to hug each other to sleep at night.

I don't understand: "I don't believe you want to do this every day." There must be days when you don't want to stick together, right? What shall we do? "

Zhou Zhou said, "then act." To the extent that I believed it. "

they have been married for nearly 10 years, have had heated disputes and experienced insipidity, but none of them has affected their pace of going hand in hand, which she says is due to their "acting skills."

later, when she saw that my face was too surprised, she smiled:

"it's not that serious. Basically, I need this hug, and so does he. Maybe it's because I'm used to it. No matter what happens every day, I feel that life can go on for a while. "

it is said that life is like a play, and marriage is not a "play".

I play your wife, you play my husband, stick to each other's responsibilities and snuggle up to each other for the rest of your life.

between husband and wife, it is necessary to "act" in this way. in fact, it can be said to be a small ceremony.

this small agreement is like a fuse, which can string up the gems scattered in the corner over a long period of time, so that you will not forget the love feelings that once shone.

whether it's a good night, a hug before going to bed, or a kiss before going out, it will remind you every day:

this is your lover, the partner you want to spend your whole life with, and please love him well today.

Marriage needs some "little lies"

when I watched the Battle of Love, a couple quarreled and quarreled on the show.

the host asked his wife, "what reason do you have to divorce? is he not good enough, or is he not rich enough to give you sense of security?"

the wife said, "both, neither." All I remember is that from my wedding day, every time I bought new clothes and asked him how he was, he only looked at it, either with contempt on his face or without saying a word. "

with that, the wife cried and shouted, "will you die if you say something beautiful? will you die if you praise your wife's beauty, even if it's a fake?"

everyone needs some encouragement and praise, especially in front of their partner, is there anyone who doesn't want to hear the praise of the person they love most?

but many couples forget this.

they simplify politeness and show their truth in their long relationship, but throw away the praise they should have reserved.

maybe she's not dressed enough, maybe he's out of shape, but what does it matter?

isn't it enough to say "you look good" and just let the other person know that you are still the best in each other's eyes?

this reminds me of Yuan Hong, Zhang Xianyi and his wife.

in the variety show "the Man who does housework", Yuan Hong made a steamed eggplant dipped in water. He wanted to imitate the taste of Zhang Xianyi's hometown dipping sauce and make one for his wife.

originally intended to give his wife a surprise, but the surprise became frightened, because the mustard oil was mistaken for pepper oil, so the taste of this dip is very strange.

when Zhang Xianyi first took a sip, he showed an unacceptable expression, but after looking at Yuan Hong, Zhang Xianyi immediately ate several big mouthfuls.

of course she knew that Yuan Hong didn't mean to put the wrong seasoning, so she joked: "the more you eat it, the more it goes to the top. It's a different flavor. It's great!"

Yuan Hong saw that Zhang Xianyi ate happily and laughed relaxedly, and the atmosphere was very harmonious.

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just imagine, Yuan Hong would be very embarrassed if Zhang Xianyi uttered the words "really bad". Many people understand this, but too many couples choose ways to make the atmosphere worse.

Zhang Xianyi once said in the program:

"Yuan Hong's every move and hobby, I will give the greatest degree and warmest respect and response."

Marriage needs some glue, and timely praise is the best adhesive, which can not only keep the relationship warm, but also reflect the importance and doting of your partner.

I remember that Ge You had a line in a movie: "it's good for a couple to live an empty life."

"false point" does not mean insincerity, blindly "sincerity" is also a kind of low EQ.

Love is a double arrowhead, praise and support for each other is very important in marriage.

living a life is most afraid of "trying to save trouble"

in New Jersey, a 74-year-old man insists on writing love letters to his wife every day for 40 years.

the man's name is Bill, and when he first met his wife, Kirsten, he felt like an electric shock, and the two then got married.

after that, Bill insisted on writing love letters to his wife every day. For nearly 40 years now, his wife arranged more than 10,000 love letters in the family by date, filling 25 cases.

Bill told the reporter: "all the letters are signed and say,'I love you, dear'. They are actually love diaries."

in the past 40 years, Bill has never missed a chance to send a card to Kirston. Even if they travel far away, he is sure to send postcards or write letters in advance.

I think Bill probably wrote these love letters not because he loved writing very much, but because he really loved his wife and wanted to confide in his wife.

so he kept writing, turning this desire to talk into a habit and continuing the original sweetness to this day.

husband and wife have been together for a long time, they will feel that the other side has changed, and they are no longer as considerate and troublesome as they used to be.

from endless chat notes to a few "uh-huh" and "Oh"; from running around shopping for you to "go by yourself, I'm too lazy to move".

Marriage never collapses from blushing, but begins with a meal, a good night, a piece of clothes, and an early riser.

boredom, impatience, loss of confidence, lack of sense of security, these negative feelings, from small moments of life, grow secretly, and finally dominate the direction of marriage.

the sugar water is getting worse and worse, but I don't know that I forgot to add sugar to it.

in fact, husband and wife are like looking in the mirror. I will treat you as you treat me.

when you feel that your life is getting more and more boring, you may want to reflect on whether your way of life is becoming more and more boring.

if you are hungry at night, can you cook a bowl of noodles instead of ordering takeout? can you do something fun together on your day off instead of lying in bed and playing with your cell phone?

those steps that can be saved or saved are all trying to pick them up, and it has to be interesting to live a life.

Don't say "marriage is like stagnant water" after giving up, and don't let "save trouble" kill the sweetness of marriage.

No one's marriage is inherently sweet, and those plots that seem to be "acting out" may be the preservative of marriage.

loving couples will insist on doing "goodwill performances" for each other. You make me happier today, and I will make you happier tomorrow.

when the play is "performed" one after another, the marriage will naturally be sweet.

A good marriage is honed hand in hand and devoted to the stage with the help of a sense of ritual.

, marriage needs some love "show", only for the one who loves you and the one you love.