Goodbye, August; Hello, September!
Goodbye, August; Hello, September!
Life is warm and pure, time is bound to live up to it.

just two days ago, a hotel in Linfen, Shanxi Province collapsed, instantly burying more than 50 people and more than 840 rescue workers around the clock.

the remaining temperature in summer has not dissipated,

the sycamore in the mountains has played the sound of autumn.

the sun is getting shorter,

the sound of cicadas gradually fades away.

there is only 1/3 left in a year.

August, goodbye.

Hello, September.

Hello, September

the hot sun took a nap,

forget the empty heat overnight.

the star shines faintly in the twilight,

turn mountains and rivers into autumn tenderness.


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bid farewell to the mood of depression and heat,

embraced the delicate coolness,

it's time to take good care of yourself.

gauze skirt in the wardrobe, air-conditioning in the room,

put away what should be put away, and turn off what should be turned off.

the past,

just stay in the past.

instead of indulging in triviality,

you might as well turn off the lights and have a good sleep.

eat on time, wash your face carefully,

nothing less hypocritical, free to earn more money.

you have to be gentle with yourself,

Life will give you endless sweets in return.

Hello, September

A book note with a leaf of ginkgo from the cool breeze,

soft clouds hide the aroma of sugar-fried chestnuts,

the soft breeze in the evening shares the clear wine with the dusk,

the cooking smoke was also fumigated to crimson.


everything seems to be brand new,

just like a warm time.

it's time to let go of the past.

Life is sometimes strange,

those who choose will regret,

those who have missed will miss,


those who are unwilling to make peace,

those unforgettable regrets,

will be gently defused by autumn.

Life is so vast,

Don't just be trapped by love.

chase after the wind in the fields

look at all the bits and pieces of the world,

pull out weeds in the heart,

in order to produce happy flowers.

Hello, September

the moon falls into the well,

brew a bowl of clear eyes.

the orange color of the sunset,

embrace the scattered sunset in your arms.


one room, two people, three meals, four seasons,

all stories begin here.

it's time to love hard and hot.

decades of ups and downs in the world,

there are not many good times,

be with someone you like,


in the days of growing love,

May you find a good couple,

plan a trip full of autumn.

have your own dream,

go your own way,

people who love themselves.

any instant heartbeat is hard to come by,

you should learn to be kind to it.

Hello, September

the barren countryside lit up with the color of gold,

fallen leaves sprinkle the street lamp with human salt.

dip in a gentle evening breeze,

write the lines on the water.


the fruit of the years is heavy,

all the good things happen here.

it's time to learn to move forward bravely.


all become me today.

the wound will scar one day,

on the ashes of grass burned by pain,

New buds will grow sooner or later.

Don't worry,

Don't worry,

the reason you planted in the spring,

it is always returned with fruit in autumn.

there are not many goals in life,

A few taels of broken silver, two or three bosom friends, and good health of the family,

that's all.

New September,

May you have a clean mood,

when you see the sun, go and enjoy yourself.

when you see the stars, you dream.

warm and pure all his life,

years are bound to live up to it.