Happiness, half to fight, half to follow
Happiness, half to fight, half to follow
The happiness of life is half fighting and half following.

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the word "man" is simple and intriguing.

the first half of life is like going uphill. Only when you have a firm goal and sweat can you reach the top of the mountain.

the second half of life is like going downhill, take the initiative to unload the burden, relax, and naturally walk briskly and leisurely.

half of the happiness of life should be fought for and half of it should be followed.

in the first half of life, we are not willing to be mediocre, want to pursue better, get more.

so he was fearless and braved all the difficulties.

but life can not always be plain sailing, often even contrary to one's wishes, bumping into the south wall and swallowing broken teeth into the stomach.

when it comes to the second half of life, you should gradually understand:

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if you compete blindly, it is you who suffer;

if you still can't find it after burying your head in a charge, you must learn to retreat bravely.

A few days ago, I went to the hospital to visit a friend, Ah Rong, who has been in hospital for almost a week.

A Rong is a capable man. He can work overtime day and night in order to achieve good results.

in order to order, he often drinks and socializes with customers

as long as the boss is assigned a new task and is not feeling well, he will carry it.

so Ah Rong was promoted quickly and earned more and more money, but because of a serious overdraft, his body gave him a "ticket".

on the night of the collapse, Ah Rong was also going to a wine to meet with clients.

now that he is lying in a hospital bed, all his work has been forced to stop, and he has to rest and recuperate in the hospital for a period of time.

that day, A Rong asked me, "am I spelling too much?"

if you are alive, you must take the initiative to strive for it before you can have the happiness you want.

but if you act in haste, haste makes waste, and you will become physically and mentally exhausted and full of scars.

follow, not to compromise, still less to give up, but to know what to stop and then settle down.

I still remember that Huang Bo resolutely chose to "retire and have a rest" when he won the title of "5 billion Actor".

he said:

"people are happiest when they are halfway up the mountain. Because there is the pleasure of looking down, there is still a certain distance from the top of the mountain, and there is hope to continue to climb. "

enough is a discipline.

Wood burns is not charcoal, but ash.

Don't be too full in your life, don't be too crowded in your life.

when you reach your limit, you should learn to turn and give yourself some space so that you can turn around calmly.

I quite agree with one sentence:

"to be able to enjoy the best and bear the worst is true maturity."

Flowers and applause on the road of life, most people can be idle.

but for rough and muddy, it is difficult to look at it with a normal heart.

there is such a story in the Legend of Guo Tai in the later Han Dynasty:

when Guo Tai was in Taiyuan, one day he saw a man walking along the road with a clay pot on his back. The pot suddenly fell to the ground with a crash and a frightening jump.

who knew that the walker did not look and went on his way as if nothing had happened.

Guo Tai felt very strange when he saw it, so he took the initiative to come forward and ask him, "Why is your earthen jar broken, why don't you look at it, abandon it, and keep walking?"

the man replied, "it's all broken. What's the use of watching it again?"

Guo Tai felt that this man had an extraordinary conversation, could afford it, and was a genius, so he advised him to go to school.

it is recorded in the book that the man's name is Meng Min, the word Shuda.

after ten years of study, Meng Min is famous all over the world.

it is ability to take it up, and wisdom to let it go.

Life is not easy, it is better to worry about gains and losses than to let nature take its course, and it is better to be entangled with regrets than to let things go.

learn to let go, peace of mind, as free as clouds, as free and easy as running water, is the attitude that life should have.

there is a saying:

"the most regrettable thing in life is to give up what you shouldn't give up easily and stubbornly insist on what you shouldn't."

for life, you need an all-out enthusiasm, try your best to do everything well, and live the splendor of life.

at the same time, it also needs the courage to be at ease with the situation, to choose, to work hard, to persist, to walk through, and to have a clear conscience.

as for the result, it doesn't really matter.

there is a saying in Cai Gentan:

"the flowers are half blooming and the wine is slightly drunk, which is a lot of fun."

when flowers bloom for a season, people live a lifetime. Enough is enough, and the shade is appropriate.

the happiness of life is half fighting and half following.

only know how to appreciate the half-blooming flowers, is the most beautiful experience in life.