Hate a person, there is no need to fall out
Hate a person, there is no need to fall out
In the different circles of the three values, you don't have to be strong, just be yourself.

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in this world, everyone is not perfect. Right and wrong are the norm. If we delve into too much, care too much, and torture ourselves with other people's mistakes, we will only worry ourselves.

when people live, there are always people who hate you, and there are always people you don't like.

since the values are different and can't come together, we don't have to blend in, just stay away silently, don't fall out, make everyone unhappy, embarrass each other, and even make enemies for ourselves.

as the saying goes, if the three values are different, there is no need to be friends, different levels, and no need to argue.

to be a man and do things, you always win in the pattern and lose in the dispute.

people are not big at all. If they care more, they will be less happy, their hearts will be relaxed, and their troubles will be less.

people have limited time and energy in this life. If you spend all your time and energy on hating others, the loss will outweigh the gain.

the three values are different, so there is no need to integrate

I think so deeply. People with different values are like parallel lines. No matter how far they go, they are not people on the same road.

the three values are different, you don't have to be friends, you don't have to argue too much.

it is only then that the eagle has the ambition of the eagle and the joy of the sparrow, and is doomed to linger in different heights.

people are different, there is no need to go together, everyone has their own values, everyone has their own living habits, and is bound to live in different circles.

if the three values are different, there will be no resonance, the same ideas will not be produced, and communication will lead to obstacles, and it is inevitable that contradictions will arise at this time.

without the same interests and hobbies, communication is bound to be difficult in the same circle of life.

in life, it is not difficult to find that most of the words with people who do not agree with the three values are a waste of breath.

he doesn't understand what you do, and he even scoffs at what you do. Talking to such a person will have a negative emotional impact on him, increase congestion and cause displeasure.

to know that people get along with others, not tired and comfortable is the best way to get along with each other.

between people, cherish if you can communicate with each other, and give up if you can't.

hate a person, remember, do not tear face, embarrass each other, but also appear to be small, low EQ.

if the communication does not come, the three values are different, it is far away, and you are still quiet.

as the old saying goes, "different ways do not conspire with each other, and different aspirations are not friends with each other."

between people, there is no speculation, but if they have the same interests, they talk about everything.

living in this world, everyone is an irreplaceable individual. Don't wronge yourself for the sake of someone who doesn't like you.

Don't have too much overlap for people who are different from their own values and can't talk to each other, even because their intentional or unintentional words and actions affect their mood and disturb their lives.

you know, each of us has a long and lonely journey in life. In this solitary journey, all we have to do is to find a soul friend who has the same frequency with our thoughts and hearts.

instead of wasting time and energy on unimportant people, use that time and energy to enrich yourself and attract people who are of the same frequency and understand you to comfort the joys and hardships of life!

being a man: winning depends on the pattern, losing depends on the consideration

the pattern of life often determines the height of our lives.

know very well that the pattern is not only a person's bearing, but also a person's feelings.

A person with a large pattern, his mind is as pure as mountains and broad waters, and it is also the clearest and clearest realm that a person has in spirit.

only when the pattern is bigger and the heart is broad, can one's future road become wider and wider.

and a person whose pattern is not high, narrow-minded, has no room for others, and cares about everything, can obviously see the situation of not doing things and talking in life, so he will not be able to become a great event, and life will only be limited everywhere.

sometimes a person's character can determine his fate, and demeanor is also the key to influence the pattern.

if you think carefully and observe carefully, many things you face in life are flexible.

when we can't change other people's minds, when we meet people we don't like, we might as well correct ourselves properly, improve ourselves, and have enough ability to stay away from the circle we don't like right now.

I think so deeply. If one's field of vision is limited, the realm is limited, the pattern is limited, the pattern is limited, and life is limited.

when we stand on the second floor, what we see is rubbish all over the floor. And standing on the 22 floor, will be full of scenery, panoramic view, different floors, there will be different vision and mentality.

very often, the people or things you don't like are just the result of our different heights and different horizons, and there is no difference between right and wrong.

it can only be said that our values are different, and there is no need to struggle too much and care too much.

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as Mr. Carnegie said:


We live in the world for only a few decades, but we waste a lot of time worrying about little things that will be forgotten within a year. What a terrible loss it is. "

people's life is fleeting, and their time and energy are quite limited.

Don't waste money on irrelevant people and thingsTry your best, don't worry too much about small profits, there are scales in your heart, good or bad, do not forget the benefactor to you, do not care about the villain who stumbles.

try to let your heart settle and do things calmly. You don't have to be earth-shattering in life, just be happy.

it is not easy for everyone to live all his life, so it is better to be honest and do things.

if you are too sharp and sensitive and care too much about trifles, you will blindly magnify the small contradictions and disputes with people.

people who don't like to care about things at that time, in fact, if they look back many years later, they will not be worth mentioning at all, and they may even think that their behavior at that time was ridiculous and naive.

in addition, the magnification of the little things also caused trouble for themselves, and entanglement spoiled the state of mind.

many people and things are the choice between thoughts, there is no decisive right or wrong, too serious, too concerned, right is also wrong. If you have a broad heart, you will lose sight of it, and forget what is wrong.

as the saying goes, the great wise must be modest, the great good will be tolerant; only the little wise will be aggressive, and the small good will haggle.

people's life is a long journey, there are always those who meet, to enrich the scenery, there are always some meet, wasted time.

but it doesn't matter. This is the way life is. There is no choice but to accept it calmly and then keep correcting yourself.

people live all their lives, plants and trees in one autumn.

in dealing with the world, you should not only know how not to embarrass others, but also know not to wronge yourself.

in the face of the person you don't like, you don't have to tear your face, just stay away.

in different circles, you don't have to be strong, just be yourself.

take the big things seriously and don't worry about the little things!