Hello at 2021, see you at 2020!
Hello at 2021, see you at 2020!
2021, you might as well open it with a smile and candy.

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the past is over and everything is new.

the north wind is coming across the mountains, opening a new chapter in the calendar.

before you know it, you have to say goodbye to 2020.

looking back on this year, some people are happy, some are miserable, some are happy, some are sad.

but in any case, those who are happy and unhappy are over after all.

you might as well calm down and think about it:

have you let go of your regrets?

goals been achieved?

are you ready to move on?

about the past

this year, life is full of twists and turns and thorns everywhere.

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We have experienced an epidemic besieged on all sides, but also faced with the ferocious rapids of floods, disasters one after another, and sometimes we inevitably think that it is not easy to live.

Yes, life is hard to start, and it doesn't make any sense.

but promise me that even if there is a small depression, please do not lose.

there is still a long time to come, those who are not reconciled, those who can not let go, just bury them in time.

wave goodbye to the old, clear all the bad mood with one click, throw away the troubles, throw away the depression, and take the whole world seriously with a gentle and hot heart.

you know, life won't change because you worry.

when you feel sad, you might as well think of the soft clouds, the gentle snowflakes, the candy in your pocket, and the words of ironing, you will find that there are many more shining moments.

stop tossing and turning, stop worrying about yourself.

about yourself

this year, time flies so quickly, and I have grown up to be one year old.

now that you are an adult, don't let your mother remind you.

put on a soft, warm, thick sweater, eat hand-made healthy food, and take a comfortable nap in the hot sun.

when the wind is warm and the sun is warm, you can also take out all kinds of things to bask in, and then make an appointment with a couple of good friends, visit the fireworks-smelling bazaar, and collect the happiness of the whole winter in long sleeves.

you see, the roasted sweet potatoes on the street are dripping with honey, and fried chestnuts with sugar are also stained with warm aroma.

the change of season is not only the fruit, but also the new and old mood.

Don't let the complexity of life interfere with the sweetness of your heart. No matter how busy your life is, you can be full of enthusiasm.

from today on, buy yourself flowers and grow up.

have the courage to deal with things and the sobriety to distinguish right from wrong.

stop worrying about what other people think. After all, no matter how hard you work, you can't satisfy everyone.

the remaining days are not long, so you might as well cherish yourself.

even if the world is boring, it doesn't matter. You can live a lovely life.

about family

this year, I am often on the run and seldom look back.

on second thought, it seems that I haven't been with my family for a long time, giving my father a hug and giving my mother a kiss.

in fact, work can never be done and friends can never be done, but the days spent with parents are getting less and less every day.

Don't wait for another day and next time, when you are free, put down everything, pack your bags and go home to have a look.

have a meal of braised pork cooked by my mother, then play a game of chess with my father, talk about trivial things in the neighborhood, and chatter about them year after year.

lie on the mattress when I was a child, devour all the insomnia and anxiety, and have a sweet dream.

in the past, a good temper was always reserved for outsiders, but a lifetime of tolerance and tenderness might as well be reserved for the family.

Life is short and time is impermanent. You never know when parting between life and death will come.

so, when everything is too late, cherish everything you want to cherish, cherish everything you want to love, and collect all tenderness properly.

when you reach a certain age, you will understand that the peace and happiness of the family is the most important thing to look forward to.

about partners

this year, some people come and go, some stop and stay.

you may have missed someone late at night, but since you've said goodbye to the moldy dream on your pillow, don't think about it any more.

there is a saying that is right: if you go the wrong way, remember to look back; if you love the wrong person, remember to let go.

you know, it doesn't make sense to go in both directions.

quit staying up late, stay away from bad people, grow up safely in quiet years, and learn to have the ability to love and be loved.

he will accompany you in a warm love affair, share a pocket with your hands, and contain all your oddities.

light a lamp for you when it is dark and give you an umbrella when it rains. From then on, two people in a room have three meals for four seasons, stewing the ordinary years into a sweet taste.

everything will be for the best.

as long as you wait.

about the future

have you had a good year?

maybe you have tasted all the ups and downs, but also experienced joys and sorrows.

but that's what life is like--

half trivial, half romantic; half boring, half charming.

although we can't resist the erosion of time, we can choose the way we live.

is about to say goodbye to 2020.

for 2021, open it with a smile and candy.

put aside the bad mood of the past, embrace the good mood of the rest of your life, and run in your love with the attitude of always looking forward to it.

wish you:

everything you ask for is true, and everything you do is smooth.

No disease, no disaster, no hardship, no resentment, live a sober and thorough life, and have endless happiness.

Please believe:

New 2021,

you will meet a better yourself.