"Hello, Li Huanying" is popular: Jia Ling reveals the truth of the adult world in a word.
"Hello, Li Huanying" is popular: Jia Ling reveals the truth of the adult world in a word.
As we grow up, our parents are no longer young.

many friends know that this film was created by Jia Ling in memory of her unexpected mother Li Huanying, and she devoted almost all her painstaking efforts to this film.

Jia Ling said:

"after my mother died, even if I went to the Spring Festival Gala, I could marry very well, no matter what I did, it was always difficult for me to be happy.

when I lie in bed at night, I will think, my mother doesn't know, without her, I have lost the meaning of Chinese New year.


every time she mentions her mother, Jia Ling can't help crying. Her mother's departure is a pity for her. Many times when she dreams in the middle of the night, she will think of her mother's appearance.

I'm afraid it's not only Jia Ling, but also the most difficult hurdle in our life for our children to support and kiss.

I don't want to elaborate on the movie part, because it will involve the content of the film.

after watching the movie, I found out and watched the sketch "Hello, Li Huanying" performed by Jia Ling and Chen he.

"when parents are here, there is still a place for life; when parents go, life is only on the way home." it turns out that this sentence is so true and so heartbreaking.

both movies and sketches, Jia Ling amused the audience with comedies she was good at.

but the more you look back, you will find that how funny the front is, how easy it is to cry behind.

at the end of the sketch, when Li Huanying's life unfolded in front of Jia Ling like a walking lantern, she could no longer control her emotions.

Mom, you love to laugh so much.

because mom gave birth to you.

Jia Ling was the only one on the big stage, crying in the dim light.

Jia Ling said to her mother on the stage:

Mom, I bought you a refrigerator, and it still has a double door.

Mom, I've changed that green fur coat for you, too. It must look good on you.

Mom, I am a comedian now, and many people like me.

Mom, I miss you so much.

the death of her mother became the saddest thing in Jia Ling's life.

it is said that after the program was broadcast that day, Jia Ling called her father and asked how the sketch was doing.

my father pretended to be relaxed and said: the actor who played me is too fat.

We always think that our parents are omnipotent supermen, but when we grow up, we realize that our parents are no longer young.

their hands became wobbly, they began to wobble when they walked, and now they always feel exhausted when they used to carry us up and down the stairs without any difficulty.

years have left traces on them, but we are never ready to part from them.

We can't imagine how desperate it will be when an accident arrives before tomorrow.

in 2013, on the night of Yue Yunpeng's performance in Germany, he received the news of his father's sudden death.

put down the performance, sorry for the audience who like him; perform on the stage, sorry for the father who didn't even see him for the last time.

after struggling for a long time, he decided to endure his grief and perform on the stage.

after returning to the curtain call, guilt, regret and remorse poured into his heart. He could no longer help himself and burst into tears.

, he wrote four paragraphs of stories with his father on Weibo.

the poet Dong Yufang rewrote his story into lyrics, and musician Xu Fei composed music and worked together to create the touching song "if there is a direct elevator to heaven".

if there is a direct elevator to heaven, I would like to do whatever it takes to see you and show you my achievements.

if there is an elevator to heaven, I will do whatever it takes to see you and show you my children who look like me and you.

the longer the time goes on, the stronger their regrets become.

in the program "thinking about the Peach Blossom Garden", Yue Yunpeng mentioned the story between him and his father.

he said that what his father wanted most was to see him on the Spring Festival Gala, but this dream was really far away for Yue Yunpeng at that time.

at that moment, he had mixed feelings: if only he could give him a little more time, if only Dad could see all this.

after the recording, Yue Yunpeng walked out of the door of the TV station, looked at the sky with tears in his eyes, and gently asked: are you there?

he believes that in another parallel time and space, there has always been a person who is watching him silently, proud of what he has achieved today.

A hundred years of Solitude says: "parents are the mat between us and death."

parents should not only give us love and protection, but also bring us spiritual sustenance.

No matter how old we are, in the eyes of our parents, we are just restless children.

even if everyone wants us to face the reality and cruelty of the adult world, our parents are still the harbor we can rely on.

but as we get older, we become more and more reluctant to express our feelings with our parents, and we don't understand until we lose it that what we leave behind is endless.regret.

when singer Li Jian talked about his relationship with his father on the program, he said that the two are general father-son relationship.

"We are just asking if you are in good health and how are you recently, and we will not ask you any recent troubles in a deeper level."

later, my father had bowel cancer and was unable to walk, so Li Jian had to carry it on his back to go to the toilet.

once when he came back from going to the bathroom, his father said softly on his back: "forgive Dad!"

Li Jian, who is not good at words, could not say anything to comfort his father's grief.

You will look even more stunning in our beige prom dresses. We are your one stop shop for a perfect choice.

until now, the four words of his father are still the most difficult pain in Li Jian's heart.

the world is developing, and in this era of information explosion, the generation gap between us and our parents is also widening.

We always excuse that we are busy at work, but we have time to go out to dinner and sing with our friends all night.

We always say that we don't have time to call home, but we can talk on the phone with friends for hours.

We always say that we have to work overtime on holidays and don't have time to go home, but we can take our luggage to see the ever-changing world.

slowly, we separate our parents from our world little by little.

and parents are increasingly worried that they will become a burden to their children.

I dare not tell my children when I am ill, for fear that they will be worried.

stop nagging on the phone for fear of wasting your child's time if you talk too much.

in fact, it's not that we can't feel the change of our parents, but we always have a little bit of luck.

until they were so tired that they could no longer protect us from the wind and rain, we began to regret why we didn't give more and pay a little more.

in never forget the Restaurant, Huang Bo talked about his family for the first time.

his father suffers from Alzheimer's disease, which is already in the middle and later stage.

at first, Huang Bo just felt that his father was old and had memory problems.

until one day Huang Bo came home and his father regarded him as his old comrade-in-arms.

Huang Bo heard a moment of silence and carefully told his father, "I am your son."

did not expect that his father's words made him fall into the ice: "I have never had a son."

this sentence instantly destroyed Huang Bo.

talking about the experience of being beaten as a child, Huang Bo choked up several times: "in fact, if you look back, how happy you would be if he could beat you now."

growing up, our parents have always been our strongest backing.

the father who can hold us above his head, and the mother who cooks delicious food and keeps running the house, they have been protecting us with their own strength.

We always want to repay our parents when we are successful, but we do not realize that our parents have already been left behind by us while we are trying our best to move forward.

I didn't go home for the Spring Festival this year. I made a video call with my parents on New year's Eve and first showed them our New year's Eve dinner.

I looked at their table again and found that there were only a few dishes and two plates of dumplings on it.

Mother replied, "neither of you came home, and your father and I couldn't eat too much."

We all hope that parents can be "heartless", healthy, delicious, develop their own interests and hobbies, and don't pay attention to their children.

but it is undeniable that for parents, it is their biggest thought that their children often go home and have a look.

but such a simple wish is becoming more and more difficult.

We are growing up, and our parents are no longer young.

they are slowly out of touch with the times, their ideas become obsolete, and they have less and less common topics with us.

but I want to say:

you may not listen to their advice, but you should learn to be gentle;

you can not listen to their nagging, but you should try to be patient.

you should try to bring them into your life. Don't push them away rudely.

what parents want is very simple, a word of thinking, a greeting, a miss, is their best satisfaction.

parents are secretly getting old, when you least expect them to.

as children, we should not be stingy to express our love.

in the limited days, I hope you can go home to see more, if the work is not allowed, also remember to make a phone call to care.

learn to love them as much as they love you before it's too late.

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