Heterosexual intercourse, silly women look at faces, stupid women look at money, smart women look at these four points!
Heterosexual intercourse, silly women look at faces, stupid women look at money, smart women look at these four points!
Often choose what kind of man, will live what kind of life.

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as the saying goes, "Men are afraid of entering the wrong profession, while women are afraid of marrying the wrong man."

Love is like seeing flowers in the fog. If you don't pick them with your own hands, you never know whether they are thorns or roses.

for women, marriage is a major event related to the future fate and lifelong happiness.

often choose what kind of man, will live what kind of life.

silly women only know how to look at faces, stupid women patronize money, and smart women value these four things in men.

the character of the other person

as the saying goes, "feelings are flowers, character is mountains, summer flowers are perishable, mountains are hard to move."

whether a man is worthy of being entrusted or not, character is the most important cornerstone. And a person's character depends on his subconscious attitude towards you.

such a picture has been popular on Weibo:

at the moment of the earthquake, the husband near the door immediately returned to the house and grabbed his wife to protect her and ran out together.

later, my wife admitted in an interview: "it was the same with him before the earthquake, protecting me and my children with his body."

those men with reliable character will always care about you, worry about your warmth and safety, and regard your life as more important than your own in the face of crisis.

they may not have much ability to make you rich and rich, nor have they said many sweet words to you, but their words and deeds are full of sincerity.

when women choose marriage, they must first open their eyes and see each other's character clearly.

No matter how nice he says, you should carefully consider his actual actions.

because when trifles slowly infiltrate into pure love, too many promises and vows will go up in smoke.

those men with bad character will be full of calculations in their eyes and turn a blind eye to your tiredness and hard work.

when you are sick for a long time, don't expect him to take care of you and share hardships with you.

as the writer Su Cen said:

"Don't just be infatuated with love, character is more important than that. Love is temporary, character is eternal. When love fades away, the relationship between two people is maintained by kindness. "

A real man with good character will never abandon you or betray you when you encounter "adversity, poverty and disease". On the contrary, he will be doubly kind to you, and such a man is worth giving his life.

the temper of the other party

No one is born with a good temper, but mature and stable men tend to know how to control their emotions.

when you associate with such a man, you gain not only the sweetness of life, but also infinite tolerance.

Grandma is 80 years old this year, and she smiles when she sees everyone on weekdays. The neighbors say that the old lady is kind-looking and looks 60 at most.

as a matter of fact, Grandma's youth has a lot to do with Grandpa.

Grandma said that when she was young, she had a bad temper, kept a bitter face all day, didn't say anything about doing housework, and it was easy to lose things.

but after marrying Grandpa, Grandpa always waits patiently for her to finish her work, and then quietly reorganizes herself.

even if grandma likes to change her style when she is tired of cooking, Grandpa always happily praises her as a "gourmet master".

Grandpa has never been anxious with grandma in his life, but whenever someone says something wrong about grandma, grandpa will still hold that person to explain for a long time.

the two have spent most of their lives hand in hand, and grandma's temper has gradually become gentle.

my mood is simple and happy, and my face is naturally much younger than my peers.

in fact, judging whether a woman is happy or not can often be seen from her face.

think of a sentence I have read:

A woman's best dowry is a considerate and warm heart, while a man's highest dowry is a lifetime of accommodation and love.

men with a bad temper always like to haggle over all aspects of their lives. They only know how to live in their homes and find a sense of existence in their families.

while men who are really responsible know how not to bring a bad temper home, they will communicate calmly with their loved ones and speak kindly to their children.

if a man cannot change his bad temper, no matter how handsome he is and no matter how well-off he is, he must not marry.

because endless complaints, dislikes, and blows can make you feel lonely, feel inferior, and even completely lose your expectations for the future.

the circle of the other party

some people say that if you want to get to know someone quickly, just look at the friends around him.

what kind of friends a man has indirectly reflects his level and quality of life.

I know a girl. She and her husband met at a friend's wedding, and they fell in love at first sight.

after the relationship, the girl dined with the man's friends many times, mostly talking about the opportunistic livelihood of "money makes money".

later, the girl inadvertently mentioned this when she was chatting with her best friend, who said bluntly that the man's circle was too messy and advised her to be cautious if she got married.

but the girl who was carried away by love did not listen to her friend's advice and quickly entered the hall of marriage.

after marriage, the girl slowly realized that "the tears after marriage are all the water in the head before marriage."

three months after giving birth, she found that her husband owed hundreds of thousands of foreign debts because he invested with his friends.

the two had a big fight, and the husband talked back harshlyHe said, "my good brothers have all voted. If I don't participate, I will be laughed at."

there are a group of bad friends around, no matter how firm the quality is, it will be gradually assimilated.

what kind of person you get close to, you will take the same way; what kind of circle you enter, you will have what kind of life.

if a man has friends who are safe and take care of his family, there is a good chance that he will become a good helper in your marriage in the future.

and his friends usually only care about eating, drinking and making merry, but do not like to work hard, and over time, he will just sit back and enjoy his success.

A man who has a successful career and is worth trusting for life, in addition to working hard and hard enough, there must be a group of real brothers behind him.

look at each other's parents

Jane Austen once said: "in marriage, it is absurd to think only about family means; it is foolish not to think about family means."

the family situation here refers not only to the family's financial situation, but also to the parents' values and patterns of getting along with each other.

colleague Mei Yu decisively broke up with her boyfriend of two years last week.

it turned out that Mei Yu went to visit her boyfriend's parents and found that only her boyfriend's mother was busy in the kitchen, while her boyfriend and his father were lying there browsing their cell phones and watching football games, with no intention of helping.

during the meal, everyone began to move chopsticks, while her boyfriend's mother was still busy in the kitchen. Mei Yu wanted to wait for her aunt to eat together, but her boyfriend said, "my family has always been like this, let's eat first."

at the dinner table, his father scolded his mother while eating, either complaining that the food was salty or that the food was not soft enough.

Mei Yu looked embarrassed and looked at the scenes in front of her. She seemed to see what she looked like after marriage.

the original Family says: "parents have planted spiritual and emotional seeds in our hearts, and they will grow up with us."

if the husband always turns a blind eye to his wife's efforts, the children will gradually become parents under osmosis.

and those children who grow up in the love of their parents will naturally know how to love.

An actress once talked about her feelings about marriage in an interview. "I think girls still have to see each other's parents when they get married," she said. "

and shared the story when she and her husband first met:

every time they go out to dinner with the husband's father, no matter what they eat out, the father will pack some food for his mother and take it home.

this kind of thing seems ordinary, but it makes an actress feel very warm.

she believes that he will be as kind to his wife as his father, and the two get along well after marriage.

the original family is often the most authentic background of a man, and all his personality traits will be reflected on it.

therefore, observe the relationship pattern of each other's parents before marriage, because this is likely to be what your future marriage will look like.

in a sexual relationship, if a woman wants to get married happily, she might as well take a good look at each other against the above points to see if he is worthy of being entrusted for life.

No matter how good your appearance is, you will grow old one day; no matter how rich your family is, you will lose out even if you don't want to make progress.

A man's character and temperament determine whether he is reliable in marriage, and his circle and parents are the true portrayal of your marriage.

once you choose the wrong person because of a mistake, you may regret it for the rest of your life.

I hope that every girl can meet beautiful love and simmer your love in the broken time. For the rest of my life, there will be lights in the dark, umbrellas in the rain, and loved ones around me!