Hide the heart (good text in depth)
Hide the heart (good text in depth)
Only by hiding it without revealing it, can we go far and steady.

as an old saying goes, "the husband is born in spring and grows in summer, harvest in autumn and hide in winter."

in the depths of winter, it looks bleak, but it actually hides the wisdom and vitality of nature.

at this time, everything is dormant in silence, waiting for the vigorous rebirth of the coming year.

Gui Guzi said: "the way of saints lies in hiding and hiding."

"hiding" has always been the wisdom of thousands of years.

whether it is to be a man or to act, only by hiding it without revealing it, can you be stable and far away.

hide words

when Confucius was visiting the Tai Temple, he saw a bronze statue with several seals on his mouth.

since then, he often teaches students with "tight-lipped".

as the Buddhist sutra says, "for all sentient beings, evil comes out of the mouth."

words are a double-edged sword. Many words are bound to make mistakes, and too many words can easily lead to disasters.

many troubles in life are often caused by two thin lips.

Liao Li during the period of the three Kingdoms was highly regarded by Liu Bei when he was only a counselor in his early years.

before the age of 30, he was appointed Changsha Tai Shou, and a few years later he became a Ba County Tai Shou.

after Liu Bei called Wang Hanzhong, he was promoted to a waiter and ordered him to accompany him around to give advice.

Zhuge Liang once praised him as a rare "Jing Chu wizard".

but this person has nothing but talent, but he is extremely narrow-minded, and his words and deeds are very groundless.

in private, I often talk to people about Zhuge Liang, Li Yan and others, although they are in high positions, but their talents are far inferior to themselves.

after Liu Bei's death, he, who was not allowed to be used by Liu Chan, became more and more resentful and spoke wantonly.

he not only blamed his colleagues unscrupulously, but also talked about the faults of Liu Bei and Guan Yu in public.

Liu Chan flew into a rage when he heard the news and dismissed him from his post.

within a few years, Liao Li died depressed.

as the old saying goes, "if you speak, you will know; if you are silent, you will know."

High mountains do not speak, running water does not speak, life is actually a silent practice.

born a human being, the most rare thing is not to be eloquent, but to know how to be silent at the right time.

it is good to hide some things, and there is no need to publicize them; for some things, it is good to understand them, and there is no need to explain them thoroughly.

as the Book of changes says, "there are few words for auspicious people, but there are many words for irritable people."

if you try to be outspoken for a moment, you will only have a lot of troubles.

most of the really wise people know how to control the desire to speak.

hiding words is not only the high wisdom of life, but also the password of successful life.

knows what is right and wrong, but never reveals it.

only in this way can we get along well with others and avoid unpredictable troubles.


there is a saying in Cai Gentan: "the talent of a gentleman should not be easily known."

in this world, there has always been a man who is innocent and guilty.

outstanding talent is always a good thing, but if you always show off in front of people, a good thing becomes a bad thing.

throughout ancient and modern times, how many heroes have had a bumpy career because they do not know the wisdom of "Tibetan vessels".

Yang Xiu, a talented man, is not only known as a rare wizard, but also a teacher of Cao Zhi.

but he often relied on his talents, showed off everywhere, and ended up with a strategy but did not end well.

Senior General Han Xin, who has made numerous achievements in his life, does not know how to judge the hour and size up the situation and restrain his edge.

finally aroused jealousy.

as an old saying goes, "therefore, a gentleman must be smart and talented in order to have the strength to shoulder Hong Ren."

the wood is better than the forest, and the wind will destroy it. The real wise man often knows the way of "hiding".

some people have described Sima Yi's life in this way: the first half of his life was low-key and introverted, and the second half of his life was based on accumulated strength.

in his early years, he buried himself in poetry books and amassed great talents.


when he was an official in the court, he was careful everywhere and kept a low profile.

Cao Cao has been hiding his talent in front of him.

because he knows very well that only in this way can Cao Cao, who is paranoid by nature, rest assured about himself.

it was not until the death of Cao Cao that Sima Yi began to show her talent in planning the bureau.

for many years since then, he has been continuously valued by Cao Pi and Cao Rui.

the Book of changes once said, "A gentleman hides utensils in his body and waits for time to move."

Sima Yi's way of hiding utensils is also a warning and warning to future generations.

No matter how good the sword is, its edge will be blunted with the wind.

only when you hide carefully on weekdays and when the time comes, is a sharp knife.

as the saying goes, "foolish people often show off, but wise people hide more."

those who add talent are masters, and those who do not show their talents are masters.

keeping a low profile is the philosophy of achieving great things; if you are not arrogant or flashy, you can be regarded as a wise man in life.

to be a man and do things, only modest and introverted, silently accumulate strength, can you have the last laugh.

Tibetan heart

"Caigen Tan" wrote: "every major event, there must be calm."

Life has always been intertwined with high and low, bitterness and happiness, and the highest state of hiding is the hidden heart.

in the face of the success or failure of life, the wise man does not speak, the master does not speak.

when he first joined Chang'an, he won the championship at one stroke. When he was young, Wang Wei was the most famous champion for a while.

after entering middle age, his lifeSuddenly fell from the top of the mountain to the trough.

his wife died in childbirth, and his best friend died unfortunately.

he himself has experienced ups and downs and has been treated unfairly many times.

however, all the ups and downs have not dragged down the poet.

as he said in his own poem: "

it is better to lie high and eat more than the clouds of the world.


when he looked down on everything, he did not complain at all, but settled down, hid himself in the landscape, and cultivated his body and mind.

in the lowest situation, on the contrary, he lives to the highest level.

later, Wang Wei's official career returned to success.

the world praises him for being light, quiet and indifferent.

on the way of life, everyone will encounter the loss at the end of the mountain and water.

it is not the current situation that determines the future path, but your current state of mind.

blindly complaining will only lead to confusion, while the master will only deal with it calmly and calmly.

Zhuge Liang once said: "you can't be clear without indifference, and you can't go far without serenity."

the University also has a saying: "quiet and then can be safe, quiet and then can worry, worry and then can be obtained."

gain and loss of joys and sorrows is the norm of life.

hide the heart, is the indifference of favor and disgrace, is calm and calm.

Tibetan heart is the fortitude of sorrow but silence, and the introversion of bitterness but silence.

No matter what the current situation is, calm down and take it easy.

you just be yourself. God has his own plan.

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everything is hidden in winter to avoid the cold wind and to accumulate strength in the coming year.

hiding is not only the way of preservation, but also the way to break the situation.

when you are alive, you should hide something.

Tibetan speech is a kind of wisdom, Tibetan ware is a kind of pattern, and Tibetan heart is a very high realm.