How many marriages: want to be inseparable, want to have a bad life?
How many marriages: want to be inseparable, want to have a bad life?
Marriage is actually a self-cultivation.


"after 10 years of marriage, I finally know what people often say about aged woman.

I am only in my 30s, and I am often asked about my 40s, and my face is covered with powder of vicissitudes of life.

probably, my life is too bad.

when he was introduced, he felt that he was not very enterprising, but his parents persuaded that when they had children, they would naturally know how to work hard.

but now that the child is 8 years old, he still doesn't want to make progress, and he doesn't want to get involved in things big or small in the family at all.

those petty parents have worn away my enthusiasm for marriage, and now I can't even squeeze a smile out of my face.

I went back to my mother's house to complain, but my mother scolded me for being hypocritical, saying that she had endured the same way in her life.

"A woman's family has to marry a chicken and marry a dog. Moreover, the children are still young, let alone divorce. "

Uncle, I don't want to live like this all my life. Can you help me? "

there is something wrong with marriage, which should be an inevitable life experience for most people.

many couples are as sweet as candied fruit before marriage, always thinking that it will be the same after marriage, but there is always a gap between ideal and reality.

sometimes, you might as well ask yourself, is there something wrong with the marriage or ourselves?


column, Uncle wants to talk to you about

several truths about marriage


Marriage is a hard thing to do.

I hope that after reading the article, even if you see through the truth of marriage, you still have the courage to believe in love.


who doesn't dislike each other,

spend the rest of your life with each other

some people say that most of the unsatisfactory marriages in the world end up quarrelling for nothing.

I was puzzled at first glance, but suddenly at first glance.

if you look at the people around you who walk into the besieged city, most people may not be satisfied with their partner, but they will still choose to live with each other for the rest of their lives.

this is particularly evident in parents' generations.

my parents have been married for nearly 30 years, and they can count the days when they are at peace with each other.

on weekdays, who goes out to walk the dog, weeds the yard, cooks and washes dishes. Both of them can hold a grudge against these trifles for a while.

Dad hates that Mom is not gentle and virtuous enough and hasn't changed for 30 years, while Mom has never made progress in his work and hasn't changed for 30 years.

but I have to admit that it is under these petty trivialities that the bond between the two people is getting deeper and deeper.

they are worse than those who want to divorce a hundred times and those who want to strangle each other fifty times.

now when I look back on the past, my mother can still smile like a girl, and my father will be as shy as a boy.

all the marriages in the world that can go through a lifetime hand in hand are not perfect.

No one is perfect, no one is perfect. Marriage means that two people have to knock over the past and live together in the coming decades.

those unknown loneliness and struggle, only understand will really know how to maintain and cherish.

I know an old couple who have gone through a golden marriage, and they seem to be very affectionate.

but when asked the old man about how to keep the marriage lasting, the old man said, "it's nothing more than one word-patience."

when the old lady heard this, she added angrily, "put up with it even more."

the word "patience" can be regarded as the true meaning of marriage.

Yes, life will be very difficult without the magnanimity of the Tathagata and the ability of Tai Chi to push hands.

Children have different opinions when they grow up, which can be detonated in three or two sentences; if parents continue to argue about the issue of providing for the aged, all they have to do is to shout loudly; the trivialities of life are all the same, one small quarrel in three days and one big quarrel in five days.

patience is not compromise, but negotiation; patience is not cowardice, but empathy; patience is not incompetence, but love.

there is a saying that goes very well: "We are all one-winged angels, and we can only fly together."

looking back one day, we can see that it is the chicken feathers that have nowhere to be placed in this place that have made each other's complete lives.


Happy marriages adapt to each other,

unhappy marriages change each other

how much you want to change each other, how painful you are in your marriage.

Happy marriages adapt to each other; unhappy marriages change each other.

the man who lives opposite me is a young couple. When they first moved in, they even wanted to take out the trash hand in hand.

but in just one year, I have seen no less than dozens of quarrels.

in the most ruthless time, the wife threw all her husband's things out the door, crying and complaining that the man was inconsiderate and his life was sloppy, and often competed with himself for trifles.

the husband couldn't stand it, mocking his wife for being nagging and not dressing up, and he was ashamed to see his friends.

"it was only when I was blind that I married you. Marrying anyone is better than you."

"you can go with whoever you think is good. Anyway, I've had enough!"

the two gradually rose to personality attacks and almost didn't have a big fight.

champagne prom dresses are everlasting subject of fashion which show off your exquisite femininity. We have something absolutely perfect for any occasion in your life.

is it true that the next person you meet will be better than your ex?

I have read such a sentence in a book: it is not until middle age that one discovers that the truth of marriage is the same as anyone who marries.

people often say that whether a marriage is happy or not depends on whether you marry a good man and whether he treats you well.

but the probability of meeting a good man is too small, people's life is too long, no one can guarantee that someone will be kind to you for a lifetime.

the best refrigerator has an expiration date, not to mention people.

when we choose marriage, we often marry because of each other's strengths, but ignore our tolerance for shortcomings.

blindly want each other to become the same habit and pace as their own, and the result is often counterproductive, turning a good lover into an enemy.

in fact, husband and wife are like springs. The tighter you press, the more serious the rebound will be.

in the final analysis, marriage is actually a self-cultivation, the important thing is not to change others, but to improve yourself.

A person's life is far more realistic to manage himself than to expect a perfect partner.

in a good marriage, husband and wife each have a rope-not to tie each other, but to tie themselves.


never put happiness,

pin it on others

in the TV series "Thirty," Gu Jia was once the envy of everyone. Her husband was young and successful in his career, his son was cute and cute, and his family was well organized.

but even if she is as perfect as she is, she cannot escape the fate of her husband Xu Fengshan having an affair.

although life is not as exaggerated as TV series, it is sometimes much more heart-breaking than TV dramas!

chatting with a female friend, she said that when he first got married, the man's career was OK, and a man could afford the expenses of the whole family, so she quit her job for comfort and became a housewife.

did not expect that men do nothing but work, and listen to their mother for all the big and small things in the family.

I don't have a job and I don't earn money, so I naturally have no say at home.

once she quarrels with her mother-in-law, no matter whether she is right or wrong, the man will stand by his mother's side without hesitation.

later, when the child was older, she resolutely chose to go out to work.

now that you can contribute to the expenses of your family, your mother-in-law's attitude towards talking to herself has become much milder.

she said: "all my strength in marriage comes from earning my own money."

many people's life after marriage is a mess. In the final analysis, people have too high expectations for marriage and regard each other as an eternal safe haven.

can blindly rely on the husband's initiative to give, once the husband feels bored or tired in the marriage, a woman's happiness will plummet.

only financial independence is the beginning of all happiness.

if the lover you meet is considerate and safe, it's a good story. Don't be decadent and depressed if you don't meet. Love yourself calmly and then love someone.

maybe you have long wanted to understand, but you just need a word of comfort from others.

for the rest of my life, there is no shortage of audience for happiness, and some people understand the story, from the dawn to the dusk.