How many of the eight signs of a woman's early age have you won?
How many of the eight signs of a woman's early age have you won?
May you have peace of mind, face the years calmly, and spend the rest of your life gracefully.

Bao Congcong

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is there a moment when you suddenly feel old?

here are 8 signs of a woman's early aging to see which one hurts your heart the most!

likes to stay at home

I couldn't stay at home before, but I always liked to run out. Often before the rest day, they fill up their holidays early.

dating, dining, shopping and watching movies are all essential holiday programs.

but it's different now. I like staying at home more and more.

after a busy week, I finally have a rest day. I just want to stay at home quietly.

I feel that surfing the Internet and reading books at home is the most comfortable way to relax.

getting less and less cold-resistant

when you are young, you should be graceful rather than warm.

even though everyone around him has changed into long-sleeved trousers, he is still a maverick and insists on bouncing around in beautiful short skirts.

not anymore. When there was a little wind, he hurriedly wrapped his coat around his body and saw the autumn leaves falling outside the window. He began to rummage through the cabinets to find long johns.

Life becomes regular

once stayed up all night, you can recover after getting some sleep. No matter how much junk food you eat, you won't get fat.

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because he is young, he always has nothing to fear.

now I go to bed early and get up early every day, soak Chinese wolfberry in a thermos cup, and try to control my diet for fear that my physical condition will get worse and worse.

when you get older, you can't be self-willed, because the body can't stand it.

begin to like to talk to my parents

when I was around my parents every day, I always felt that they didn't understand themselves and had nothing in common with them. I felt that it was really annoying that they liked to nag when they had nothing to do.

now that a person has been outside for a long time, it becomes more and more clear that the people who love themselves most in the world are still their parents after all.

more and more miss their care and exhortation in the past, began to understand that it is not easy to be parents, and began to talk to them with an open heart.

less and less like posting on moments

used to be keen on socializing in moments. I wish I could move my daily life to it.

when you go shopping, you have to post on moments, when you eat, you have to post moments, when you show love, you have to post moments. If you have a quarrel, you have to post moments.

after posting, no one paid any attention, and he was depressed for a long time. If a lot of people liked it, they would feel a unique sense of achievement.

now I just want to live my life quietly, knowing whether it is good or not, and I don't need to show it to others, let alone get the approval of others.

like to cook your own food

I used to find it troublesome to cook. I usually either eat out or order takeout. Whether you are healthy or not is secondary, and the most important thing is to be delicious and easy.

now I'm starting to like to cook some delicious food myself, not only because it's healthier and more nutritious, but also because I can find fun and a sense of achievement.

start to take good care of your skin

when you are young, your face is covered with collagen, as long as you pay a little attention to it, such as no exposure to the sun, frequent facial washing, and proper hydration, the skin will basically not be so bad.

not anymore.

the skin is getting drier and rougher, the complexion is not as good as it used to be, and the wrinkles on the corners of the eyes have begun to appear, and they have reached the age when they have to be carefully maintained.

enjoy one's time

used to be afraid of loneliness and always wanted someone to be with me.

when I am free, I either date my boyfriend or have a heart-to-heart talk with my best friend. In short, I can't be alone.

now more and more enjoy a person's time, if there are no men and children, I feel that the world suddenly quieted down, go to a lot of trouble, can easily and happily do what they like.

if you win more than half of the above eight signs of early aging, you are really no longer young.

but nothing to be sad about.

everyone grows old, which is the normal and natural law of the world.

I just hope you can calm down, face the years calmly, and spend the rest of your life gracefully.