How many of the six hurdles of life have you passed?
How many of the six hurdles of life have you passed?
Life is colorful and colorful.

on the title page of "Life", there is a passage like this:

"although the road of life is long, there are often only a few steps, especially when one is young."

No one's life path is straight and there are no forks. Every wrong step you take can affect a period of your life or your whole life. "

people's life is a process of going through customs and fighting monsters.

from infantile ignorance to contemplation, years are like sandpaper, smoothing our edges and corners and rounding out the sharp stones deep in our hearts.

No one knows how much mud they will face in the future, but as long as they stick to it without distractions, they will certainly succeed in customs clearance.

how many hurdles have you passed through these six hurdles in life?

18 years old: grow up, there is a road ahead

eighteen years old is the bifurcation of life.

like a fairy tale that grew up quietly, playing command and laughter, the once immature teenager has come of age.

the Little Prince says:

"the sense of ritual is to make one day different from other days, and to make one moment different from other moments."

at the age of 18, he gradually gave up dependence, left his parents' shelter, and went out into the world on his own.

the pursuit of dreams will not be plain sailing, there are always ups and downs, setbacks, tribulations to experience.

but don't forget that when people are at a low ebb, all roads are uphill.

therefore, when you encounter problems, you need to be brave and try harder. The adult world is as wonderful as it is cruel.

the age of eighteen is the beginning of the best time in life and the time to meet the challenges of the unknown.

people are never great because they have dreams, but they are different because they come true.

people who have no dreams will always work hard for those who have dreams.

so, don't be easily influenced by the words of others. The only difference between you and the future is a firm choice.

look before you leap at every step you take right now.

there is no shortcut to life, and there is no easy way to go in life.

those who are willing to bear hardships and work hard will have a chance to be blessed by the Goddess of Luck.

eighteen years old, there is a road ahead, and the future is promising.

May you have the courage to ride the wind and waves, but also the courage to cut through thorns and forge ahead.

May you dream with stars, wake up with light, think what you think, love what you love, and never give up.

30 years old: get married and start a career, keep your feet on the ground

there is a saying, "Thirty years east of the river, thirty years west of the river."

entering the 30-year mark, life has gone through a small half, and many people have ushered in the small peak of life after the baptism of years.

in these 30 years, whether it is pampering or weary, the previous life will come to an end and start a new line of writing.

you need to be clear about your responsibilities and mission, what to do, what you can do, and how to do it.

although you know nothing about the future, you will become the support of others, so you have to carry it on your own no matter how hard you are.

in the face of work, even if you are unhappy, you can't just walk away like a young boy. The so-called trough may be the place to rise.

in the face of the family, it is true that the flower before the moon is a great beauty in life, but firewood, rice, oil and salt is the truest portrayal of feelings.

you know, a wife who can make a living is more popular than a wife who only knows how to dress up, and a husband who doesn't have the ability to support his family is not as good as Wu Dalang, who sells cookies.

it is said that men stand at thirty and women at thirty.

when romance and passion are eroded by the years, the most important thing in life is not to look back and look around, but to firmly grasp the happiness of the moment.

40 years old: don't worry about everything, make a good choice

there is such a title:

if the Louvre, the largest museum in France, caught fire and only one painting could be rescued in an emergency, which one would you choose?

as a result, among the tens of thousands of papers received, the answer that won the gold medal was: I rescued the painting closest to the exit.

isn't it true that people reach the age of forty?

40 years old is the hardest time in life. Parents grow old, their children are underage, and the burden on their shoulders is heavy. They can no longer do whatever they want as they did when they were young., carefree and capricious.

the best goal is not the most valuable one, but the most likely one.

as the saying goes, "choose the weight of the two benefits and the lesser of the two evils."

you will have what kind of life you choose.

if you go in the wrong direction, the harder you work, the more thoroughly you will fail.

some people choose to take shortcuts, pursue the extreme, blindly compare with others, show off too much, and life begins to go downhill.

some people choose to strengthen their hearts, rumors and rumors, not to compare, not greedy, not extravagant, so ushered in a major turnaround in life.

the age of forty is the age not to be confused by the outside world, and it is also an important watershed in life.

Gao Xiaosong said: by the time you are 40, you don't want to understand what you don't understand.

Yes, when you reach middle age, the simplest happiness is to know how to accept your ordinary self.

humiliation and humiliation are not bound by fame and wealth; only when you are calm and not fascinated by temptation can you stand the test and keep prosperity.

50 years old: gain or loss, honor or disgrace, go with it

as the old saying goes, forty without doubt, fifty know destiny.

if life is calculated in terms of a hundred years, the fifty-year-old is already halfway through. Looking forward is the second half of life, and looking back is the first half of life. Mixed joys and sorrows, half success and half failure.

however, many people still feel unhappy, mostly because they are looking for happiness in the wrong direction.

A rich man is looking for happiness everywhere with his gold and silver treasure, but he still doesn't feel happy when he walks through thousands of mountains and rivers.

so he asked a farmer who came down from the mountain with a large bundle of firewood and grass on his back.

the farmer put down the heavy firewood and grass, wiped his sweat comfortably and said, "Happiness is very simple. To let go is happiness!"

Don't many people make themselves look like "millionaires"?

with a heavy stone on his back, he is always worried about being robbed and robbed, and his heart is almost crushed. Where does happiness come from?

Life is just a passing by, what happens if you are famous all over the world, and what if you make a lot of money?

ups and downs are the norm of life, and those who can afford it should learn to let go.

to put it down is not to do nothing or worry about nothing, but to look down on gains and losses and learn to balance.

only by letting go of your troubles can you be in a relaxed and good mood.

only by putting aside the grudges can we abandon all kinds of prejudices and cherish the people in front of us.

only by letting go of fame and wealth can you be happy and not feel old.

those who are in their thirties are eager for success, those who are over forty are introverted and calm, and at the age of fifty they no longer aim too high and slow down, although they walk a little more steadily.

Zeng Guofan said: "A gentleman can do his best in personnel, regardless of destiny, and destiny is in personnel."

all things in the world, you and I are among them, looking at everything with no heart to heart, everything can be put down.

60 years old: have peace of mind and live well for the rest of your life

once people get old, they are easily plagued by various diseases, but they do not realize that the best medicine is not as good as having a good state of mind.

Master Nebula once said:

"as long as life is in the palm of your hand, there is no despair in life. If the heart is tired, let it rest. The repair of the soul is the hope that life will never dry up. "

in the Book of biographies, it is said that a person has a disease in his eyes and worries all day long. Wang Yangming says that this is the result of valuing the eyes at the expense of the heart.

Chen Jiuchuan, a student who is also ill in bed, feels that it is very difficult to get sick, but Wang Yangming says that to always maintain a cheerful state of mind is true kung fu.

people with a good state of mind, where to laugh, full of enthusiasm, vitality, not perturbed, as comfortable as clouds, as free and easy as running water.

every stage of life, there are wonderful and bad, but the days are not used to hurt spring and autumn, for life, acceptance is the best kind treatment.

if it is because of a little haze, it will block all the sunshine at the bottom of my heart, and no matter how fresh life is, it will not be depressed for life in a damp and dark environment.

60 years old, children married, children and grandchildren have grown up, try to comfort their hearts, get rid of the past responsibilities, no longer considerate every big and small thing.

because children and grandchildren have their own children and grandchildren, everyone has their own way to go, and they all have corresponding responsibilities on their shoulders.Carry it.

correct your mindset and live every day that belongs to you is the final victory.

70 years old: be kind to others and feel at ease

there is a poem saying: "Wine debt is common, but life is rare since ancient times."

by the age of 70, his state of mind is more like water, and life and death are already light.

when he was young, he was full of blood and refused to give up until there was a fight for victory or defeat.

in middle age, he worked hard and secretly put a lot of thought into it.

at this age, a lot of things are over, many people no longer care about it, and everything is in a joke.

money, fame and wealth are all things outside the body. If you don't bring death with you, what will you be proud of and what will be frustrated?

Lin Zexu once said a classic saying: "if children and grandchildren are like me, what will they do with money?" If you are virtuous and have more money, you will lose his ambition; if your children and grandchildren are not as good as me, what are you going to do with money? If you are foolish and have more money, you will increase your mistakes. "

it is said that "every ten years", but how many ten years are there in a person's life?

if you don't go through one thing, you won't be wise.

every time I cross a hurdle, I understand what to give up, what to cling to, and what kind of life is what my heart wants.

people who live to this age have experienced countless ups and downs in their lives before they realize that they have something to do and what not to do.

in this life, people always have to go through one hurdle at a time, and the road must be taken step by step.

experience more, people will understand that there is no insurmountable hurdle in life, there is no one who can not let go, open the road, meet the water to build a bridge, as long as alive, there will always be a turnaround.

so, some tribulations are inevitable and some hurdles are necessary.

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only through hell-like training can we create the power of heaven, and only through bloody fingers can we play the last song in the world.

only when a light is on in one's heart can one be afraid of whether there is darkness or light ahead.

Life is colorful and colorful.

May you walk calmly, not in love in the past, not in the present, not in the future!