I can't start all over again in this life.
I can't start all over again in this life.
Live better and live better in the one-way street of life.


"bucket list"

an uncle

death is really a grand and mysterious topic.

everyone has seen it, everyone is familiar with it, but everyone can't say it, dare not look directly at it, as if afraid to offend some "taboo".

doesn't mention it doesn't mean you can pretend it doesn't exist.

since death is the common destination of mankind, only by recognizing and accepting it can we better understand the meaning of life.

I hope it will teach you how to say goodbye to death and live better and better in the one-way street of life.

death is our ultimate destination

some people say, "the sign of maturity is acceptance."

accept loss, accept the ordinary, accept our imperfections, but maybe we all forget one more important thing: accept death.

when people are in health, they always feel that death is a very distant thing, and few people will think about it.

did Carter, who has worked as a mechanic all his life, ever think about it in the movie bucket list?

he loves life, works conscientiously, and has a dream of becoming a history professor. his wife and children love him, but when he takes a medical call at work, his life has undergone earth-shaking changes.

has rich Edward ever thought about it?

as a successful man, he was slovenly and sipping fine coffee, was talking to the judge with his attorney in court, and spurted out a mouthful of old blood off guard.

two people with completely different identities, status and values meet in the same ward.

although their lives are so different, death makes all men equal.

at the moment of fate's verdict, Carter and Edward showed the same calmness and suppressed sadness that was difficult to vent.

maybe they have the same voice from the bottom of their hearts: so this is my life.

later, there was endless chemotherapy.

the two old men witnessed each other's painful moments, moments when they were trembling with pain after morphine wore off in the middle of the night, and vomiting again and again after chemotherapy.

death is always a word we don't want to mention, but no matter how much we refuse, deny, negate, resist, there will always be a day to accept it.

just as no one refuses to live because of death, we can't pretend that death never comes because we are alive.

you don't know life if you don't know death. Of course I know that it is a difficult process to accept death, but this is the road that everyone must go through.

when we can no longer have it, maybe the only thing we can do is to be calm, take it lightly, and cherish it more.

everyone has a bucket list

in this life, only death is certain.

if death will come eventually, then leave no regrets and bid farewell to the world seriously.

once saw a netizen post saying that when people reach middle age, two friends get cancer successively:

the first friend, a mother of two, just over 35, entered ICU last month and the situation is not very optimistic.

the second neighbor, who had known each other for more than ten years, found that he had advanced rectal cancer and died at the age of 40, leaving a wife and a son who had just entered junior high school.

because he feels that life is impermanent, he wants to do something meaningful while he is still healthy.

in this way, in case of misfortune, there are a lot of good memories instead of leaving with bitter memories.

as a result, the post owner began to try to write a novel online, and publishing a book has always been his dream in his youth. The money usually saved, except for the children's tuition, is used to travel abroad. If you want to go, you can go.

this post has been changed off and on for two years, and now his book has finally been published, and he has been to more than a dozen countries.

if you have not witnessed the parting of life and death, the life of the poster may still be the same.

it's not about how bad life was before, but it's always a little less delicious than it is now.

I recall that Wang Xiaobo once said, "what is frightening is not death itself, but the experience of the people whom death takes away."

time in this world is so short that it may not be too bad if you don't even have time to experience something.

but he was not reconciled, encouraging Carter to seize the time to accomplish the things in his life that he had been afraid to do and didn't have time to do while he was still moving.

so the two old men drew up a "bucket list" and began a crazy journey in their limited lives.

people only live once, so they have to leave some proof.

make a "bucket list", which is not only calm to death, but also yearning for life, but also responsible for this period of life.

it always reminds you to try your best to live in the moment, and please leave no regrets.

sadness is not the only background of death

I quite agree with what Lin Qingxuan said:

"if a man can return happily, death cannot be killed. Instead, he kills it."

when we talk about death, we always equate it with pain, but it is not the enemy of life, and sorrow should not be its only background.

some time ago, the stem of "Negro lifting the coffin" was a hot search.

in the video, a black man in a suit sings and dances with a coffin, not the solemnity of a normal funeral, but more like a happy farewell.

it turns out that in Ghana, death is not the end of life, but a new beginning.

it is actually a kind of luck for them to come to this world with crying and leave with laughter.

death can deprive me of my life, but not my happiness and warmth.

now that time is up, cheer for me. I finally finished this hard journey.

this is a really cool attitude towards life, and it won't change until death.

Edward and Carter figured this out as life entered the countdown.

take a look at their bucket list, one is more interesting than the other:

help strangers out of kindness, laugh to tears, kiss the most beautiful girl in the world, get tattoos, climb Mount Everest.

they experience the pleasure of parachuting at an altitude of 20,000 feet, enjoy the speed of parachuting on the top racing track, and sing loudly on jeeps to the African prairie.

A man should not be afraid of death. What he should fear is that he has never really lived.

put aside the troubles of life and experience the most affectionate life, which will not change until the time of death.

have fun when you are happy. At the end of your life, the narrator of the film can say:

No matter how you measure the meaning of life, Edward Cole's last days in this world are fuller than those of most people.

I know that when he died, his eyes were closed, but his heart was open.

if this is the last day of your life

have seen such a story:

once upon a time, there was a lady who spent a lot of money on a beautiful necklace.

she couldn't put it down, and then thought that she must wait until an important and special day to wear it to make herself shine in the crowd.

but it's a pity that she didn't find such a special day to wear it until the day she died.

casual wedding dresses is definitely the perfect choice you will always cherish. Whatever your choice, take advantage of a huge discount of 70 percents!

Don't save good things for special days. Every day you live is a special day.

imagine that if this is the last day of your life, you will put on your clothes and wait until you have enough time to go to interesting places. Will you do what you want to do when you are ready?

Life is an one-way street, don't wait until it's too late to regret it.

live with an apocalyptic mentality, because you don't know which day you will leave, so you have to try your best to live today.

if you want to maximize your life experience, and if you want to live in vain, don't wander under the tree, ponder in the rain, and cry in the dark.

Love like you've never been hurt, sing like no one appreciates it, and live like it's the last day.

because this is the only life we all have.

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