"I grew up secretly in a place where my parents could not see": the child who was not seen was distressing!
"I grew up secretly in a place where my parents could not see": the child who was not seen was distressing!
Every child deserves to be seen!

what is the most important thing for a child to grow up?

parents' company?

rich substances?

the documentary Mirror gives an unusual answer.

the three children recorded in the film all have some "problems" more or less. For example, rebellious, addicted to games, do not like to learn, and some even have a tendency to violence.

parents have no choice but to send them to a training camp to "reform".

but slowly, we will find that

these children become "problem teenagers" not because of how bad they are, but because they have never been "seen" by their parents.

one of the children is Zhang Zhao.

his parents always thought that he dropped out of school because of puppy love.

but it's not.

when communicating with his parents, the teacher told them that Zhang Zhao had talked to him that it was not because he did not want to go to school because of his date, but he wanted to go to college very much, but he was under too much pressure to keep up.

but until now, my father still didn't believe him, saying that he was lying to the teacher.

Zhang Zhao said that he will never forget it. Once he went home and told his mother that he was under a lot of pressure at school.

Mother replied coldly:

"so many people can stand it, but you can't."

he wanted to be relieved by his family, but it was a cold water to come head on. You can imagine how disappointed he was at that time.

in the Mirror, other children are the same.

their parents have never really felt their children's hearts and understood their deep desires. Over time, their children have chosen to give up on themselves.

living in this world, each of us is not an island and needs to be "seen" and "cared for".

especially for children who are growing up.

if a child is never "seen", hard work is not recognized, confusion is left unanswered, and sorrow is left unsolved, then his vitality cannot be released and guided.

at this time, you want him to be excellent and sensible. How is that possible?

however, in real life, there are many unseen children.

for example, "left-behind children".

compared with children of the same age, left-behind children grow up more quietly. Because their parents are not around all the year round, they are used to growing up alone.

the children in the documentary Mirror can be "ignorant" and lose their temper when they are not understood by their parents.

but even if they are not sensible, they will not be seen.

so, when other children were children, they learned to be adults early.

people are sensible in front, but behind them, no one knows how many tears they secretly shed where their parents can't see them.

I remember that in "I am an orator", a teacher shared his experience of teaching in the mountains.

one day, she was having a calligraphy class when suddenly it rained outside and the children became very excited and kept looking out of the window. Seeing this, she stopped her class and said:

"since people like rain so much.

then let's listen to the rain and look at the rain flowers. Write a little poem for them! "

then she found that a girl sitting in the corner, writing, began to burst into tears.

she went over and saw that the paper was full of yearning for her dead mother.

the child is quiet and quiet. He has never shown himself like this before.

so, from then on, she began to teach children to write poems.

there are fewer truants, fewer violations of discipline, and much less cases of smashing glass.

Poetry is like a letter, a trash can, a bomb shelter, those thoughts that have no place to put, those who have no one to share life, from then on there is a place to settle down.

recently, I saw a video "Little Poet in the Mountain" on the Internet, and I was deeply moved.

it is gratifying that although they have endured the extra test of fate, these children have not given up. On the contrary, they learned to write their thoughts and express their feelings in poetry.


Hangzhou Jian

you see, the branches are drawing

stars and moon

is the light on its pen


Jade hair

there is a dandelion

it flies everywhere

looking for a home

in this word, there is something on their minds that no one cares about, as well as their talents.

however, it is a pity that many children who stay in Dashan write poems about what they see and think, but they are not seen by the world.

there are some children who have a lot on their minds, but they don't know how to express them in poetry.

in order for the talents in the mountains to be seen by more people, and for these children to grow up better,

China UnionPay

join hands with China Soong Ching Ling Foundation to launch

Commonweal Action of UnionPay Poetry POS Machine in 2020

, share children's poems with more people.

in fact, "UnionPay Poetry POS Machine" commonweal, from 20It has been carried out since 19 years.

at that time, China UnionPay loaded the poems of children in the mountains into POS machines, and set up poetry exhibitions on subways and shopping malls in many cities.

all you have to do is use

pay one yuan, that is, you can get a POS list printed with children's poems.

one yuan not only supports the child's dream, but also harvests a collection of children's poems.

warm and meaningful.

campaign was launched, it received a warm response from everyone, and began a national exhibition tour in Shanghai, Xiamen, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Beijing and other cities.

but this year, public welfare is still on the way.

but previously, activities were only carried out offline, but this time, the public welfare action went from 1.0 offline to 2.0 online.

you don't have to look for POS offline, just open UnionPay Cloud Flash APP and enter

Cloud flash

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"UnionPay Poetry POS Machine"

every time


Power, China UnionPay will offer a love to the children in the mountains.

the money for the project will go into the public welfare account of the China Soong Qingling Foundation, "UnionPay Poetry POS commonweal Action", and will be used to build a library in the mountains for children in the mountains, set up campus book corners, and provide artistic literacy courses.

what's more worth mentioning is

under the premise of not damaging the natural environment,

China UnionPay

skillfully borrowed the terrain to create a magnificent

long river of poetry

"Earth Art installation.

the white cloth, nearly 100 meters long, "flowed down" from the cliff, with poems written by children in the mountains from ancient times to the present.

want to know what this "long river of poetry" looks like?

17:00-18:30 on August 29th

China UnionPay

will unite with CCTV News


Live broadcast reveals


you don't have to go to the scene,

just open CCTV News APP/Douyin /

official account of Sina Weibo /Kuaishou CCTV News

you can watch it!

at the scene of the event, there are more surprises waiting for you to reveal.

Don't miss it. Oh,

in this world, every child is worth seeing, and every growth is worth looking forward to.

in fact, we don't have much to do. Turn on your cell phone a little bit, but for the children in the mountains, it may be a different future!


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