Idle people worry, lazy people get sick, busy people are happy.
Idle people worry, lazy people get sick, busy people are happy.
No matter how idle you are, you have to find something to do, and no matter how lazy you are, you have something to do.

an uncle

there are many worries for idle people

Caigen Tan says that if life is too idle, don't try to steal it.

because there is nothing to do, there will be a lot of time to fantasize about the sorrows and gains and losses of the past.

and such a life is bound to make people unhappy and worry about gains and losses all day long.

in life, a little leisure is a blessing, but too much leisure is a disaster.

I have a junior high school classmate who got a large sum of money from the demolition of his family a few years ago.

as a result, the couple never stopped changing houses and cars and jewelry, and the couple quit their previous jobs, and the family went sightseeing and had a good time.

every time I see him punching in scenic spots in moments, he is envied by everyone.

however, not long after such a day, there was a conflict between the two.

because he had nothing to do, the husband was addicted to gambling, played bigger and bigger, lost more and more, and soon lost all the demolition money.

as a result, the couple quarreled day and night and ended in divorce.

the world says: blessed are those who are idle.

this is true, but there should be a limit to everything, and if it goes beyond it, it will be a worry.

the most painful thing in life is not the busyness and triviality of work, but the daze and fear of being idle.

have you found that if you don't use it for a long time, you can no longer use it when you want to use it?

in fact, people are the same.

if we are too idle, our brains will often become less bright.

Mr. Yang Jiang once said in reply to the reader's letter: "your biggest problem now is to think too much and do too little."

stop panicking in "leisure", just do it.

when you go all out to face life, you simply don't have the time and mood to think about unexplained trifles.

when you open the door, you will see sunshine, rain and dew, happiness, free and easy, and you won't bump like a headless fly just because you have nothing to do.

the rest of one's life is the rest of one's life.

in this life, people are most afraid of leisure, and when they are idle, they lose all the meaning of life.

as a matter of fact, there is nothing in this world, and there are plenty of people worrying about themselves.

lazy people are often ill


Guofan said: "

all kinds of ills are born from laziness.


the most terrible thing in life is not being mediocre, but comforting yourself that you are ordinary and precious if you don't work hard.

have seen an interesting fable:

there is a family that is very lazy. if the father does not do the daily housework, the mother asks the mother to do the housework, and the mother is lazy not to do it, so he asks the children to do it, and the children refuse to do it, so they ask the dog to do it.

the puppy has no choice but to sweep the floor with its tail, wipe tables and chairs with its body, and even water the flowers with water pipes.

one day, a guest came and was surprised to see the dog doing housework. "Oh!" The puppy is so capable that he can do housework! "

the puppy said, "there's nothing they can do. They don't do it. They just ask me to do it!"

when the guests heard this, they were surprised: "puppies can talk, too!"

the dog quickly motioned to the guest: "Shh!" Don't let them know I can talk, or they'll ask me to answer the phone! "

it was very funny, but it really answered the old saying: laziness is not a disease, laziness can kill people.

A lazy person destroys his health; a lazy mind loses his dream.

God has given people two hands and a pair of feet to do things and walk. If you don't even bother to use your instincts, won't your body rust?

as the saying goes, "people who are often sick are lazy, people who are lazy are diligent; strong people deceive diseases, and weak diseases deceive others."


the reason why lazy people are sick is that their bodies have become accustomed to comfort. Once they change the environment, all aspects of their physical functions will decline, and they are easy to get sick and frustrated.

like a flower in a greenhouse, it is easy to wither and fall as soon as it is beaten by wind and rain, but the weeds in the field stand firm despite the wind and rain.

in life, it is not difficult to find that if a person is used to idleness, he is either sad or listless, depressed and decadent.

such people don't seem to have to work hard for the life in front of them, but they will turn upside down as soon as the waves of the future come.

after all, all the successful gifts have already been secretly priced.

if you are lazy now, you will pay back twice as much in the future.

busy people are happy

as the old saying goes:

"people have a lot of leisure, but they are busy to solve a thousand worries."


most of the people who are really happy are "busy people".

busy people will arrange their time reasonably, have something to do every day, and the whole person is full of energy, full of life, and naturally happy.

under the door of Zen Master Foguang, there was a disciple named Dazhi who went out to study for 20 years.

when he came back, he saw that Master was full of energy, as young as he was when he left.

he wondered and asked, "Master, how have you been these twenty years?"

the Zen master smiled and said, "in the past 20 years, I have lived very well. I have given lectures, written books and translated sutras. I have been swimming in the Sea of France every day. There is no happier life in the world."

the next day, the disciples were still sleeping, and the Zen master had got up to recite scriptures and do morning lessons. Immediately after the morning class, I gave a lecture to the disciples..

have spare time, but also practice calligraphy and painting. From morning till night, there is no rest.

Dazhi asked Master, "you are so busy every day. Why don't you think you are old?"

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Zen Master Foguang said, "I don't have time to get old!"

Yes, there is nothing in the world that ages more easily than lying down and playing with your cell phone every day.

many people always habitually complain about hard work and busy life, turning their days to gray and feeling tired.

but if you turn your attitude towards work and life into enthusiasm, life will be very different.

Rockefeller, the oil magnate, loves his career so much that he goes to work every day before dawn.

he once said:

"I've never had a taste of unemployment, not because I'm lucky, but because I love my job so much.


Scientific experiments have also shown that when you devote yourself to something, the body secretes a comfortable form of dopamine.

there is nothing in the world that can lead a good life by getting something for nothing. Everything is just "work hard to forget food, happy to forget sorrow"!

as Takeshi Kitano said: "although it is hard, I will still choose that kind of hot life."

once people are busy, they will not leave gaps for troubles, but when busyness bears fruit, that kind of happiness is self-evident.

therefore, don't be idle when you should be busy. Only those who live a full life have no time to experience pain.

Life is like a monastery, busy, is also a kind of spiritual practice.

people are not busy, there are festivals full of flowers.

in this way, you will have a happier and better life.

what on earth do people want to live for?

it's probably just for fun.

but if there are a hundred people, there are a hundred kinds of lives.

what is the best state of one's life?

I think it is nothing more than finding something to do no matter how idle it is, having something to do no matter how lazy it is, and doing good deeds no matter how busy it is.

take life seriously, relax and combine work with rest.

if you are less than 100 years old, why worry about being a thousand years old?

only by constantly nourishing one's soul can we deal with all the unwillingness and impermanence in the world in a straight and straight manner.


one book a week, no matter how busy you are, don't forget to recharge