If a man can't let you go, he won't say these words.
If a man can't let you go, he won't say these words.
May you meet the one who is worth it and stay with each other for the rest of your life after the wind and rain.

Zhang Xinzhe sings in "evidence of Love": "take every word you say as a declaration of love; I completely change and hear the flowing wind full of music."

in life, language is the evidence of love, and both love and dislove can be felt in daily words.

for example, if he says the following words to you, he may not really have you in his heart.

"what do I care"

once heard a saying: "when you find yourself constantly being consumed, this relationship should be over."

I wonder if you have ever encountered such a situation:

when talking about life, he doesn't care; when sharing hobbies and interests, he doesn't care.

my own enthusiasm is consumed by each other's cold words. At this time, he probably has no place for you in his heart.

the last thing a woman wants to hear is that the other person disdainfully says, "it's none of my business."

when you are affectionate, you want to know everything; when your affection is weak, your everything has nothing to do with him.

you know that in a man's world, there is a kind of care called "special attention".

the most beautiful thing is not love letters, but chat notes.

Love for you will be hidden in daily care and care for you, not in the sentence "it has nothing to do with me".

"I'm leaving. I don't want to see you again."

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when I went to the classmate reunion last weekend, I heard that Jingjing, who was in the same class, had just broken up with her boyfriend, and the love affair that had been running for six years came to an abrupt end.

Jingjing complained to me after the meeting:

"the last time I quarreled with him, he rushed out the door and said he never wanted to see me again.

I was sure to come back the next day to coax me. Unexpectedly, when I got off work the next day, I saw a house with half my luggage empty. "

time flies, I am still me, but we are no longer us.

if a man really has you in his heart, he won't easily say things like "I don't want to see you again", because I don't want to give up at all.

only when you are drifting away will you be unwilling to continue to get along with you.

if your partner says this, don't hesitate to let him go or turn around and leave.

after all, there are some roads that are destined to move forward on their own.

"Why are you being unreasonable?"

after being together for a long time, it is inevitable that there will be some ups and downs.

every time when there is a cold war or quarrel, it is very chilling for a man to stand on the moral high ground and accuse his partner of being "unreasonable".

Sha Yi and Hu Ke are model couples in the entertainment industry.

in the program "my wife's Romantic Journey", Hu Ke burst into tears because of a little disagreement during the task. Sha Yi immediately succumbed to softness when she saw it.

"you have a trump card, don't cry. I am completely defeated in this round, and a good man will not upset the woman he loves. "

the so-called "sharp edge to the outside, gentle to you". People who really love you as before will bow their heads properly and take care of your emotions when they quarrel.

because he knows in his heart that the emergence of contradictions and differences will not be worth the power of tenderness.

beneath your hoarse appearance, there is a fragile and gentle heart.

even if I can't help losing my temper once in a while, it's just because I care.

there is a saying on the Internet: how much love a man gives to a woman, how much loveliness a woman can return.

I hope that every man can treat his partner gently and don't hurt her with these words.

, may you meet the one who is worth it and stay with each other for a lifetime after going through wind and rain.