If a man can't let you go, he'll do it.
If a man can't let you go, he'll do it.
Can not let go of a person, always with a worried heart to comfort the deep thoughts.

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all say:

"in this world, only love and cough can not be concealed. If you really like someone, your mouth will come out of your eyes.


it can be seen that it is impossible to hide loving a person, and it will be shown in a variety of behaviors, such as women, and so are men.

so if you want to know if a man has ever loved you deeply and put you down, you will have the answer by looking at his points.

will want to know how you are doing

in the middle of last year, an old classmate I hadn't seen for years suddenly contacted me and said he wanted to find some old friends to get together.

in fact, I know in my heart that he wants to take advantage of the party to find out about his ex-girlfriend.

I jokingly asked him, "haven't you put it down for so long?"

he sighed: "truly loved, how can it be so easy to let go?"


indeed, deep love is always unforgettable, regardless of whether we are separated or not, we will miss it in my heart.

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he will consciously or unintentionally ask acquaintances about your current situation, want to know how you are doing recently, and whether you are still used to not being around without his care.

in a relationship, it is easy to fall in love, but difficult to let go.

once loved a person deeply, even if there is no fate together, he will care about each other in his heart and wish him good health and happiness in the future.

can not let go of a person, always with a worried heart to comfort the deep thoughts.

will live more and more like you

there is a line in the movie:

"I think the deepest love is when I separate and make myself look like you."


Yes, if a man

can not completely let go of you, unconsciously, his habits will be closer and closer to you.

in his spare time, he will often think of you, and even fall into memories for a time.

he will go to the places you used to go, walk the way you have traveled, and feel your breath.

even, his tastes and preferences will get closer and closer to you, and he will keep the best of you deep down.

these are the proof that he can't let you go. He is afraid to disturb your life, so he has to remember it in other ways to express his thoughts.

can not let go of a person, let people understand that habit is really more terrible than deep love.

will keep your contact information

Zhihu has a question: why don't you delete each other after separation?

there is an answer that I like very much:

"maybe it's just too affectionate to let go, and the contact information is the only thing left in this relationship.


indeed, if a man silently follows you, follows you, follows your social account, or even is reluctant to delete your contact information after the end of a relationship, he must not let you go completely.

this kind of men are usually nostalgic, it is difficult to get out of a relationship, it is also difficult to re-accept a relationship.

even if separated, I will remember you from time to time, think of each other's beauty, and don't want you to disappear completely from your own life.

such a man, he has no way to be really free and easy, he can only choose to love you silently and collect the souvenirs between you.

I can't let go of a person, and I'm not afraid that if I'm out of touch, I'm afraid I'll have nothing to think about.

it is a pleasure to meet you, even if it is sad and sad.

if you love someone deeply and don't let go, in fact, you are in debt for the rest of your life.

, good night.


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