If people have good thoughts, God will bless them.
If people have good thoughts, God will bless them.
Those who come out of love love to return, and those who are blessed come back.

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your luck is hidden in your kindness

A video became a hot topic on Weibo the other day.

in the video, a 5-year-old girl turns out of her sixth-floor window and is trapped on the outside of the window.

A child will be in danger of falling at any time as long as he takes a missed step.

at such a critical moment, a little brother climbed from the fifth floor to the sixth floor with his bare hands, and then quickly rescued the girl.

after confirming that the girl was safe, the little brother quietly got on his motorcycle and left.

for him, the act of saving the little girl was only out of his well-intentioned instincts, but the scene of saving lives was filmed by onlookers.

after the video was posted online, many people were warmed by his actions.

in order to commend the younger brother for his brave behavior, his company specially rewarded him with a house worth 600000 yuan.

I will also hear a voice on the Internet saying that this little brother is really lucky.

in fact, it is not his luck, but his instinctive kindness that hides his own good luck.

there is a saying in the maxim of Shuimu:

"whether it is noble, poor or humble, kind-hearted is the foundation of being a human being. if you focus on benefiting others, even if you don't ask for anything in return, you will be surprised when you don't expect it."

one good deed is worth thousands of prayers.

the people you have helped and the good deeds you have done will eventually turn into unexpected returns to you.

all the surprises and good luck in the world are actually the goodness you have accumulated.

your kindness is your noble person

once read a story:

Director Walter prepared the casting for his new film, but he interviewed a lot of people, all of whom were not satisfied.

one day, Walter went to the western suburbs of the city to run errands and met a teenage shoeshine boy in the railway station square.

the little boy asked him if he needed to shine his shoes. He looked at his newly shined shoes and quietly refused.

just as he was about to leave, the little boy blushed and said:

"Sir, I haven't eaten all day. Could you lend me some money? Please come back in a week and I'll pay you back with the money for shoeshine! "

with pity, Walter took some coins out of his pocket and gave them to him. The little boy thanked him gratefully and left.

half a month later, when Walter passed the railway station again, he saw a thin figure waving to him in the distance.

when the other party ran breathlessly to return some coins to him, Walter recognized that it was the little boy who had borrowed money from him.

I only heard him say, "Sir, I have been waiting for you for a long time. I have finally returned the money to you today!"

Walter's heart suddenly slipped through a warm current, and when he saw the little boy carefully, he found that the little boy actually fit the image of the protagonist of his film.

so he asked the little boy to come to the film company to see him tomorrow.

the next day, the little boy came to Walter and asked him if he could bring in his buddies, two homeless children like him, after learning that he had a chance to interview for a movie.

after the audition, Walter finally chose the little boy and wrote down in the reason for hiring:

there is no need to assess your kindness.

because of his kindness, the little boy was appreciated by Walter. For him, he could be said to have met a noble person.

but this noble man is not attracted by the kindness of the little boy's own heart.

Mark Twain said, "

kindness is a universal language in the world, which can make blind people


', deaf'


'. "

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people with good intentions, their hearts are warm and can melt snow and ice and dispel the chill.

it is precisely the kindness in which the little boy shares the opportunity with other children that he gets the help of the "noble".

your kindness is your blessing

as the saying goes: if a man has a good mind, God will bless it.

means: one only does more good deeds, has good thoughts in mind, and does not have to worry too much about the future.

because of the spring breeze, the fragrance of flowers comes naturally. For those who are kind-hearted, blessings are often on the way.

A long time ago, the Sahara Desert has always been known as the "Sea of death".

until 1814, the arrival of an archaeological team broke the spell.

the team members did not understand: "We are here for archaeology, not to collect the bodies of the dead."

but the captain's heart was so soft that he felt that every pile of bones used to be their counterparts, so he really couldn't bear to step over their bones.

then the compass failed, the archaeological team completely lost its way, and there was not enough food and water, and they understood why their predecessors had not been able to leave.come out.

in times of crisis, I only heard the captain say, "keep hope, we left a signpost on the road when we came!"

along the tombstone erected along the way, they finally walked out of the sea of death.

came out, the members of the archaeological team all sighed with emotion:

"in the desert, kindness is the signpost we leave for ourselves, let us find our way home!"

there is a good saying:

in a person's life, there are some minor things that will not have a big impact at that time, but after things have changed, looking back on their causality, we find that the impact is astonishing.

Life is like a piggy bank, every bit of kindness you deposit will silently become your blessing.

if you have good thoughts, the road will become wider and wider, and beautiful flowers will bloom in the Fukuda of life.

kindness is actually a reincarnation

kindness is a kind of transmission.

as long as you are willing to give kindness, sooner or later goodwill will be returned to you in some way.

in the short film "We all have this time", it tells a story about how goodness meets goodness.

an old woman's car broke down on the highway. She waited for a long time, but the mechanic didn't come.

when he was very anxious, a man happened to pass by, and out of kindness he helped the old woman fix the car.

knowing that the man is worried about finding a job, the old woman wants to give him money in return. But he refused, saying: we all have times like this.

it is true that when we are away from home, everyone will encounter difficulties.

, the old woman drove to a restaurant, where she met a pregnant woman who was still working for a living.

when the old woman left, she gave the woman a large tip to help her tide over the difficulties.

she wrote the same sentence on the envelope: "We all have times like this."

through the short film, you will find that the husband of the pregnant woman is the man who has helped the old woman.

the kindness given by the man was finally rewarded to him by his wife.

writer Leng Ying once said:

"if people really need to keep some distance, it is better to make each other shine. Because of your kindness and kindness to others, you will be the one who will achieve it in the end. "

as the saying goes, those who love to come back love to return, and those who are blessed are blessed.

the kindness you pay, like air, will come to you one day.

A hundred years of life, flashy fame and wealth are just passing in the twinkling of an eye, and only a kind heart makes people feel at ease.

in this life, may you and I all be warm and pure, believe in the power of good deeds, and then run into the beauty of the world.