If the heart is not as wide as the sea, where would it be calm?
If the heart is not as wide as the sea, where would it be calm?
In a person's life, the heart is the master.


Goethe said: "the happiness of man lies in the happiness of the heart." "

when you reach a certain age, people should slowly accept that life is not only made up of smiles, but also sobs and choking, and it has to be admitted that the latter accounts for more.

if you want to live a happy life in a complicated world, you must first practice a broad heart.

only when the mind is relaxed, the road will be wide and the road will be safe.

heart width, road width

tell a short story first.

there is a young man who was born into a wealthy family and lived a carefree life. However, the good times did not last long, when he was 18 years old, there was an accident and his family fell apart.

since then, he has suffered all kinds of white eyes and tasted all the sufferings of life.

people become irritable and pessimistic.

then one day, he passed a piece of farmland. The place has just been flooded by a flood, and the crops are in a terrible mess.

this situation reminded him of his own destiny.

but what shocked him even more was that there was a farmer in the field who worked very hard to replant crops, without a trace of frustration on his face.

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the young man asked, "the crops are like this, aren't you angry?" Is it still necessary to be busy? "

the farmer laughed loudly:

"being angry won't solve the problem. It's all arranged by God. You see, although the flood has destroyed my crops, it has also brought rich nourishment to this land. I'm sure this year will be a bumper harvest year! "

after hearing this, the young man's heart suddenly brightened a lot.

Life is like this, whether you like it or not, whether you accept it or not, unsatisfactory things, ten often eight or nine.

if you're stuck in something you can't change, you're just messing with yourself. Those who are unwilling and hardship, the more you think about it, the more sad you feel; the more you chew, the harder it is to bear.

it is better to learn from the farmer and relax.

I saw a picture on the Internet before, which was very interesting.

there was a fire in the home of a young couple in Guangxi, the sofa was burnt to pieces and the walls were pitch black.

in order to put out the fire, the two men were also embarrassed, but they did not complain or blame each other, let alone panic too much.

instead, he took an open-minded selfie and posted it on the Internet with the article:

"Red Fire wants to win a lottery, and reminds everyone that fire prevention in winter is very important, and you have to face everything with a smile!"

Life is always two-sided, with joys and sorrows.

for people with a narrow heart, the road becomes narrower and narrower;

and people with a broad heart can turn life into a "beautiful story" even if they are devastated.

Chekhov, a famous Russian writer, once said:

"if you have a thorn in your hand, you should be happy, but fortunately you are not in the eye."

this is done, and it is done. It is futile to regret and get angry again. Since life has teased you, you might as well adjust your mood, face it peacefully, and live a good life.

the width of the heart is one foot, and the width of the road is one foot.

there is a long way to go in life. If your heart is not as wide as the sea, how can it be calm?

have a broad heart and be at peace with yourself

most of the time, troubles are not caused by things outside us, but by our hearts.

there was an intern article in the company not long ago.

the director of her department is rigorous in her work, and every copywriter director will carefully and strictly check the gate.

so a report often has to be revised three or five times.

after several times, Dawen began to panic.

when I talked to her several times, she always asked me gloomily and dejectedly, "is our supervisor very dissatisfied with me?"

the more I think about it, the more confused my heart becomes. Over time, I feel that the way my supervisor looks at her is full of "opinions".

she resigned soon after.

later, someone mentioned Dawen to the supervisor and asked what he thought of her.

the supervisor said, "Dawen? She has a lot of potential, polished carefully, and will soon be able to take care of herself. I don't know how she resigned. "

A shallow-minded person cannot live a good life.

because they always lack their own "backbone" in their lives, others can set off a storm in their hearts with only a few words or even trumped-up emotions.

and what about broad-minded people?

Let him run away from madness and disobedience, I am motionless from the eight winds; let him turn upside down is quite remote, my heart is like a rock.

writer Pan Xiangli once told such a story.

one day, she was having coffee with a friend who sighed about the twists and turns she had just experienced. "I don't know what people will think of it."

Pan immediately asked Li, "who are you? In fact, there are only two kinds of people in the world, one is "none of your business" and the other is "none of your business". The people concerned understand the whole story and understand you, so you don't have to be afraid. "

then she pointed to the passers-by all over the street and said:

"do you care what they think? I'm so busy that I don't have time to talk to you! "

be a man with a broad heart.

if a person's mind is so narrow-minded that he can only put such trifles and emotions up and down, he is doomed not to be a big deal and his life will not be happy.

only when you have a broad heart can you see a wide world;

only with a broad heart can one live in peace.

Life is a game, and life is tired enough, so don't ask for trouble any more, so that your heart can't bear the burden. When you encounter unpleasant things, if you don't like them, you might as well laugh them off.

"take care of thousands of things in the world and chuckle two or three times at leisure."

in a person's life, the heart is the master. If you relax your mind, there will be good scenery everywhere in life.