If there is discord between husband and wife, the family will be defeated!
If there is discord between husband and wife, the family will be defeated!
The best feng shui for a family is harmony.

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as the saying goes: home and everything is prosperous.

families live in harmony and love each other. No matter how poor they are, they will surely prosper and become rich.

the relationship between husband and wife is the core of a family relationship. The relationship between husband and wife is stable and the life is immortal. If there is discord between husband and wife, the family will be lost.

if there is discord between husband and wife, the family is bound to fail

"Book of Rites" says: "Father and son Benedict, brothers in harmony, husband and wife, the fat of the family."

only when father and son trust each other, brothers are of one heart and one mind, husband and wife love and beauty, and the whole family lives in harmony, the family business can prosper.

if there are constant quarrels and quarrels at home, there will be no good life.

there is a couple who are very narrow-minded and always quarrel over trifles.

on this day, my wife cooked some good dishes and wanted to go to the wine jar to get some wine for fun.

without even thinking about it, she yelled at her husband, "you bastard, come and have a look, you dare to hide other people's women in the jar without telling me!"

the husband rushed over to take a look in the jar and found that it was a man!

the husband scolded:

"you bad bitch, you obviously did something wrong and brought another man home, and you dare to frame me!"

the two did not give way to each other, fighting together, tearing and biting, almost inextricably.

the neighbor heard the noise, asked why, swung a sledgehammer and smashed it into the wine jar. The wine in the jar ran out and the shadow was gone.

only then did they realize that what they were arguing about was nothing but their own shadow.

the couple had a good time, but they had to fight and ruin their wealth before they could stop.

to put it bluntly, the root cause of family discord lies in the lack of family morality. Everyone has their own reasons and can never be twisted into one mind.

such families cannot respect each other or reach a consensus, and they will only quarrel with each other. Even if they do not break up, their children will live in fear and have no happiness to speak of.

A reader once left me a message backstage. He said that his parents had quarreled so often since he could remember that he had been withdrawn since childhood and had no friends who could play with him.

when I first got married, I vowed not to follow the old path of my parents and be at peace with my wife, but very often I couldn't control my emotions at all.

he also wanted to change, but the shadow of his parents' quarrel was deeply engraved in his mind and lingered.

A couple who are estranged affect not only the atmosphere of the family, but also the character and life of their children.

maybe some parents will make up, and the scraps scattered all over the place can be cleaned up quickly, but the children who have witnessed all this, their happy childhood has been broken, and they can no longer be intact.

in a family, the family is pleasant, humble, communicates and listens, and any contradiction can be resolved.

on the contrary, fighting between relatives, losing their temper because of trifles, or even fighting, will not only hurt the peace, but also lead to the decline of the family.

A good family style is the most precious wealth of a family.

Family harmony, no matter how poor a family can become rich

what kind of life can be considered a success?

some people think that they have to eat and drink without wealth, while others think that if they don't have to be immortal, they should at least enjoy the same scenery for a while.

everyone has a different definition of success, but sometimes family harmony and happiness is also a kind of success.

because only when the family is in harmony, can everything be done smoothly.

in the Spring and Autumn period, Kui (quere) was originally a doctor in the State of Jin, but was later implicated and demoted as a commoner.

since then, the couple have returned to their hometown called "Ji" and lived a pastoral life of self-sufficiency and light food.

one day, when a minister named Jiuji passed by, he saw Ju Kui weeding in the field, and his wife came to bring him food.

the wife politely delivered the food to her hand, and she took it with great respect.

after the meal, the wife was out of use to see his wife go.

the two lived a life of respect for each other, and Jiuji was very moved in his eyes.

after going back, Jiuji is like the recommendation of the Duke of Jin Wen,

"Mutual respect between couples is a concentrated expression of virtue, and people with virtue can govern the country well. I implore the king to call him back for re-use. "

the Duke of Jin Wen adopted the advice of Jiuji and soon recalled him and made him an army doctor.

many people spend their lives in pursuit of success, fame and wealth, but do not realize that their wife is their most correct financial position.

as the saying goes, "if husband and wife are of one mind, their strength will break gold."

two people spend their whole life together, busy for firewood, rice, oil and salt, to understand each other's feelings and share the tiredness of doing housework and raising children.

only when a man is kind to his wife can his wife take good care of his family. If they work together, the good days will come naturally.

No matter when a family lives in harmony, no matter how poor it is, the family can get rich.

where there is a home, there is a way back, and peace of mind is happiness.

Family harmony is the most important.To

in Hans Christian Andersen's Fairy Tales, there is a story in which the old woman asked the old man to take the only horse in the family to the market to change things.

the old man changed from cattle, sheep, geese, chickens and rotten apples all the way.

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when two Englishmen learned that the Don had traded his horse for a bag of rotten apples, they bet a bag of gold coins that his wife would reprimand him, but the Don thought the old woman would kiss him for it.

the old man and the Englishman went home and told the old woman how they traded horses for rotten apples.

every time she talked about a deal, the old woman exclaimed: "Ah, we have milk to drink" and "Ah, we have goat's milk and wool!" "Oh, there's goose meat!" ……

when she learned that there was a bag of rotten apples at the end, she was even more excited:

"now I have to give you a kiss. Thank you, old man. The neighbor says we don't even bear a rotten apple here. Now I can give her ten, and I have a bag of apples!"

then he gave the old man a loud kiss, and the two Englishmen also lost a bag of gold.

Fairy tales are called fairy tales because they are beautiful scenes imagined in people's minds.

how many people in life can get along with an old woman and an old man?

often when one side does something stupid, the other is furious at the moment, ranging from cynicism to punching.

as a result, trivial things have become storms that affect family harmony.

if couples can trust each other more and be less suspicious, understand more and blame less, why can't they go for a long time?

Nine Village Muichi said: "Family should be a temple of love, joy and laughter."

what is the most important thing for a family?

of course, warmth and harmony are the most important!

the best feng shui for a family is harmony.

if the husband and wife are in harmony, the children are happy and the old are in good health. We will be accommodated and tolerant to each other, and no matter how great difficulties we encounter, we will eventually be able to overcome them.

in this world, some families live in poverty, but the whole family is happy; although some families are well-off, the whole family is hopping.

as Mr. Shan Yinjin said:

"those who do not wilt with exuberant spirit, but whose home is unlucky; those who do not wilt with hostility, and whose family does not decay."

when a family is together, it is only when they tolerate each other that they are harmonious, and when they cherish each other, they are warm.

, may every family be able to carry things together, bear difficulties together, suffer together, and share blessings together!