If you don't agree with each other, you can't go on falling in love again.
If you don't agree with each other, you can't go on falling in love again.
May you have dinner with the people you hit it off with and keep company with the people who understand you!

some time ago, "Girls' Love 3" was a hit, and Jin Chen and Zhang Jike, a pair of "great aunts and uncles", laughed a lot.

but in the face of a new round of dating, Jin Chen chose to decline politely.

in fact, there are early clues from the interaction between the two people.

many netizens even said bluntly: "the living environment of the two is very different, and even if they agree now, this relationship will not last."

indeed, it is hard for two people who can't talk or eat together for a long time, even if they get together because of their appearance, talent and family conditions.

the rest of your life is expensive, so you might as well leave your time to people who are comfortable with each other and have the same frequency.

to judge whether a person is worth making a deep acquaintance and whether a relationship is worth maintaining, we often know by these three points.

whether it is appropriate or not will be known after a meal

once read a girl's post for help, the girl's post said that her boyfriend is fine anywhere, but the two can't eat together.

ask him what to eat, and he says whatever.

I said eat hot pot, he said the whole body smells;

I said eat Japanese food, but he said he couldn't get used to eating too much raw food.

I said let's eat Sichuan food, but he said it was too spicy and afraid of acne.

I said let's eat western food, but he finally said yes. As a result, there will be no steak, no spaghetti, no pizza, no desserts, no snacks.

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such feelings are really too tiring.

whether a relationship is worth maintaining is often known from eating.

even a variety show can tell whether two people are suitable from that small dinner table.

at the first meeting on the program, Jinchen ordered several dishes carefully, but Zhang Jike ordered only one salad.

the atmosphere became a little awkward. Jinchen said, "if I had known you ate so little, I wouldn't have ordered so much."

later, the two ate several meals together. Jin Chen concentrated on enjoying the delicious food every time, but Zhang Jike just wanted to finish it quickly and set out quickly.

Zhang Jike even played with his mobile phone at one point in the middle of dinner.

at the dinner on the eve of the choice, Jinchen savoured the dishes carefully, but Zhang Jike ate a plate of spaghetti in three bites, and then admitted that he thought the most boring thing every day was to eat!

Jin Chen was stupefied for a moment: "my favorite thing to do is to eat."

the difference between two people's personality preferences is reflected incisively and vividly at the dinner table.

in fact, the fireworks on the dinner table is the best accelerant to maintain emotional heat.

Happy love is hidden in a steaming stove, in a bowl of chopsticks, and in the taste of wine and soup.

there is a line in the Quartet that says, "people always say I miss you instead of saying I like you to the one they like." I don't say I miss you to the person I want to see, but do you want to have dinner with me? "

those feelings that can eat together, either have the same values, or have a lot of understanding and love.

the simplest happiness in life is to meet someone who can accompany you to live a steaming life.

for a good marriage, be sure to look at each other's family

Friends Zihan and her boyfriend took only a week from acquaintance to love, and only half a year from love to marriage.

people around me thought they were too hasty, but Zihan said, "I've thought about it carefully."

it turns out that Zihan often goes to the man's house for dinner after establishing a relationship with her boyfriend.

Zihan found that at every dinner table, there are always scrambled eggs and stewed ribs with tomato that boyfriend and mother like to eat.

the family is also happy at the dinner table, occasionally talking about the topic of disagreement, and the boyfriend and father "admit their mistakes" with a smile in the end.

after dinner, my boyfriend's mother asked her boyfriend to wash the dishes. The boyfriend joked: "you are the last to finish eating, you should wash it."

but her boyfriend and mother didn't care and said, "put it there if you don't wash it. If you don't wash it, you won't let me wash it."

between nuances, it is full of sweetness.

from her boyfriend's father's attitude towards his wife, Zihan seems to have a happy marriage in the future.

as Satya, an American family therapist, said:

"A person's personality, three values of life, and way of thinking are all deeply influenced by his original family. In all our thoughts and actions in adulthood, we can see the same faces as our parents. "

A person's original family is like a mirror.

when parents love each other, children often follow suit and know how to respect and be kind to their partner.

and those children who live in violence and quarrels from an early age are often extremely short of sense of security, and it is difficult to learn the power to love and be loved from their parents.

so before getting married, try to look at each other's family as much as possible to see the relationship pattern and attitude of each other's parents.

these details will determine your happiness after marriage and whether you can go on for a long time.

Life is too short. Find someone you can chat with

in the movie perfect Stranger, there is a line:

"how do you know if you're in love with her?"

"if you talk to her for 30 minutes every day, you are in love with her."

"what about 60 minutes?"

"then I love her to death."

the so-called love is nothing more than willing to accompany you to say a lot of things and listen carefully to your heart.

Star Gao YuanyuanBoth Zhao Youting and Zhao Youting are remembered as gentle, introverted and quiet people.

when I first got married, some fans worried: "how quiet the house must be when two people are together."

it is surprising that when such quiet two people bump into each other, there are endless topics, from eggs to sports, from filming to health.

seemingly unrelated topics become humorous and interesting in their conversation.

in an interview, Venus once asked Zhao Youting, "do you talk much at home with Gao Yuanyuan?"

Zhao Youting immediately smiled and replied, "talk madly."

reveal the best state of marriage-- talking to each other.

A couple who can chat with each other always have a harmonious family, and it is easy to communicate and resolve even if they quarrel occasionally.

couples who can't talk to each other, when there is a conflict, saying everything is like adding fuel to the fire, and they can only end up with the Cold War.

Lu Yu said a paragraph:

"in some marriages, it is very likely that you two need to comment when you chat, your values are very likely to be inconsistent, and you may not be able to appreciate each other for a long time. And these are fatal to love and marriage. "

A marriage that you can't talk to is like casting pearls before swine, while a marriage that you can talk about is like falling in love all your life.

Yang Jiang and Qian Zhongshu fell in love all their lives. As soon as they fell in love, they began to communicate with each other. They had endless love letters and endless love words.

Yang Jiang recalled that at that time, "I wrote more and more frequently, one letter a day."

when you are with the people you can chat with, your heart is incomparably healed, happiness is shared by him, sorrow is shared by him, and every bit of life has the courage to face it calmly.

every word will become an inextricable thread, making our hearts closer to each other.

find someone who can chat with you for the rest of your life, accompany you in the sky and the sky, understand the warmth of your spring and autumn, and know that your years are green.

writer Su Cen said: "A really good relationship is effortless." There is no need to please and work hard, two people are just comfortable letting nature take its course. "

the person who is really suitable does not need you to chase or give in. He will walk in your direction, hold your hand tightly, accompany you to see the beautiful scenery, and accompany you out of the trough.

Life is not long, do not be difficult for yourself, find a person with the same values and get along comfortably, talk to each other and share life.

, may you have dinner with the people you hit it off with and keep company with those who understand you!