If you don't listen to Li Zongsheng when you are young, you will not be confused when you understand.
If you don't listen to Li Zongsheng when you are young, you will not be confused when you understand.
May you go through thousands of sails and still have the courage to climb the hills.

an uncle

there is a saying that "if you don't listen to Li Zongsheng when you are young, you will not be confused when you understand it."

Li Zongsheng is like a glass of old wine precipitated over the years, the heavier it is, the more fragrant it is.

Li Zongsheng's songs are like a cup of unsweetened coffee, bitter before fragrant.

Li Zongsheng's life, how many ups and downs, but joyful in bitterness; Li Zongsheng's love is gentle and affectionate, but the words are like cones; Li Zongsheng's friendship is insipid and trivial, but it reaches the hearts of the people.

however, the one that pokes me the most is the song


, it is said that Li Zongsheng wrote this song for ten years.

this week's

, let's walk into this song together. Together to feel the accumulation of ten years, let it gradually flow in our hearts.


chatter, never call back tenderness

there is a popular saying on the Internet:

"Let bygones be bygones, love and hate at will".

to deal with the feelings that have been lost, whether it is love or friendship, we must learn to let go and don't pester.

you know: it's not the right person who can leave.

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in the movie "No questions about the West and the East", teacher Xu Bochang and his wife Liu Shufen are a couple with an imbalance in piano and piano.

Liu Shufen lives in flattery and unease every day, trying to "move" Xu Bochang with her own actions.

she left all the good meals to Xu Bochang, who ate pickles in boiling water, but Xu Bochang was unmoved.

Hsu Po-chang was gentle, polite and amiable to everyone, but he didn't look good at all to Liu Shufen.

two people live together, not to mention intimacy, even using separate bowls.

Liu Shufen was so angry that she broke Xu Bochang's bowl, but Xu Bochang would rather drink water from an iron lunch box than share a bowl with her.

this relationship, which was forced to stay unwilling to let go, finally ended with Liu Shufen's suicide.

if Liu Shufen had chosen to let go at the moment she knew that Xu Bochang did not love her, instead of dogging her endlessly, then the tragedy would not have happened.

I believe you have also been "Liu Shufen" and have encountered such a situation:

if you want to fall in love, you can't let go.

when the relationship is over, you also struggled and suffered, trying to beg and recover.

please him with action, send large pieces of text to impress him.

the end result is often counterproductive, not only unresponsive, but also boring.

just like Li Zongsheng sang "chatter is never called back to tenderness" in "the Hills".

when you are alive, you will gather and break up. When you get together, you will try your best to love, but when you break up, it is better to let go.

the greatest respect for a dead relationship is not to muddle, not to pester each other, and not to embarrass each other.


look back frequently because of uneasiness

NetEase Yun has a hot comment on music:

"those who turn back frequently cannot walk a long way.


in the face of the past, we should not be too persistent, we should have the courage to let go, and do not look back.

if you are always reluctant to throw away the old clothes you don't wear and fill them with the wardrobe, the new clothes you want to wear will never fit into your wardrobe.

my friend Vivian broke up some time ago because her boyfriend was having an affair.

later, unable to stand her boyfriend's soft and hard bubbles and various promises, the two made up again.

made up, their relationship changed subtly.

Vivian said, "I became paranoid and couldn't help questioning where he was going. Gradually, he was too tired to explain to me." He bothers me so tired that he can't hold on. "

although we still have each other in our hearts, the knot of infidelity is inextricable after all. After several months, the two finally chose to break up peacefully.

I have read such a paragraph:

"the probability of couples getting back together after breaking up is 82%, but the probability of getting back together is only 3%, and the remaining 97% will break up again for the same reason as the first breakup!"

I remember that in the movie ex, the heroine broke the glass in order to avoid a quarrel and replaced all the glasses at home with plastic cups.

plastic cups won't break, but cracks are inevitable and can no longer hold water.

it's hard to get back together, and that's what he said.

Don't "look back again and again because of unease", because the result is often to repeat the same mistake.


looking at the bend of the river, I finally dared to

Li Zongsheng's other song "when Love is a thing of the past" has a lyric:

"one day you will know that life would not be different without me.


there is no one in this world who can't live without one. Eating alone may not be delicious, but it can be full.It may be a little lonely to travel, but you will see a different scenery.

to meet better people ahead, to appreciate the more beautiful scenery ahead, and not to be nostalgic all the time.

when the famous actress Jia Jingwen was on the rise in her career, she chose to marry Sun Zhihao, a rich second generation. But the jobs of the rich and powerful are not so good.

not long after Jia Jingwen married Sun Zhihao, it was revealed that there was emotional discord between husband and wife. Later, the two men went to court for custody of their daughter.

in the end, although Jia Jingwen got custody of her daughter, she was depressed by the unhappy marriage for a long time until she met Xiu Jiekai.

in an interview program, the host asked about the love process between Xiu Jiekai and Jia Jingwen. Xiu Jiekai admitted that when she first confessed her love to Jia Jingwen, she refused.

because Jia Jingwen cares a little about the age difference between the two, she is even more afraid of her last incomplete marriage.

but Xiu Jiekai did not give up and showed his sincerity again and again, which finally moved Jia Jingwen.

now Jia Jingwen has been spoiled as a child by Xiujie Kai, becoming bright, confident and smiling. She handled both her career and her family like a fish in water.

A woman surrounded by love is always attractive.

if Jia Jingwen had been immersed in love with her ex-husband and did not want to come out, if Jia Jingwen had not bravely said goodbye to the past, if she had been reading about the old relationship with her ex-husband.

then she will not know that there is still a Xiu Jie Kai in this world who loves her deeply.

when love is gone, let it go, and don't miss the past if it doesn't belong to you.

there is a long way to go. You should learn to "look at the bend of the river and finally dare to be bold".

the future can be looked forward to, and only by not thinking about the past can we go further.


in a relationship, no matter how it turns out, just enjoy the process.

to love with all your heart, to be worthy of your heart and to yourself is the best interpretation of love.

even if the heart is unwilling, I hope you don't pester, don't look back, don't nostalgia, don't shed tears and heartache for those who are not worth it.

May you go through thousands of sails, still have the courage to climb over the hills and sincerely look forward to happiness, all the way forward, shining.

an uncle

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