If you have grace in your heart, you will be blessed in your life! (too incisive)
If you have grace in your heart, you will be blessed in your life! (too incisive)
Kindness in the heart is not only a kind of quality, but also a kind of wisdom.

in the long course of life, we will encounter all kinds of people.

some people just pass by, like a reflection in the water, leaving no trace;

some people will accompany you one stop, like falling leaves, rippling in an instant;

some people throw a stone at the bottom of a well, read your jokes, and trap you in a whirlpool of danger;

but some people really treat you, guard you, and save you from water and fire in times of crisis.

there are always people who hurt you, but it is not easy for people who help you.

Please cherish the following four kinds of kindness.

the grace of parental upbringing

the Book of songs says, "mourn my parents and give birth to my hard work."

parents spend all their lives, work hard and give us the best we can.

look forward to success, but not demanding; children travel thousands of miles, but do not stop.

even if we are full of thoughts, we do not want to be a "burden" for us to move forward.

parents' kindness is thicker than heaven and earth, and when they become famous in the future, they will be grateful and kind to their parents.

in ancient times, Zhongyou was young, his family was poor, and he seldom ate delicious rice.

when he grows up, Zhong you always wants to do something for his parents.

at that time, his family was poor. In order for his parents to have a mouthful of hot rice, Zhong you went to buy rice a hundred miles away.

there was no car at home, so Zhongyou went there on foot and carried it back to serve his parents.

every time he goes out to buy rice, Zhongyou has to walk for days and nights before he can get home.

severe winters and scorching summers never rest.

the world thinks that Zhong you is too hard, but he enjoys it.

even Master Kong praised Zhong you for his filial piety and filial conduct.

later, Zhong you's parents died, and the king of Chu appointed Zhong as an official, Gao Jue Fenglu.

Kezhong always misses the days when his parents were alive, often thinking about depression and countless delicacies, but in vain leaving regrets that he could not share with his parents.

parents are still alive, so it is necessary to provide for them in time, and the kindness of parents should be returned in time.

do not leave the regret that "the tree wants to be quiet but the wind does not stop, and the son wants to raise but does not wait."

as the saying goes, "sheep have the grace of kneeling milk, crows have the meaning of back-feeding", filial piety to parents is nature, but also a valuable product


when you study, pursue your dreams and be yourself without worry, it is your parents who escort you in the rear and provide you with solid backing.

how deep is the kindness of parents' upbringing, how can you be perfunctory when you honor your parents?

one kind of growth is that when we grow up, they get old.

spend more time with your parents while it's still too late, and try your best to give them a better life.

Don't leave your bad temper to your parents and don't let them worry about our lives.

appreciate the difficulties and difficulties of parents, and be grateful for their contributions.

the companionship of husband and wife

as the ancients said, "Don't forget the friends of the poor and humble, and the wife of the chaff does not leave the court."

the most sincere feeling in the world is that you walk with me with nothing, and I accompany you to the end of the years.

but the stories of writers, dignitaries and dignitaries abandoning their wives can be found everywhere.

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Chen Shimei won fame, married the princess and abandoned Qin Xianglian. Cui Yingying Shili Changting held a banquet to bid farewell to Zhang Sheng, looking forward to reunion, but changed Zhang Sheng's suspended wife and remarried.

when many men are thriving, they begin to dislike the old people who share the hardships with you.

do not realize that it is this old man who has exhausted all his splendor and made a contribution to your progress, which is why you have achieved your present success.

during the Tang Dynasty, there was a man who began to dislike his wife after the imperial examination, so he wrote on his desk: "the lotus failed and the lotus remains, and the fallen leaves return to the old lotus roots."

after seeing this, the wife understood it and sadly picked up the pen and replied, "Huhuang rice is ripe, blowing bran to see the new grain."

A sentence of "new grain (bride)" to "old lotus root (old couple)", the husband was so ashamed that he finally gave up accepting

the intention of my concubine.

Brothers share the same root, husband and wife share the same fate!

once upon a time, your wife was also a sweet and pretty girl.

but for you, wash hands to cook soup, do housework, from youth and beauty to aged woman, in the wasted years, slowly grow old.

in fact, half a lifetime of ups and downs, no matter how good the skin will gradually dim, the most valuable thing is that you can remember "one day husband and wife Bai Rien" and be able to hold on to that original heart.

along the way, you have witnessed each other and grown up with each other. You are not only bosom friends who cherish each other, but also partners who share the same destiny.

looking back on the past, it is her affection for you, the warmest comfort for you, the tiredness for you to miss her, and the most reliable snuggle for her.

Thank you so much for your partner, a happy family, always waiting for your wife and your husband.

you know, you walk side by side, stand together at dusk, hold hands, and grow old together, is the most proud thing.

the grace cultivated by a good teacher

Han Yu said, "if you are a teacher, you will preach and accept karma to solve your doubts."

since ancient times, teachers have not only simply instilled knowledge, but also acted as the guiding light of students' way of doing things.

A word of care, a little instruction, a guidance, and a look will all change the course of our lives.

those harsh "nagging" backsLater, what is hidden is full of care and love.

as the saying goes, "filial piety, do not forget the kindness provided by their parents, courtesy, do not forget the kindness taught by teachers."

those who know how to respect and love their teachers are praised by the world, such as Socrates and Plato, Flaubert and Maupassant, Gui Guzi and Sun Bin, Chang Sangjun and Bian Que....

Yan Hui, a disciple of Confucius, is of good moral character and has great respect for his teacher.

one day, Confucius took his students around the world and was trapped and hungry for several days. Confucius could not bear it and could only sleep during the day in order to eliminate hunger.

Yan Hui thought that the Master was old, how could he withstand such torture, so he tried his best and finally had to go to the street to beg and beg for food for the Master.

Yan Hui happily went back to cooking, but accidentally dropped the carbon ash into the rice, thinking that the rice was not easy to get, so he ate the rice stained with carbon ash and left it clean for the teacher.

later, when Confucius learned the reason for this, he praised Yan Hui as a virtuous man.

as the old saying goes, "if you are a teacher once, you will be a father all your life." A teacher is indeed a lifetime of kindness.

Thank you for showing us the direction when you are confused, lest we go astray.

Thank you for giving us warm encouragement and courage to ride the wind and waves when we are lost.

Thank you for giving us patient persuasion and tolerance of our capriciousness and temper when rebellious.

step into the society, know more about the selfless contribution of the teachers in the green years.

May you and I always know that "don't forget to dig wells when drinking water, don't forget to plant flowers in spring", remember the teacher's kindness and give it to

the teacher sends his best wishes and often goes back to his alma mater when he is free.

the kindness of a bosom friend in the snow

Research shows that people will probably meet 30 million people in their lifetime, and the probability of acquaintance is only 5/10000000.

in other words, a person can maintain a stable social circle of no more than 150 people.

among these 150 people, there are many people who add icing on the cake to you, but very few people give you timely help.

when you understand the human heart and witness the human nature, you can understand that the person who gives you a helping hand in times of crisis is the one to be most grateful for.

he may not have witnessed your scenery, but when you are down, he is willing to help you through the most difficult times.

the world admires Guan Zhong and Bao Shuya for their deep friendship. As everyone knows, this invincible relationship is bound to be known and cherished after adversity.

Guan Zhong and Bao Shuya have known each other since childhood.

Guan Zhong's family was poor and had no career. Bao Shuya could not bear to manage the situation and proposed to do business with him.

and put forward 2/3 of the capital, but only enjoy 1/3 of the income, solving Guan Zhong's downfall.

also makes the relationship between the two sides more firm because of the friendship when they are down and out.

even in the subsequent battle in the workplace, the two always trusted each other and made a story through the ages.

as the old saying goes, it is easier to add icing on the cake than to send charcoal in the snow.

how many people only care about the wind, frost, rain and snow above their heads, looking at their own one-third mu of land.

those who can take the time to accompany you, support you, support you, must be a gift from God. If you meet, please cherish it.

after all, it is my duty not to help, but it is my duty to help you.

when you are in trouble, you are willing to give generously; when you are in trouble, you reach out and give you a hand; it is rare to never give up the truth when you are in distress.

make more contact when you are free, don't let this relationship fade, and don't lose the people who understand you.

when such a friend needs you, you should also come forward and return this kindness, so that the heart and heart can be seen sincerely, and the feelings and feelings warm each other.

Mencius said, "those who love others will always love them; those who respect others will always respect them."

Life is a cycle of reincarnation. What you have in your heart, your life will give back to you.

if you have evil in your heart, you will have a hurdle in your life; if you have good intentions, you will be surrounded by them.

having grace in the heart is not only a kind of quality, but also a kind of wisdom.

May you know how to compare your heart to heart, cherish those who are good to you, and always be grateful for the help you have given to you all your life.

if you want to say thank you, say it in time; if you want to love, love steadily.

encourage each other!