If you have the right attitude, you won't be so tired.
If you have the right attitude, you won't be so tired.
If you want to live a good life, you must have a good mindset.

A good state of mind can help us have health, wealth and happiness.


not long ago, Yu Changping, a doctor in Wuhan, became popular on the Internet. After the outbreak of the epidemic, he was unfortunately infected. But faced with the threat of death, he was not pessimistic and depressed.

"I have a good physique, and I'm sure I can handle it."

"Today is much better than yesterday"

he even opened a live broadcast during the isolation treatment to share the status of his recovery and cheer each other on.

his optimistic and humorous attitude has infected countless netizens.

later, Dr. Yu returned from a cure, which, of course, was inseparable from his own good physique and the doctor's best treatment.

but the power of mindset is also to be reckoned with.

as he said on the live broadcast, a good attitude is the best medicine.

in fact, not only life and death, but all the things we experience in our lives, large and small, will be affected by our mindset.

don't you believe me? Let's take a look at an experiment.

Italian researchers have studied a group of patients who have undergone thoracic surgery.

because the surgical wound is large, when the anesthetic fails, the patient will be in unbearable pain. fortunately, the doctor will inject morphine (a painkiller) to relieve the pain.

but the difference is that doctors divide the patients into two groups.

in the first group, the doctor injected it manually at the bedside, while in the other group, the same amount of morphine was injected directly by intravenous drip, that is, people in the second group did not know they were taking painkillers.

since the dosage and efficacy are the same, the analgesic effect of the patient should be the same.

but this is not the case.

according to the feedback, the first group of patients said that the effect was very good, and the pain was gone for a while, while the second group felt that the effect was minimal.

this phenomenon is very interesting.

it reminds people of an old Chinese saying: "things change with the heart, and circumstances are created by the heart."

sometimes, it is not how difficult our situation is, but our own confusion; sometimes, it is not life itself, but the idea of being "self-righteous" that holds us back.

A person's state of mind determines what kind of life he will have.


my friend Yi is a "flammable and explosive" person.

whenever things are not what she wants, she will be easily ignited and angry.

on weekdays, I always like to say these words:

"big and small, none of them worries me."

"what can I do?"

"what kind of life do I live all day?"

it seems that life is deliberately difficult for her, but is life really as messy as she thinks?

not necessarily.

my husband, who works in a state-owned enterprise, is gentle and capable; his children are healthy and lovely; he also has a stable job. The life of a family of three, others do not know how much envy.

but she just likes to worry.

for a while later, she always felt a little uncomfortable, but she couldn't say what was wrong. I have to go to the hospital for a physical examination. I have several nodules in my chest.

Yi was stunned at that time, but fortunately the situation was not very serious. The doctor prescribed medicine and told him to rest and be in a good mood.

seeing her recently, I found that not only did she look much better, but she always spoke happily, not as sad as she used to be.

asked her what was going on, she smiled and said:

"what could be more important than life? In the past, I used to worry so much that wishful thinking could not solve the problem and put a jam on myself. You might as well keep an open mind. "

there will always be some unpleasant things in life, but whose life is going well?

I quarreled with my lover, suffocated, upset when I didn't go well with my work, and was angry when I was pointed at by a villain.

but you calm down and think, are these things really worth paying the price of your health?

once in the world, but in a hurry for more than 30,000 days, happy is a day, unhappy is a day.

Why do you have to mess with yourself?

likes such a sentence very much, "in the past, I always thought I spelled hard work and persistence, but in the end, I often spelled the state of mind."

I think so.

the second half of life is about mindset. If the state of mind is good, everything is good; if the state of mind is bad, everything is difficult.


Life is long. Along the way, we always encounter all kinds of ditches and ridges. Having a good state of mind is equivalent to casting a wall in our hearts and wearing invisible armor on our bodies.

I have heard such a fable.

there is a young man in the village who is always unhappy and worries about all kinds of trifles all day long.

in order to live a more comfortable life, he decided to ask an old local man for advice: "I can never be happy. Please enlighten me."

after hearing this, the wise man said nothing and asked Mr. unhappy to go to the market to buy a bag of salt.

after buying it back, the old man grabbed a handful of salt and put it into the water, stirred it well, and let the man take a sip.

after the young man finished drinking, the old man asked, "how does it taste?"

each other's faceWrinkled into a ball: "bitter and salty."

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then the old man took the young man to the lake and sprinkled salt on the lake so that the young man could taste the lake again.

the young man picked up the lake and tasted it and said, "Sweet and mellow."

the old man asked, "is it still salty?"

the young man said, "No."

then the old man smiled at the young man and said earnestly:

"the pain in life is like the salty taste of salt, that's all. And the extent to which we can feel and experience depends on how big a container we put it.

the smaller your heart, the more annoyance you will have.

if you have a big heart, you will have more to bear, and life will be less bitter. "

in fact, things in the world are not as good as we thought, but they are not as bad as we expected. The key is how to face them.

look at the world with a troubled heart, the world is full of worries; with a clear mind, life is lovely everywhere.

if you want to live a good life, you must have a good mindset.

Don't haggle over some things; for some people, you don't have to worry about it.

learn to leave troubles to yesterday, simplicity to today, and expectations to tomorrow.

regardless of ups and downs, joys and sorrows, live a good life in a serious and down-to-earth manner.

when your mindset is right, life will not be so tired.

from now on, be a happy person, say no to people you hate, and let things that are not worth it go away.

then, cherish your daily life and rejoice in every quiet day.