"if you look at your moments, you will know that you have never seen the world."
"if you look at your moments, you will know that you have never seen the world."
A person's upbringing to the bone is never to judge others at will.

# Why doesn't everyone post on moments now? #

one of them commented: "only people who have never seen the world will post on moments."

such a statement makes me feel like a pain in my throat.

these malicious speculations make many people dare not to post more moments.

I think of a female friend of mine. Although she is young, she is promoted quickly because of her excellent work.

sometimes, she will attend some banquets because of her work, and after that, she will inevitably post a few photos with various entrepreneurs in her moments.

these people do not know that she worked overtime for three months in a row in order to win a plan;

I don't know that she is still answering customer messages at 3: 00 in the morning in order to maintain her performance.


more and more people are used to speculating and criticizing other people's lives through the screen, and even stand on their own commanding heights and trample on other people's self-esteem.

in fact, truly educated people never judge others easily.

there is no real empathy in the world

Xin Yiwu said in "Shan Yue doesn't know what's inside":

"our hearts and our flesh grow on each one's own body, ups and downs, and only we can understand what we taste."

Life has always been like this, such as drinking water, cold and warm self-knowledge.

the melancholy worries of some people may sound like a joke to others.

those who have seen the aurora and swam across mountains and lakes may not be able to imagine that there are still a group of people in the world who are constantly struggling to make ends meet.

not to mention flying, they may have only seen airplanes on TV all their lives.

they are even more reluctant to spend money on sightseeing, and the usual home-cooked food and going to the park with their families on weekends is enough to make them happy for a long time.

not everyone is born lucky and lives a light life. Too many people carry heavy loads for their families and children.

"whenever you want to criticize anyone, remember that not everyone in the world has the advantages you have."

if you really can't empathize, you can at least choose to be kind.

Don't criticize others for their happiness without suffering. Even if you don't understand, don't belittle what others like.

never judge a person easily

things have everything, and people have a thousand faces.

sometimes what you call truth is just the tip of the iceberg.

I have seen a rather classic picture.

an old woman with wrinkles

from another angle, she has become a bright and attractive girl

the same is true of life, it is too arbitrary to judge a person's whole picture just by reading.

too many people tend to judge others by themselves and make random comments when they don't know the facts.

seeing that someone in moments posted a beautiful selfie, he began to ridicule and despise: "how many filters have been added, p's mother doesn't even know him?"

when I saw someone go to the cinema to show their ticket stubs, they said sadly, "Xiuen love dies quickly";

it is full of disdain to watch other people go on a trip and constantly brush the screen of landscape photos: "it's just a few stinky money, there's nothing to show off."

but I don't know that the girl who took the selfie has just been scolded by the client, just to cheer herself up.

couples who watch movies haven't seen each other for months, sharing their happiness just to add some preservative to this long-distance relationship.

people who go out to travel are relaxing after working overtime for many days, just to loosen their ties and relieve fatigue.

those who like to post on moments do not do nothing or show off, but hope to have a place to rest for their memories after many years.

look at others to share life, do not want to like, at least do not spit sour water.

the first time to eat steak, the first time to fly, the first time to go abroad. These seemingly insignificant things may be the great happiness of others.

A person's upbringing deep to the bone is to never judge others at will.

see through without telling, knowing people without judging others, leaving decency for others and steps for yourself.

people live, just give their own light, do not blow out other people's lights.

most of the people who have really seen the world are quiet

there is a question in Zhihu: what are those who have seen the real world like?

answer with high praise below:

"will be fastidious, can make do with, can enjoy the best, but can also bear the worst; emit a different temperament in the crowd, gentle but powerful, humble and meaningful."

in fact, a person's narrow sense does not mean that he has not seen gorgeous scenery or knows great people, but that he is unable to tolerate and accept the differences in the world.

compared with people who post on moments with a little "crap", those who like to judge others from their own point of view are really unfamiliar with the world!

everyone has their own way of recording life. If you spit on your moments, the meaning of your moments isWhat?

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Cai Kangyong once mentioned an interesting phenomenon in his speech:

the star friends in moments hardly post their own photos, but ordinary people, who send more.

because stars shoot magazines, movies, television, advertisements, and all kinds of media reports, they have plenty of opportunities to show themselves, and they are very satisfied.

the attention that ordinary people expect is often left in the moments.

born human, crying and laughing is a kind of nature.

sadness needs to be released, and happiness naturally needs to be exported.

those who are good at discovering the small luck in life, how much they should love life!

meet an abandoned cat on the way to work;

the magnolia at home blossoms again;

A few more favorite dishes have been added to the table today;

I bought my favorite clothes when I went shopping.

you can't deny how much this "crap" means to people who post in moments.

perhaps in the eyes of others, it is not on the table at all, but in the eyes of those who post in moments, it is the best tribute to life.

so, please don't obliterate your own nature, even if you want to send something big, after all, life is not for others to see, it is most important to be happy!

I hope you and I can get out of our own narrow-mindedness, not easily label others, and bravely say "no" to prejudice.

because people who have really seen the world, their hearts will become softer and softer, and they will drink with the world in a more indifferent manner.

encourage each other!