If you marry the right person or not, you'll know if you have a fight.
If you marry the right person or not, you'll know if you have a fight.
Husband and wife quarrel, if you have to win or lose right or wrong, the relationship will only wear out day by day.



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what is husband and wife?

husband and wife have been in love all their lives, quarreled all their lives, endured them all their lives, and accompanied them all their lives. They are the two most intimate people in the world.

there was a survey that a couple quarreled 189 times a year, an average of once every two days; in terms of 40 years of marriage, they quarreled about 7500 times in a lifetime.

quarrels are not terrible. Sometimes proper quarrels between husband and wife not only do not affect the feelings between husband and wife, but even enhance them.

because, after quarreling, the process of taking the initiative and making up can not only make up for the emotional gap, but also solve some small problems in life.

people who really love you will not ignore you and hurt you because they are angry. If they marry the right person or not, they will know if they have a quarrel.

the closer people are, the more likely they are to quarrel

having dinner with friends some time ago, I heard an interesting story.

A friend said that once when she and her husband went to the gym to play badminton, she happened to meet another couple who were playing ball, and then suggested that the two couples play each other.

of course, the two gentlemen matched their wives, but they fought each other, and the opposite began to quarrel.

the man said slightly impatiently:

"I just told you to stay in the front. I'll catch the ball in the back. Why are you running back?"

the woman did not show weakness, but immediately replied, "look at you, you can't catch a ball. What if I don't run behind?"

this goes back and forth, complaining about each other, feeling that the smell of gunpowder is getting heavier and heavier, and the atmosphere suddenly becomes a little awkward.

A friend's husband suggested that the two sides change partners before continuing, that is, their wives switch to each other's side, to be "enemies" and continue to play ball.

this exchange, both sides play happily, even if there are some minor mistakes on the same side, everyone's smile will pass.

people are always accustomed to accommodating and accommodating others, but leave harshness to those closest to them.

attitude after a quarrel is very important

most couples quarrel because of some trivial things in life.

sometimes it's because you've been reminded many times, but it's still misplaced clothes, and sometimes it's because you mind and the other person's casual attitude.

once heard a friend tell such a short story:

once, a couple quarreled so loudly that the woman sobbed angrily and said, "you can go if you can, but don't go back to this house when you leave!"

the man shouted angrily, "if I come back, I will be your grandson."

the man slammed the door out, but the woman wanted to save face, so she secretly ran to the balcony and looked at the man's disappearing figure, and the woman lay back on the sofa.

after dozens of minutes, the woman heard a knock at the door and intuition told her that her husband might be back, and she was still hesitant to open the door in anger.

as a result, the man shouted at the door, "Grandma, your grandson is back!"

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the woman immediately sat up from the sofa, smiled at the corner of her eyes, and ran to open the door.

opened the door and found that the man also brought her favorite grilled wings, and the woman gave the man a hug as if the quarrel just did not exist.

in fact, in a quarrel, what a woman wants is an accommodating attitude rather than being reasonable and aggressive.

if husband and wife quarrel, if they have to win or lose, the relationship will only wear out day by day.

however, silent marriage will be more depressing, quarrelling when it is time to quarrel, and smart men will not always argue with each other no matter how they quarrel.

if you learn to back down, the other person will stop.

, a good marriage is actually very simple. It's not that you don't quarrel all your life, and you can live a lifetime after a quarrel.



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