If you take too much advantage, the disaster will follow you.
If you take too much advantage, the disaster will follow you.
Blessed people are those who know how to live up to their responsibilities.

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as the old saying goes, "do not covet petty gain, do not admire false fame."

A false name is like a bubble, which can be broken; a small profit is like fragrant bait, and others take the bait.

if a wise man is stupid, he likes to give profit to others and suffer losses; if a fool is wise, he takes advantage of it, but is still complacent.

do not know to take advantage of others, but the present sweetness, followed by only disasters.

taking advantage of everything is a disaster

Liu Zhou, a Taoist in Beiqi, said: "if you are meticulous in greed for small profits, great profits will surely perish."

if you get entangled in petty profits, you will lose more profits.

there is no such thing as a free lunch, let alone a free advantage.

during the Spring and Autumn period, the State of Yu was bordered by the State of Yu, and the State of Jin had to pass through the State of Yu to attack the State of Yi.

the State of Yu and the State of Yi formed an alliance and competed with the State of Jin.

the State of Jin said to the State of Yu:

"I'll give you a thousand taels of gold, ten pearls of jade and ten Dendrobium. Please lend me a way and share the kingdom equally in the future."

the State of Yu was overjoyed to receive the gift and agreed to Jin's request.

as a result, the State of Jin not only laid down the State of Qin, but also destroyed the State of Yu on the way to the teacher.

both sides of the State of Yu made profits and took advantage of all the advantages, but it was a pity that gold and jade were empty before they were warmed up.

to take advantage of a friend is to break his arm; to take advantage of an enemy is to bind himself.

the ancients said:

"it should be for the sake of all things, and avoid the lust for small gains. If you don't make a move, the whole game will be off. "

those who are wise are far-sighted, while those who are greedy for petty gains only care about the present.

as the saying goes, if you take a small advantage, you will suffer a big loss. Don't lose the watermelon for the sake of sesame.

blindly greedy for petty gain, do not distinguish between the pros and cons, there are doomed to a hundred times a thousand times the disaster waiting for you.

people who are smart in pictures are willing to suffer

in the Book of morality:

"the saint is the first after his body, and he exists outside his body. He can be selfish because of his selflessness."

shrewd people seldom make great achievements when they think of themselves everywhere and do not suffer at all.

people who devote themselves wholeheartedly to the public and selfless dedication often have a lot of help and can always realize their ideals and aspirations.

"selflessness" is a kind of character that comes before others, and "becoming its own selfishness" is the realm of becoming one's own people.

everyone knows that Guan Zhong and Bao Shuya are close friends.

in the first half of his life, Guan Zhong was greedy for money, was banned as an official, became a deserter, and chose the wrong camp.

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but when the King of Qi decided to reuse Bao Shuya,

Bao Shuya abdicated and said to the king of Qi:

"the pillar of the country is not me, but Guan Zhong.


Historical Records records: "there are not many virtuous people in the world, and many Bao Shu can know people."

means that Qi Guogong won the world, and instead of praising Guan Zhongxian Ming, people all praised Bao Shuya for being good at his duties and sacrificing himself for benevolence.

Daojing: "the way of Heaven has no relatives, and it is often with good people."

the way of heaven is fair and selfless, the good man is full of blessings, and the evil man is full of misfortune.

it doesn't matter to suffer a little loss. If someone owes you, God will pay you back.

in the Book of morality:

"good fortune brings misfortune

rely on, misfortune and good fortune



to take advantage of the surface scenery is actually hidden dangerous; to suffer losses and grievances on the surface actually accumulates Yin virtue.

it is a humble gentleman who would rather be defeated by the people in the world, and a scumbag who would rather be defeated by the rest of the world.

Blessed people are those who live in the world, look up to heaven, bow down to others, and know how to live up to their obligations.

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