In a relationship, if a man doesn't give you these three things, don't love him!
In a relationship, if a man doesn't give you these three things, don't love him!
There is nothing wrong with falling in love with someone, for fear that you love the wrong person.

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there was a hot topic on Weibo: "do you regret marrying your current husband?"

one netizen left a message:

"I got married when I was young and ignorant, listening to sweet words and holding an innocent and romantic attitude. After marriage, he resigned and became a full-time housewife at home for the sake of his children and his career.

the life with palms up was so hard that the child talked about the tuition fee for a month before he impatiently transferred the money to me and found that he had bought several famous bags for the mistress.

I can't understand how a white man can be so unkind, and only regret that he had no eyes at the beginning. "

people are saddened to read a story.

the vows of love are really beautiful, but to judge whether a person really loves you or not must depend on his actual actions.

in a relationship, if a man doesn't give you these three things, stay away as soon as possible!

irresponsible for feelings, I can't give you sense of security

Lan Lan has been dating her boyfriend for almost a year. On weekdays, her boyfriend treats her very well, which can be said to be very caring.

but oddly enough, the man seems reluctant to admit their relationship publicly.

once, when she was shopping with her boyfriend, she happened to meet her boyfriend's colleague, who joked that "you've done a good job of secrecy. You already have a girlfriend."

later, the boyfriend explained: "it is not very good to be afraid of being gossiped by colleagues at work."

Lan Lan has made trouble several times because of this, but her boyfriend is still unwilling to show her love in moments, always saying:

"you are in love with me, but not with them. Let's just love each other. Why show it to others?"

in the relationship, Lan Lan has always been the one who pays more, and her boyfriend is unwilling and can only let him do nothing.

later, this love, which is worried about gain and loss, finally came to an end.

A person who really loves you is bound to make no secret of your relationship, because he is unwilling, let alone willing.

he can't wait to introduce you to the world and give you 100% peace of mind.

on the contrary, if a man is always unwilling to disclose your relationship, let alone let you into his circle, then he must not really love you.

you know, feelings should be sincere, should not be hidden, let alone an one-man show.

if he can't even give you sense of security, then stay away as soon as possible, and then foolishly waste his heart and pay full of affection.

in the final analysis, love is a response to everything and a reason for everything.

the right person will certainly give you the largest sense of security with action, brazenly showing his preference for you.

seemingly warm to you, but unwilling to spend money on you

netizen @ Bai Zhou has shared his real experiences on Zhihu.

he is an otorhinolaryngologist. He once worked the night shift and a couple came to the consultation room.

while eating fish, the girl accidentally got stuck in her throat by a fishbone, so she pulled her boyfriend to the hospital.

it was a small thing, but my boyfriend's performance made people laugh and cry.

when she entered the clinic, her boyfriend kept asking, "are you really stuck with a fishbone? why don't we go back and have a look?"

asked several times, the girl got a little angry and said, "I don't know if I don't have a fishbone."

later, the doctor examined the girl by laryngoscope and found that the thorn was so stuck that it almost stuck in the trachea.

it took a lot of effort for the doctor to get the fish bone out.

throughout the course of the girl's medical treatment, the boy kept muttering that he didn't care about the girl.

when it comes time to pay the fee, the boy complains even more: "Why are you so careless? it costs 100 yuan to do this, which is more expensive than me to eat grilled fish!"

the girl finally couldn't stand it and broke out:

"I originally wanted to eat hot pot, but you wanted to eat grilled fish. I said I wouldn't eat fish. If I hadn't been with you, would I have done this?" Is the medical fee important, or am I important? "

the two went back quarrelling.

although love cannot be measured by money, it hides a man's heart.

most of the time, money is like a demon mirror, and all feelings will appear as they are when it comes to money.

A man who loves you deeply cares about your safety more than money.

those who do not love you should calculate every penny of their feelings with you clearly for fear that they will pay too much.

think of Sanmao's sentence: "Love cannot last long if it cannot be carried out in such small things as dressing, eating, and counting money."

it is true that money is never all about love, but it is the cornerstone of love.

maybe it can't control love, but without its witness, feelings are like castles in the air, unable to withstand the baptism of wind and rain.

there are signs of love, because you are in my heart.It will hurt you to the bone. No matter how difficult the days are, I will work hard to give you a solid and warm life.

because I love you more than anything else, I am willing to give everything for you.

doesn't care about your emotions, impatience and tenderness

in the TV series Thirty, Zhong Xiaoqin, 30, has been well taken care of by her parents since she was a child. She is a little girl who needs attention and spoil from the bottom of her heart.

but her husband Chen Yu just wants her to grow up, so don't always bother yourself with big and small things.

Zhong Xiaoqin worked late into the night and wanted her husband to pick her up, but Chen Yu thought it was troublesome and handed out a red envelope and asked her to take a taxi home.

on weekdays, Chen Yu only washes his own clothes, and when the dried clothes are placed on the sofa, Chen Yu only picks out his own arrangement.

Zhong Xiaoqin occasionally sprinkled Jiao, saying that she wanted to drink sour plum soup, but got a cold sentence, "you can call one with your own mobile phone software."

in the grievances and disappointments again and again, the gap between the two becomes bigger and bigger.

later, Zhong Xiaoqin had an unexpected miscarriage. Unexpectedly, her husband not only did not have a word of comfort to warm himself, but was even more "indifferent" like an irrelevant other person.

finally, Zhong Xiaoqin had an emotional breakdown and asked, "I can't sleep every day and sleep on these earplugs, do you know?" Do you ever care?! "

Chen Yu unexpectedly replied confidently, "if it's really that serious, you should see a doctor. Why yell at me?"

Zhong Xiaoqin, extremely disappointed, smashed the fish tank and dropped something on the floor.

on the first day of her thirties, she chose to divorce.

I have heard such a sentence:

"A man's harm to a woman is not necessarily that he falls in love with someone else, but that he disappoints her when she has something to look forward to and fails to give her a hand when she is vulnerable."

all a woman wants is a hug when she is lost and a care when she cries.

at the beginning of a relationship, it is always sweet and sincere, and the other party will always keep those casual words firmly in mind. However, when time goes by, feelings fade and communication becomes less, indifference becomes the norm.

even if there is a misunderstanding, the other party doesn't bother to explain, because in his opinion, you are being unreasonable.

on such a sad day, it is better to let go as soon as possible so as not to be sad and miserable in the future.

the vast sea of people, we all look forward to the romantic love of "meeting a white head", but unfortunately, not everyone can get what they want.

it's not rare to meet someone who likes you. But it's not easy to meet someone who is willing to spoil you for the rest of your life.

want to know if a man loves you, don't listen to what he says, the important thing is to see what he does.

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after all, no matter how well you say it, it is not as profound as the actual performance.

the person who really loves you will regard you as a treasure, see through your bravado, protect your capriciousness, read your heart, and take actions to make you feel his love.

there is nothing wrong with falling in love with someone, for fear that you love the wrong person.

the rest of my life is precious. For those who don't love you, don't worry about it. Say goodbye bravely as soon as possible.

, I hope every girl can meet the right person, accompany you with flowers and horses, laugh at the hot sun and flowers, and spend the rest of her life together.