In a word, you won't be angry all your life.
In a word, you won't be angry all your life.
Be kind to yourself and never get angry.

people live a lifetime, live in a mood; live a life, live a state of mind.

when we take a walk in this world, it is inevitable that each of us will be unhappy and often encounter collapse.

angry, but no matter who you are angry with, it will always be yourself who gets hurt.

when you are in a bad mood and you can't control it, learn to say these words to yourself, so that everything is not confused, not trapped in love, slowly precipitate, and finally return to peace.

angry, who is cheaper

whenever you are misunderstood, offended, or encounter something unpleasant, a nameless fire goes straight to the forehead.

but calm down and think, you are angry, who is the cheap one?

the writer Li ao was heartbroken when he talked about his teacher Yin Haiguang.

once, when Yin Haiguang was eating at home, he suddenly thought of some hostile person. He was so angry that he couldn't even eat.

because of his straightforward nature, the teacher gets angry every time he sees grievances.

for a long time, it is hard to avoid feeling depressed, and the teacher died of illness at the age of 49.

and the man who was hostile to him lived until he was 89.

after experiencing the teacher, Li ao was deeply touched. He said:

"No matter what happens in my life, I am not angry. I will tease you." Those who live a long time are the bigger winners. "

it is said that all diseases are born of anger, and it is the stupidest act to be angry for people and things that are not worth it.

you will find that those troubles do not disappear automatically because of your anger, and those who do not understand you do not make the changes you want because of your anger. As a result, they not only damage your health, but also waste the years.

anger hurts the body, what's more, when people are angry, they tend to do a lot of irrational things.

how many times, the original simple quarrel or friction gradually escalated under anger, and finally led to an irreparable tragedy.

A young couple in Chongqing once had a quarrel over the trivialities of life.

the wife slammed the door angrily and was about to drive away when the husband chased him out, opened his arms in front of the car, and kept slamming the windshield.

the wife, who had long been blinded by anger, paid no attention to it. She stepped on the throttle, and the next second, her husband was thrown out and died on the spot.

after that, my wife was taken to the police station and was fooled, saying repeatedly, "if only I had not been so angry."

Unfortunately, there is no if in life.

in a moment of exuberance, I can't control myself, just like walking on the edge of a cliff. if I'm not careful, it's easy to do something I regret.

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in the end, you are the only one to lose, not others.

Life is not meant to be angry

there are a lot of troubles in the world, and it is inevitable to encounter some resentful things, or some people who don't like it.

walking in the world, many experiences are often not up to us to choose, but we can decide what attitude to face.

Nietzsche said in the other side of good and Evil: "if emotions are always out of control, they will be led by the nose and lose their freedom."

it is difficult for us to stay out of many things in life, however, no matter how bad it is, we must learn to look at it from a different point of view and not let our life be lost to an out-of-control mood.

some time ago, a bad thing happened to her friend Wei.

her son is going to celebrate his tenth birthday, so she and her husband plan to take the children to the neighborhood to play.

but in the middle of the car, they found that they were going the wrong way. just when Xiao Wei was so anxious that he didn't know what to do, her husband coolly answered, "I said I should turn left at the intersection ahead, but you just wouldn't listen. Now it's all right."

it thundered on the flat ground, and Viv blew up right away. What does that mean? Are you trying to pass the buck? She was so angry that she stopped the car, and the two had a big fight.

it wasn't until her son in the back seat timidly called her "Mom" that she realized that she didn't come here for a fight, his tenth birthday, such an important day, and what did they do?

in a few words, I let my mood break, flew into a rage, and celebrated that I had been defeated by them, not only sorry to my son, but also failed to have a rare two-day off.

after that, Wei always regretted it, and it would have been a meaningful day if he hadn't been angry at that time.

Yes, my life is so short, how can I be so wasted?

every day of life is new, and every moment we have cannot be replicated.

haggling over trifles is the most meaningless consumption of life. Not serious, not entangled, light look at gains and losses, not easily angry, is to respect their every minute.

Life is not meant to be angry.

since you are lucky enough to live once, live well and live happily every minute of your life as much as possible. No matter what you encounter, don't forget the original intention of coming into this world.

instead of being angry, take your time

of course, everyone has the right to be angry.

but before you get angry, you might as well think carefully about whether this matter, this person, is worth fighting for.

I have heard such a story:

once upon a time there was a chess player who was famous all over the country. According to legend, he had never lost chess with others.

one dayA guest came in and asked the chess player, "can you see how many pieces are in this chess box?"

the chess player thought about it and said, "there are 361 sunspots, 180 sunspots and 181 albinos."

the guest proudly showed out a chess piece hidden in his hand and said, "you are wrong, not 361, but 360. You say you know chess best, but that's all!"

the disciple of the chess player trembled with anger, quarreled with the guests, and was about to hit people.

the chess player stopped his disciple. He turned to the guest and said calmly, "I am incompetent and incompetent."

the guest laughed and turned away.

the disciple asked doubtfully, "that man is vexatious at first sight. Why don't you get angry and argue?"

the chess player replied, "if you know full well that he is vexatious, why do you downgrade and argue with him? in the end, it will only waste your time and destroy your mood."

in life, we always meet people like "guests" who can easily stir up your emotions and intend to pull you into the quagmire.

if you really argue with him, you can't tell it clearly, and you can't understand it. You will not only waste your time, but also cause hostility and irritation.

therefore, instead of getting angry, it is better to take a step back.

coincidentally, there is also a classic dialogue in the ancient Chinese prose that has the same meaning.

Hanshanzi asked, "what should I do with people in the world who slander me, deceive me, humiliate me, laugh at me, despise me, and humiliate me?"

pick it up and say, "just put up with him, let him, avoid him, ignore him, and look at him in a few years."

when I first saw this answer, I was young and energetic. I thought that only the timid would blindly avoid it and feel that life should not be wronged, so I should give an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.

but as I get older, I become more and more aware of the truth contained in these two short sentences: uncompetitive wisdom in life.

spend your limited energy on useless entanglements, not with others, but with yourself.

be kind to yourself and never get angry.

in our lives, we always encounter all kinds of anger: idle, sulky, resentful, angry, proud, discouraged, angry, stingy, and cowardly.

what we fight for is reason, what we lose is love, and what hurts our hearts.

if you swallow these qi, it will turn your stomach, break your heart, hurt your lungs, and finally break your muscles and bones.

it would be better, as Zhuangzi said in his famous article "Happy Journey", not to be disturbed by external affairs, but to let the world of mortals roll, and I stood still and felt at ease.

be kind to yourself and never get angry.

for the rest of your life, may you be less entangled, more free and easy, less angry, more relieved, less concerned, more grateful, simpler, more foolish, and more long-term.

be less angry, live a good life, and share with you!