In addition to having sex, if a man tells you these four privacy, it proves that your relationship is special!
In addition to having sex, if a man tells you these four privacy, it proves that your relationship is special!
Remember to keep your eyes open and screen carefully when you are in a relationship.

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in a relationship, the more a woman cares about a person, the more she becomes hesitant and cautious.

parents' family situation

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No matter men and women, as long as they really fall in love with someone, they all hope to get married and stay with each other for a lifetime.

since I want to get married, it must be my parents and family that can't get around it.

when you first met, few people would mention these realistic things. after all, no one knows how far you can go, but when you are familiar with each other and your relationship is stable, when a man still avoids answering these practical questions, you have to be careful.

this kind of person has no intention of marrying you when he is with you.

maybe it's just to chat with you, or you have beautiful clothes and good clothes, and you have face to take out, so there's nothing wrong with falling in love.

when it comes to marriage, when it comes to family situation, I want to get away from you immediately.

only men who really want to talk to you about marriage will be willing to talk to you about their family situation.

he hopes that this marriage can get the support and blessing of his parents, and he also wants his parents to like you and become a family as soon as possible.

there is a stage in the relationship between men and women, which is called "meeting parents".

if he fails to do so, he will be even more unable to deal with the difficulties behind him, so he might as well let go earlier.

his income level

there is a saying that those who are willing to spend money do not necessarily love you, and those who are not willing to spend money will not love you.

people who care about money are hardly favored by women, but there is another kind of person who is willing to invite you to dinner and buy you flowers, but once you ask him about his income, he always prevaricates with words such as "enough to spend anyway".

in the face of ordinary people, there is nothing wrong with doing so. after all, the money in anyone's pocket is not from the strong wind.

if you still hide and hesitate in the face of a partner who wants to spend your life together, I think what he really thinks is to spend some time on you and doesn't want to have a future with you.

when you are happy, you will be coaxed, and if you are unhappy, you will be cut off and disappeared. to them, the relationship is a boring thing, and it will never involve any responsibility.

when a man is willing to tell you about his income, it means that he already regards you as his own person; he is willing to pay for a family with you.

the most basic thing in a relationship is not love, but honesty and respect.

regardless of his income, I think what women really value is to talk openly about money to each other and enjoy this down-to-earth sense of peace of mind.

friends who grew up with him

generally speaking, men are face-saving creatures. After determining a relationship, they all want to show off in front of their friends.

No matter how many times you say it, some people always use excuses such as "all men, it's inconvenient to take you", while others happily accompany you to go shopping and dress up and take you into his circle of friends.

A man who has identified you will not take you to dinner and socialize with clients he does not know well, but will take you to meet his best friends who have known him for ten or two years.

because they have known each other for a long time, you can know from an old friend what the man you like is the most real. A person who really loves you will not exclude you from the real circle of friends.

in doing so, on the one hand, it means that no matter how good you look and what the conditions are, he will accept it.

on the other hand, he is also announcing to his friends that he has an owner, so other members of the opposite sex don't have to pay attention to him.

the friends who grew up with him have witnessed his happiness and grievance from childhood to childhood. Only when they regard you as the most intimate person will they be willing to introduce you to them.

his plans for future life

in a relationship, women usually lack sense of security. When they fall in love with a man, they always ask him about his future life plans and imagine each other's future.

A man who just wants to play with you seldom takes the initiative to talk to you about the future. He just wants to live one day at a time and give the future to tomorrow perfunctorily.

he has never been alone in his life and will not make any plans or efforts for you.

A heart that really loves you is unwilling to let you endure hardships with him.

he will tell you his plans for your future life, and work in this direction to reassure you.

Japanese social activist Ikeda Daisaku once said:

"Marriage is the end of youth and the starting point for a happy life. In order for her to bear beautiful fruit, don't be anxious, be cautious and be sincere. "

although feelings are not the whole of a woman, they can affect a woman's life.

remember to keep your eyes open and screen carefully when you are in a relationship; if your loved ones often talk to you about these four privacy, then there is no doubt that you must have met someone who really loves you.