In marriage, most of the women who have these four kinds of performance have a hard life.
In marriage, most of the women who have these four kinds of performance have a hard life.
Love yourself well is the beginning of lifelong romance.

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Women who are too soft-hearted

Yan Geling said a sentence:

"it is not easy for people who are too soft-hearted to be happy. If others hurt you or you hurt others, it will make you sick in your heart."

I think this sentence speaks to the state of life of most women.

because of the soft heart, put up with the unreasonable trouble of others again and again, because of the soft heart, forgive your partner for cheating again and again, because of the soft heart, you can't extricate yourself from the predicament.

A reader named Jingxiang once left two messages in the background:

the first message was sent at 23:05 in the evening.

"Uncle, I am a housewife. I do all the work at home, big and small, and I work very hard every day. Tonight my husband was out drinking again and came back drunk. I said a few words to him, and he angrily beat me, saying that I didn't do anything and told me to get out.

I hate him to death. Every time he gets drunk, he starts to beat and scold me. I don't want to live like this. I'm going to get a divorce tomorrow. "

"Uncle, I may not get divorced. He got up in the morning and knew that he had hit me last night. He regretted it, apologized to me all the time, and knelt down and said it would never happen again."

I can't bear to look at him like that, so I'd better forget it. "

I have seen so many such girls that she hesitates when others say nice things, and when others bow their heads, her heart softens again.

when they break the wound, they can't help themselves with pain, but after getting rid of the scar, they forget the pain and end up black and blue.

Love should have a bottom line, a soft heart should be more moderate, and your kindness should be left to those who know how to cherish it.

what's more, domestic violence is the same as infidelity, there is only a difference between 0 and countless times, it is not easy for you to forgive, you can reap sincere repentance.

you might as well be hard-hearted and think more about yourself. Don't miss what you should abandon, and you don't have to look back on those who should let go.

when you meet a bad person, please stop your loss in time, never muddle along, and just avoid accepting your fate. Protect yourself, no more grievances, no more tears late at night.

A woman who worries too much

Aunt Liu in the yard looks sad and in a hurry every day, as if she has endless work to do.

when the neighbors talked about her, they always shook their heads and said with emotion, "she is born to worry about her life!"

in fact, no one is born to worry about life, but the more people care about, the more things they worry about.

worry about need to be careful, moderate worry, will let people around feel love and attention; excessive worry, but will be counterproductive, they will end up thankless.

Song Qian in Little Joy is a person who cares too much.

husband Qiao Weidong is like a transparent man in front of her, without any freedom and space, and is controlled like a son.

after her divorce from her husband, Song Qian's attention to her daughter has skyrocketed.

in order to let her daughter concentrate on her studies, she stopped all her daughter's hobbies and planned her daughter's clothing, food, housing and transportation exactly according to her own wishes.

I even quit my job as a teacher to focus on helping my daughter study scores and sum up the experience of raising scores.

at the expense of everything, she hoped that the family could "please climb another tall building". She never thought of it but made her husband feel suffocated and forced her daughter to suffer from depression.

Yi Shu once said: "loving to worry is probably a common fault of many women."

they are as busy as tops, with endless things, endless worries, depressed and unhappy all day long.

do not realize that many things are not as hard as possible. Learning to let go moderately is the great wisdom of life.

know that nothing is necessary for you, as is the case with marriage, and so is your children.

Children and grandchildren have their own blessings. Only by giving them the opportunity to experience and fight can they fly higher and farther.

steal a little laziness once in a while, run away, have a party with your best friend, and enjoy your leisure.

Don't give too much restraint to love, and don't let concern cross the line. When you live a happy life, the people around you will be happy and happy.

A woman with no temper

before getting married, it was often said that a gentle woman had the best luck.

when I enter into marriage, I deeply realize that a woman who dares to lose her temper is a woman with good fortune.

Marriage is doomed to an end from the moment it is stamped. Equality means equality for a lifetime, and humility for a lifetime.

the mention of Hu Lancheng always reminds people of a love affair between him and the talented woman Zhang ailing.

but it was only after meeting she Aizhen that such an affectionate genius was transformed into a good man with one heart and one mind.

to say that she Aizhen is not a woman with refined temperament and reasonable knowledge, on the contrary, she is fierce and penny-pinching, and she always praises herself as "I am a rascal and I am afraid."

when he learned that Hu Lancheng was having an affair, he also staged a real hand-torn enemy, and said boldly: "do you think I am ruthless?" Or is he unjust? "

in her consciousness, she always pursues the purpose that you can not like me, but you must not bully me, so that Hu Lancheng, who has been unruly all her life, "surrender"



on the other hand, Zhang ailing, even though she gave Hu Lancheng 300000 dollars to solve her predicament when breaking up, she never got a trace of nostalgia and regret for him.

although the relationship between Zhang ailing and Hu Lancheng has been celebrated so far, this humble love leaves nothing but regret.

those girls who are caught in an unhappy marriage always feel that they will be over after a while, and they will be all right for a while.

do not know, blindly patient concessions, can not rest in peace. Once you are used to bowing your head and raising your head again, you will not be able to gain the respect and understanding of the other person.

getting along with husband and wife is a competition in itself. if you are hard, he will be soft, if you are soft, he will be hard.

Smart women dare to show their attitude and bottom line.

Don't be a woman who has nothing to lose her temper, but don't be a "soft persimmon" who is patient and bullied.

appropriate emotional expression to let the other person understand that "just because I don't lose my temper doesn't mean I don't have a temper."

only the woman who can control her emotions can really control her marriage.

A woman who saves too much money

some time ago, there was a hot topic on Zhihu: "should women save money or not?"

the most liked reply in the message area was: "proper frugality is a virtue, but saving money should be moderate, and excessive saving will only make life worse."

I think so!

my friend Nana has been pursuing a life style of saving as much as possible since her marriage.

I never know how to take care of my skin in my life. Skin care products are very discounted. If you can hold scissors and cut your hair twice, you won't go to the barber shop.

I don't want to give up beauty, buy new clothes, dress up myself, travel, watch movies, and enjoy life.

every day, saving money carefully and living a tight life, I never thought that the money I was reluctant to spend was spent by my husband on other women.

Nana's husband cheated. On the day the affair was revealed, he didn't feel guilty at all. Instead, he said repeatedly:

"I really can't stand this kind of scrambled eggs with tomatoes. I have to figure out when you will live cheaply at a discount, and I can't stand your untidy and unscrupulous appearance every day!"

every girl wants to be a princess when she gets married, but for the sake of her family, many people have to live a carefree housekeeper.

they not only live the life they used to be most tired of, but also become disgusted and criticized by their husbands in every way.

Jack Ma once said: "there are no women who lose their families, only those who love their families."

A woman who saves too much money not only wrongs herself, provides the other party with a reason to hurt you wantonly, but also makes the original happy life boring.

this kind of marriage without a sense of ritual ends up going its separate ways.

and the woman who will spend money can not only make the present life interesting, but also make the original 60 points happy, and add points to the boring life.

Smart women draw a line between spending money and saving money. This is the greatest blessing of a family.

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