In the adult world, there is no such thing as easy.
In the adult world, there is no such thing as easy.
The future is promising, and the world is worth it.

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there is a line in the movie "Weatherman": "there is no easy word in adult life."

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one sentence hits the point.

everyone who walks in the world has his own sorrow and fatigue.

in the past two days, a surveillance video of a teacher "changing his face" outside the classroom has unexpectedly gone viral.

in the video, the teacher walks to the door of the classroom a little tired.

but suddenly stopped,

adjusted the smile expression several times,

just strode into the classroom.

in order to give the best to the students

, no matter how bad you are, try to squeeze out a smile.

think of

some time ago, one

then # the news that the girl was called back to work overtime and collapsed on the way.

in the video, the girl temporarily asked the driver to turn around, went back to the place where she had just got on the bus, and soon began to cry.

it turned out that the girl had been working overtime for half a month, so she finally got off work early on her birthday, but she was told to go back to work overtime on the way.

what is even more sad is that no one ever said happy birthday to her except for a text message to remind her.

seeing this, the driver kept comforting the girl, "Don't cry, I wish you a happy birthday."

many netizens sighed: "the collapse of adults is often in an instant."


just finished


go to work

, enter

hold a post for one month, several

hardly a day

can go home from work before 9 o'clock;

when someone dies and asks for leave to deal with family affairs, he is very sad and has to deal with a lot of hard work.

some people quarreled with their loved ones the night before and had to get up early the next day to do some work for the family.


endless overtime, endless housework, sometimes even sleeping in is an extravagant hope, not to mention those days when they are trapped in chicken feathers.

but after collapse and venting, life still has to return to its original position.

as Zhang ailing said, "when a person reaches middle age, he often feels lonely, because as soon as he opens his eyes, he is surrounded by people who depend on him, but there is no one he can rely on."

so we hide our tears and compete with the firewood, rice and salt in our lives.

even if life abuses us a thousand times, we still have to raise thousands of smiles to meet us.

"Please answer 1988", Te-shan's grandmother passed away, and the whole family rushed to do the funeral.

but at the funeral, my father was happy to socialize with the adults as usual.

however, when Grandma's eldest son rushed home from abroad, Deshan's father suddenly hugged his eldest brother and began to cry.

it turns out that "adults are just putting up with it, just pretending to be strong to bear the burden of age, and adults will also feel pain."

looking back on 2020, one unexpected thing happened one after another.

epidemic situation, flood, fire,



No one has an easy life, but there are always people who try their best to love the world.

after ending a widowed marriage, the young mother supported herself and her 4-year-old daughter by delivering takeout.

when her mother went to deliver takeout, the little girl sat alone on the motorcycle to play. Sometimes when she is tired, the little girl sleeps on the back seat.

when she sees her mother coming back from delivering takeout, she will happily help her mother open the lid of the box.

the cold weather is the hardest time

, but my mother is optimistic: "everything depends on yourself, the harder you work, the luckier you are!" It smells good to earn your own money and spend it! "

when every adult who works hard in the wind and rain sees the baby's smile, the whole day clears up.

in order to help tea farmers ship the goods, the factory has collected more tea this year than in previous years.

but the torrential rain lasted for several days, and thousands of tons of finished and semi-finished tea were flooded, resulting in a loss of nearly 90 million yuan.

at the muddy factory gate, the middle-aged uncle hid his face and cried bitterly.

fortunately, with the help of the armed police, bank loans and the support of netizens, everyone tried every means to help him tide over the difficulties.

Don't lose heart, you won't lose your whole life because of one failure, those

the days of hard work and embarrassment will pass.

the girl is deeply troubled by the trauma suffered from childhood, so she suffers from mental illness and relies on drugs for a long time. Zero

, having an emotional breakdown, she sent a Weibo message to commit suicide.

in the comment area, netizens were anxious to comfort, and this message made many people cry: "I am a law student. I am taking the postgraduate entrance examination. You work hard to survive, and I try to pass the exam, okay?" Wake up, sister, you can't see anything if you're dead. "

two hours later, the police found the girl and confirmed that the girl was all right.

there is always someone to accompany you in the long night, waiting for the dawn. Promise me that you will hold on to this faith in the dark.

A 76-year-old grandmother carries a 60-jin pole every day and travels 60 kilometers to the city to sell vegetables, rain or shine, for eight years.

because his son was injured accidentally, the family emptied the family and owed 100000 more.Yuan foreign debt.

in order to repay her debts, she walks dozens of kilometers of mountain roads every day to sell wild vegetables. Lunch is often a bowl of boiled water and two hard steamed buns.

when the slaps of life came one after another, instead of complaining, she said, "

crying won't solve the problem. I eat well and live well, and I'll be happy to pay off my debts.


now her life is getting better, her son is getting better, and her debt is almost over.

writer Cheryl once said:

"Life is impermanent, and we always encounter external factors beyond our control. When we can't change the world, we can at least change ourselves."

sometimes it's hard to live, a sleepy life, a confused career, a bad heart.

but you should know that things are far from the end of the world, there will always be unexpected warmth in life.

sometimes a thoughtful word, a warm hug, or even concern across the screen can make people feel that the future is coming.

so don't be depressed!

although it is a bit difficult now, this difficult experience will also give birth to the soil and produce the most gorgeous flowers in the future.

once read a report about interviewing sanitation workers:

the reporter asked him, "when others are still asleep, you start to work. Is this kind of work hard?"

he carried the old water cup and smiled foolishly: "Why aren't you working so hard?" But something has to be done. "

it is true that there are some hardships in life that no one can avoid.

when people live, they have to do something, not to like, but to make a living.

Life is not just for yourself, but also for those who love you and those you love.

there is no one whose life is not confused, no job is not hard.

but as long as you don't admit it, life will not defeat you; as long as you live, there will be hope.

it doesn't matter if your feelings are broken, you can't let the days be broken, too;

it doesn't matter if you lose your job, you have a new choice.

go to bed early when you are sad, and the wine costs money, which can save one bottle is one bottle.

take a deep breath when you are tired. It is only one day, not a lifetime.

the world is not as good as we thought, but it is not as bad as we thought.

it is not difficult for a person to accomplish one thing when he is in high spirits, but it is difficult to move forward tenaciously in a long and endless predicament.

Don't expect life to go well all the time, but you have to ride the wind and waves bravely when you come to a dead end.

May you be your own hero all the time, looking up at the stars even in the sewer.

May you always remember that the future is promising and the world is worth it.

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